Thursday, November 28, 2019

Of course we had to go

And check out this place.  Saw in one of our strip malls a new business Crumbl  Cookies! So last night after dinner, we decided to stop by and perhaps buy some cookies for dessert for Thanksgiving.  I was impressed that the place stayed open until midnight!  And that they were continually making cookies when we were there at about 8 p.m.

Here is the menu for the cookies.  The actual cookies themselves.  They rotate what they bake every few days (every 4 days I think if I read it correctly).  

I will admit.  They are a bit pricey.  Kind of like those cupcakes you get from specialized cupcake shops.  Each cookie was $3.27 but you could get four for $10.98 which is what we did.

Here's the four we got.  In order from left to right, carrot cake, caramel deluche, molten lava, and chocolate chip.  Hubby got the first two, I got the last two, but we shared bites.  

I only ate half of my chocolate chip one last night and finished the rest of it in bits and pieces throughout today.  Got half of the molten lava for dessert tonight after our Thanksgiving meal.

They were all yummy, fantastically delicious, still warm from the oven when we brought them home and kept fresh today.  

Its deadly because its about 2 miles from where we live.

And its open until midnight.

But we'll try to show (a little) self control and make it a treat every now and then.

So, the 3 burning questions:

1.  Do you have Crumbl Cookies by you?

2.  How was your Thanksgiving (ours was nice and quiet but fun).

3.  Have you started Christmas decorating yet? (we put the lights up outside, one string; debating how much more decorating I do inside if any).

Next up next week:  Retirement!!! (not mine)

Sunday, November 17, 2019

its one of my favorite days of the year

This past Saturday ranks in my top 5 favorite days of the year. Could care less about my birthday, love our anniversary, kids' birthdays, a few other things, but this day whenever it falls in that particular year is one of the best for me.

It was turkey day at the Phoenix Rescue Mission.  They ask for donations of turkeys for their holiday food baskets given out to those in need. They want 1500 turkeys.  

I read that this year some family through working with their neighbors and others were able to donate 600 turkeys!!! Awesome!! And what is cool is God knows exactly which families are going to get these turkeys and lives will be changed if they are willing to let their lives be changed........

I heard about this back in 2016, our first year in Phoenix. It was on the local news channel that Saturday morning. I'm like "we can buy a turkey and we can donate it" so that's what we did.  We didn't take the tour of the mission and the invitation for lunch that first year due to other commitments, but it was on my agenda to do so down the road.

2017 and 2018 I worked on Saturdays so hubby took the turkey down to the rescue mission and didn't take the tour.

But this year, 2019, I was able to (thank you job termination :). The rescue mission must partner someway with Grand Canyon University because there were a lot of student volunteers helping to direct traffic to drop off a turkey and then do the tours.  

It was so cool to hear about the programs offered to get people off of the streets and into productive citizens again. One lady said that someone in the women's program had gotten her GED at the age of 59!!! thanks to the training provided by the rescue mission.

I love what this lady said. She said the old philosophy for missions was "make those who want a meal to hear about Jesus and then feed them" whereas they adopted the policy "feed them and see what God does for them." The man who told us about what education was available was in the program, working it, and hoping to advance in it. His faith was so palpable as so many others there. 

We donate monthly and we will continue to donate monthly (termination or not) because it is working. Lives are being changed. And for the good.

And because of Jesus. So thank you Jesus!

(and rejoicing; I got approved for unemployment; now I'm working on getting health insurance). God is faithful, God is good. I know he will provide. 

I will continue to trust in him.

So the big question remains. Do you like turkey on Thanksgiving??? (I do :)

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Joy Bus Diner

This year I have been diligently writing reviews for Yelp.  In fact I was recognized by a community ambassador for my reviews and she nominated me to be a Yelp Elite a few months back.  The only bad thing about it was that I had to post a picture of me on my profile since they wanted to verify I was an actual person.  I took an okay picture of myself and got accepted to be a Yelp Elite.  It is nothing fancy but as an Elite you get invited to some special events local restaurants do to promote their businesses.  I have yet been able to go because of my previous work schedule and hubby's work schedule but that is rapidly changing with my termination and his retirement next month so I look forward to participating where I can for these events in the very near future.

I'm aiming to get to 200 reviews by the end of 2019.  Currently I am at 188 reviews so I'm pretty sure I'll get there within the next 6-7 weeks.  I have 3 reviews I need to write over the next few days as I have time so that will put me to 191.

I've been looking for new places to eat or visit for the reviews.  We mainly go out to eat Sundays after church so I've been looking at restaurants that serve brunch or breakfast all day.

Last week in driving to one place I happened to catch the name of another restaurant so I looked it up and once I saw what it was, I knew we would be visiting it so very soon.

It is called "The Joy Bus Diner" and it is a nonprofit restaurant.  Yes you heard me right. A nonprofit restaurant!! It was started back in 2016 to aid cancer patients going through chemotherapy.  All the profits from the restaurant go to various aspects of patients with chemo etc. They offer free of charge a daily meal for those undergoing chemo that they deliver to people's places where they live.

I knew I had to go there especially since I'm a chemo angel. Chemo Angels have business cards you can pass out to tell others about the organization so I ordered some and then we went to the restaurant today.

Here is what I would call their "mission statement" of what they do and why they do it.

Both hubby and me got the breakfast burrito to eat; delicious!

Their breakfast menu.  

They are open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. They were busy when we were there with a steady amount of people coming in to eat. 

You have the option of making a donation when you pay your bill to help them provide meals free of charge to those undergoing chemo (like I said above they deliver a meal daily to those undergoing chemo).  We did make a donation.

I had gotten the business cards for Chemo Angels so I asked the manager if I could speak to him. I said I wasn't selling anything. I asked if he had heard of Chemo Angels (he hadn't). So I explained the program and gave him the business cards. I hope he checks more into it and passes out the cards to those undergoing chemo.

The food was good. The service excellent.  The cause outstanding.  We'll be a frequent visitor there.  And I plan to give it a 5 star review of Yelp! 

Sunday, November 3, 2019


My phone rang right about 9:23 last Wednesday morning and caller ID identified my supervisor's name. I wasn't sure what was up, but after I answered the phone and she verified she was talking to me, I heard a click like a hang up and then a minute later she came back on the line and said that another representative of the company was also on the line. The moment I heard that, I knew what was coming. She proceeded to say that the company was terminating my employment. 

So the $64,000 question is why did I get fired.  

Here is what they told me.  My quality was not meeting their metrics.  Now I want to say that since I wrote those posts about my work back in August, I did have 2 critical errors and both of them were my fault. Both occurred on a Saturday when I was hoping to run out of work early so we could head out of town and I wasn't being careful. So much of the work are keystroke commands using your hands and I did 2 wrong commands and inputted an incorrect dictator and then omitted an admission date on another report. I got advanced to written warning for one of them, but because the second one was discovered within a short time of being written up, that was not counted against me. This was the first part of September, so about 2 months ago. 

Since the time of that written warning  I had been so careful. I went back and double checked everything. Triple checked a lot. And during that time in September I got 20 reports audited with the majority marks of 100% and a total score for the whole month of 99.725%. In October I got 15 reports audited with 12 scoring 100% and 3 scoring 99.75 for a grand total for the month of 99.95. 

I had written a longer post about explanations, etc., but at this time I do not want to share it and I promise I will down the line. I am going to see if I am eligible for unemployment so I don't want much out in a public form (not that I think she could find this blog but you just never know). 

They chose not to do the final step of their performance management process which would have been a final warning. Their policy handbook clearly states that at the discretion of the company they can go to basically any step of the process and skip some if they feel it is justified. 

My actual last date of work was October 28 but my date of termination was listed as November 1st so I could be eligible for health insurance until the end of November. 

Let me just say since I got fired I cried initially when I called my hubby and told him. But then as the morning wore on I started thinking about things that I had gained by being terminated. Like not having to work Saturdays. Like not having to work holidays if I was scheduled on them and you can't ask for all the holidays off to be fair so everyone can have a chance at them. And the biggest relief was I no longer had to worry on the minute I woke up in the morning that I had a critical error waiting when I checked my work email. 

Let me just say I wasn't the only one let go that day. There are message boards people can post on anonymously. One other person had left a message they too were let go that day. Not everyone reads the message boards so I'm not sure if there were any others. 

I have a theory why I was let go but again I don't want to share it here. If anyone is very curious about it, email me at and I'll share the post I originally wrote with you. 

I have lots of things to sort out with what my next plans will be. I'll be sharing them down the road. In the meantime, I won't be mentioning any more about what my plans are because again I really have no way to know who is reading this or not reading it. 

Its a new experience for me. I've always been a great employee, team player, compliant with what has been asked of me. Heck I mentioned it before. No sick day in 13 years with this what I consider a horrid company.  My hubby is thrilled I'm gone from there. And in time I know I will be too. I'm already feeling the effects of not having that constant stress. And.......

I trust 100% in God. I know we'll be okay.