Wednesday, April 17, 2019

You won't believe what I saw

Or maybe you will.  

You remember how obsessed (crazed) I was about quails when we lived in Prescott? Do you remember how many pictures I shared about the quail? Quail in snow, quail crossing the street, quail eating at the bird feeder, quail this, quail that? 

I knew when we moved to Phoenix that I probably would not see a quail again especially in our neighborhood. We live in a pretty well established neighborhood with not a lot of open space around us. The house we live is was built in 1978, similar to a lot of houses around. Most backyards, ours included, have brick wall all around them. The rest have wooden fences.  So I thought there was no way quail would be living in this neighborhood.

My hubby saw quail in another part of Phoenix about a year ago. Despite a few (numerous) visits back to the area, we never stumbled upon them again. He also saw some down in the Chandler area where his hospital built a new clinic. The land had been open space so there was a lot of wildlife around, including rattlesnakes.  We also saw a few quail when we were down in the Tucson area and recently just a few weeks ago I saw some quail in other parts of Phoenix, but always where there were wide open spaces.

So, imagine my surprise (delight) when I turn the corner after I leave our driveway and look over in our neighbor's backyard and on their shed is a quail! I had to look twice, but it was definitely a quail! I took pictures of it but I'm still getting used to my new phone so I wasn't sure how to zoom in so the pictures aren't that good. But I did text one to hubby and he definitely agreed it was a quail. (You are thinking, thank goodness the pictures didn't come out). 

I should have stayed around to see where it went but I was in a bit of a hurry to get some errands done before I had to start my workday so I left shortly after that.

I was absolutely floored. I'm not sure if I'll ever see it again or any other quail in this neighborhood but I thank God for letting me see this one. I truly believe because I don't believe in coincidences that God allowed me to see this quail, could have even directed the quail to come visiting. So thank you Lord!

I'll let you know (oh please spare me you are saying) if I see any further quail in our neighborhood.

On to other news. These are the eggs the wee one dyed the other day. His sister's are in the left hand corner. We weren't sure how he would take to dying eggs, but once he saw his sister doing so, he jumped in and joined the party. Except he kept moving the eggs from color to color and he came up with some interesting colors in the process. Red and blue truly do make purple. When he finished dying 9 eggs (we had 3 dozen to dye) he said "all done" and went off to play. Later after they found their Easter baskets (I used buckets) full of goodies, we had an Easter egg hunt for them. When I told the wee one we were going to look for eggs, he went to the fridge and opened the door. He did get the concept after he saw the plastic eggs hid around the house and delighted in his find. 

We won't see the family for Easter as DIL has family visiting and they'll be spending the day with them. 

What are you doing for Easter? Hubby and me will have a nice quiet dinner at home. Probably ham and veggies.

Happy Easter!  He is risen!! 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Tale of Two Companies

Its been an interesting 2 weeks here in Phoenix (which is forecast to be 97 degrees tomorrow; I know Myra is not missing this). 

At least interesting for our households.

During summer the air conditioner literally runs 24/7. Freaked me out the first year when we lived here to wake up in the middle of the night and hear the air conditioner running. I'm used to the heat running in winter at night, but never at other places where we lived did the air conditioner run in the middle of the night.

So it is recommended you get your air conditioner tuned up every 2 years. We've lived here 3 years now (hard to believe) and never had it tuned up and it was a rental house before which I don't think they would have had that service done.

Hubby did notice that when the heat was on in winter that it seemed more cold air was coming out before hot air so he definitely wanted it looked at before summer came upon us.

We had the technician out; it needed major work which we had done. It seemed reasonable.

Imagine our surprise today when we turned on the air conditioner for the first time since the servicing and no cold air came through. Luckily the company operates 24/7 so we called, got a technician dispatched when he could come over, albeit after dark, but he still worked on the roof with the air conditioner. Imagine his (and our) surprise when the problem was caused by the previous technician who when screwing a panel back in created a hole in some coil or whatever (I really am not savvy in this) and all the coolant had leaked out. The repair will be handled by them with no expense to us and should be completed tomorrow morning before the 97 degrees happens.  

Conversely, at our rental house that son and family live at, I got a text last Wednesday from son that they had no hot water. After determining that we needed to call a plumber or similar (I text hubby to see what to do, remember I'm not savvy in this) I called the company that did our air conditioning who also does plumbing. They are Parker and Sons. I also called another plumber we used Cobra Plumbing that has done a lot of work at the rental house. 

Because I think (though the service industry doesn't) that hot water is a necessity, I wanted it fixed as soon as possible. I had to work around son's schedule to be there since everyone else involved is also working. He had Thursday off so I scheduled it with Cobra Plumbing and was assured that the repair would be done on Thursday. DIL and the kids came over Wednesday night to shower at our place while son was at work. He ended up taking a cold shower.

Imagine how distraught I was on Thursday when the repair was not able to be completed by Cobra. I had gone with them over Parker and Sons because of Cobra doing the previous plumbing work at the house and because he assured me that the repair would be completed the same day. 

They showed up late. Actually they only showed up because I called asking where they were after they were not there within the promised window. Apparently the guy I had talked to the day before was in the hospital. Not sure if it was a planned procedure or an emergency, but he was released the next day so whatever observation period he was for wasn't that "major" of an ordeal.

Then when the technician recommended that we needed a new water heater he said it couldn't be done that day. I was LIVID. There was no one that could be there Friday to have the repair done without schedules being adjusted and the only one that had somewhat of a "flexible" schedule was hubby who is in management. He was able to be there and the technician did arrive at the time he said he would be. I might (I did) express my frustration to the technician but he did rightly say he was just in the field and not responsible for scheduling. My son might (did) say "its only water" but again hot water is essential to me so I thought it was a terrible inconvenience for them. I did later call the technician and apologize for my rudeness.

Son, because he was off, and the whole family came over to shower Thursday night. I also put money in son's account (I'm still on his bank account from his high school days) for them to go out to dinner so they wouldn't have to worry about that on top of having no hot water.

Thankfully, Friday the water heater was put it. Took longer than anticipated because some things had to be changed due to making things up to code. Hubby did end up going to work for a few hours (I wouldn't have, but he's more dedicated than I would have been). 

I was going to write a review about Cobra after I had written a favorable review in the past about them when they had come through but I decided not to. 

I was thinking of just using Parker and Sons because they are a bigger company but then we had this incident with the air conditioner.

I think in the end we'll keep both handy and see who can provide us the better service.

Cobra didn't expect payment up front after the work done and will bill us.

Parker and Sons, of course like most businesses, wanted to be paid after the work was completed.

Parker and Sons came when they said they would.

Cobra didn't this time but came previous times when they said they would.

Parker and Sons did the work but then did it shoddy in a way that we had to have them come back again.

Cobra did the work but not exactly when they promised it would be done.

The jury is still out on what we'll do or if we will spread out our business.

I just know its been a tough year for repairs here. But I guess that's what happens when you've been in a house for a few years. 

In the meantime it is heating up in Phoenix. They joke that spring and fall last only a few days here. They are right.

And how is your spring going?