Thursday, September 26, 2019

vote here, vote often

Don't worry, this is not a political post.

These are toys that can go into the pool as diving toys to retrieve from the bottom of the pool where they land.

i got them and was going to use them in the pool but then kind of forgot about them.  I had put them in a basket that was in the wee one's shopping basket.  For a few weeks he hadn't been playing with the shopping basket so he didn't discover the sharks until this past weekend.  Usually when I give him a new toy, I leave it with his regular toys and he usually spots the new things pretty quickly, but these since they were small and in a basket, he missed.  

I am sure everyone has seen or heard the Baby Shark song.  I was trying to embed it from YouTube but couldn't, so if you want, just clink on the link.

The wee one loves this song.  He will act it out and sing along with it.

So when he saw these sharks, he brought them over to where I was at (which interestingly we were playing hide and go seek, but he has this "wicked" sense of humor in that sometimes when he spots me he will pretend he didn't see me and keep looking for me.  So as he was pretending to look for me, that's how he found the sharks).  Anyway, he sat down next to me and started singing the Baby Shark song.  He picked one up and started with "Baby shark, do do do do....." and so on and then he picked up another one and said "mommy shark do do do" and so on and repeated it for daddy shark and then grandma shark.  Sang the entire song through and then improvised saying his first name instead of baby shark and so on.  It was so cute! 

But that is not what you are voting for here.  Don't worry, you don't have to be affiliated with any political party and you don't even have to register to vote.  You can be a citizen in another country and still vote.  Just vote.

I have 3 blog posts ready to go but I don't know which one I want to do (if any LOL) so I thought I would ask my "devoted" readers which one they want to read first and then work my way down the list.

Here's what they are about:

1.  Homelessness and birthday parties.

2.  Immigration.

3.  Jury duty.

So vote for either #1, #2, or #3.  Do vote for one of them even if you usually read and comment and you would be "delighted" to read anything I write.  

I'll have the polls open until Monday, I'll tabulate the "winners" and post the "winning post" next Tuesday and then the subsequent ones in the days to follow.

Thanks for voting!! 

Monday, September 9, 2019

bulk trash

Does your city do this?  Let people put out bulky trash that can't be picked up by regular trash cans? 

This blew me away the first year we were down here.  We would be driving neighborhoods and see scenes like this and I'd be thinking "this is really a trashy neighborhood we are driving through, why isn't anyone citing them?"  Only to find that its perfectly okay to do this every quarter for roughly a 2 week period.  Myra, did they do this in Goodyear?

How it works is everyone can put out up to 20 cubic feet of stuff that is acceptable to be collected to be able to dump at the dump literally.  You put it out where your trash normally gets collected.  You have about a week to set it all out and then the trash trucks start coming and collect the stuff the Monday of the second week. Depending on how much stuff is out to be collected, you could have your stuff picked up the first day or it may take all week til Friday for the trucks to pick up the stuff.

Like I said, every quarter it is done.  The schedule is posted on the city web site and when they will be in your neighborhood and what day you can start putting things out and what day they'll start picking things up.

They don't take appliances like washers, dryers, fridges, but will take TVs.  They won't take hazard things like paint, chemicals, etc. They won't take concrete, cement, rock, dirt.

But they will take pretty much everything that is shown in the various pictures.

Here's the funny thing.  We will call them the "trash pickers" will drive neighborhoods and will sort out what they might want to take.  They'll stop and help themselves to whatever is out there (and its perfectly "legal" to do so).  In fact, I'm sure the city encourages it so people take the stuff, recycle it in some way and keep the stuff out of the landfill).

Our neighbor across the street who is the gardener, he always puts out a lot of stuff.  Old mowers, tires (which the city won't take, but the trash pickers do), old bikes, other landscaping equipment, etc. Tons of "junk" we will call it.  Its funny to look and see people stop by, collect what they want and move on.  Often by the time the trash trucks have come through, 95% or even 100% of what he puts out is picked up.

We don't have much that we have put out.  An old screen door one time, a few old TVs, not much of anything but pretty much everything has been taken by others and not the trash trucks.  One time we had an old wooden head board out there.  Someone rolled by and stopped.  We had the mattress and bed frame but that had already been taken.  The guy came out with cutters, cut the electrical card that was part of the head board and was on his way.  The few things we have put out, I always text hubby when they are picked up and say "this or that" went.

It is fascinating how they do this. I think it is done to help prevent illegal dumping of items people are trying to dispose of like old furniture etc.

Heard of it before?

Sunday, September 1, 2019

I can be such a klutz

Isn't he cute? He holds a tealight candle in him. 

I'm a Chemo Angel (more about that below) and the person I am angeling likes elephants so when I saw this advertised to purchase through Walmart I immediately  thought of her so I ordered one from and arranged to have it picked up at my local Walmart. 

I tell you, it was pretty slick. I also ordered a pack of 50 tealights to go along with it.  Walmart kept track of the orders as the elephant was delayed a few days and let me know every step of the way when things would be ready to be picked up.

When the 2 items were available, I went over to Walmart to get them. (I would have had to pay a delivery fee if I got them shipped here because I hadn't spent over $35). Anyway, you check in at the pick up kiosk with your name or order number and then shortly afterwards an associate comes out and finds your order in their storage lockers. They get the stuff, they have you sign that you took receipt of it and you are good to go.  They even have comfortable chairs for you to sit in while you are waiting, though the waiting was not long.

So I picked up the elephant and the tealight candles and came home. I had also done some other shopping at Walmart so I'm putting groceries away and then I get ready to open the box to look at the elephant.

And I dropped the box......

Yep the elephant is ceramic.

Yes it broke even though it was wrapped in bubble wrap paper.

I was so heartbroken.  

I ordered another one and this time had it delivered to the house.  I also got swimming googles since we needed a few new pairs and shark pool toys so my order came over $35 and I got free shipping.

This one I was very careful with and mailed it out last Tuesday, extra padded in the box.

Briefly, Chemo Angels is a wonderful organization for those going through chemotherapy.  It is free to sign up for.  You get assigned an angel that basically loves on you while you are going through chemo. A complete stranger.  They don't even match up people who live in the same state.  There are 2 types of angels.  Card angels that send at least a card weekly or letter and gifting angels we'll call them that send at least a card/letter weekly and a small gift weekly. The gift is supposed to be in the range of $3 to $5.  The person being gifted has no obligation to keep in touch with the angel.  As an angel, I can get monthly updates from the Chemo Angels administration because the recipient is required monthly to check in with them to inform them of their status, still undergoing treatment, how they are feeling, etc.  Basic questions like that and a relative can fill out the form for them.

Thirteen years ago when we lived i in Montana I was a Senior Angel with them. They also provide encouragement and support to seniors but with that ministry it is just sending cards, no gifts.  I angeled the lady until she passed, sending cards and letters weekly.  And then when she passed I didn't re-up again and I basically forgot about the program. Totally forgot about it.

Forgot about it so much that there were people I knew that were going through chemo, including people here online through blogs, and I never thought of telling them about this service.

Until this past January. Then I remembered it again and I thought "I'll sign up. I have time, I can do this." So I signed up and got my assignment in March.

To respect her privacy, I won't say much about her but she is elderly and has a lot of children and a lot of grandchildren. In certain ways her life models Ma's.  In fact, I've copied off some of Ma's blog entries that are fantastic and sent them to her in my letters I've written.  

I got a list of things she likes, favorite animals, scents, food items, etc. 

And weekly I send a card on Tuesday, a little gift mailed out on Tuesday, and a letter on Friday. 

I'm always on the lookout for things she may like.  You're supposed to keep it lighthearted.  You can never ask them about how they are doing and never ask them a question that requires them to respond.  You're supposed to offer encouragement and send things that will put a smile on their face while they are enduring chemo.

I struggle a lot with sometimes what to send, what to write. I think I'm not good at this and I doubt myself a lot about what I'm sending or writing.  Thankfully she shares my faith so I can write a lot about that and share scripture with her.

But it dawned on me that I was meant by God to be her chemo angel for whatever reason it is. More than likely to bless me and stretch me.  Like I said before I totally wiped Chemo Angels out of my memory until this past January. 

So I press on.

I did get an update about her one time. Her daughter had written it. One of the questions on the form asks if they have heard from their angels.  The daughter wrote yes that she had. A patient is assigned 2 angels. A card angel and a gifting angel.  The daughter wrote "my mom usually doesn't get emotional, but whenever she mentions her chemo angels, she tears up." You just never know the actions you do and the impact it leaves on others. 

When she finishes her chemo, she graduates from the program and I can choose if I want to angel someone else.  

The jury is still out but I may choose to be a card angel the next time around.

So if you know of anyone going through chemo or if you unfortunately find yourself having to go through chemo, sign up with Chemo Angels.  It will be a blessing in a very difficult time but I think the experience will be enjoyed. 

I spend about $20 a week on this. Its often hard to find something to send with the price range they established. Some weeks I'll send something more extravagant, other weeks something smaller. I have Amazon Prime so I send a lot of things through that (which is acceptable with the program) so that gives me free shipping. I get my cards of encouragement at the dollar stores. I usually buy about 20 at a time if available so that lasts me for about 5 months.  

(Totally off subject, but discovered through another source something really cute. Take your cell phone and google "The Wizard of Oz."  Click on the red shoes.  Then click on the tornado. Hope you enjoy!)