Tuesday, December 13, 2016

one more loose end being tied up

Look what I found!  Remember when I was mentioning needing a gingerbread cookie recipe

Lo and behold.  What did I find at the grocery store a few weeks later? Honestly, this is the extent of my baking.  I'm not one to measure sugar and flour and eggs and whatnot together to create a cookie dough.  

This is easy peasy in my books.

Get a few tubes of icing and we are good to go.  

Step grand daughter can help bake them in the oven and then she can decorate the 12 cookies.  Win-win solution in my book!!

This is my last post for 2016.  I'll be reading and commenting on blogs, but won't post anything here until 2017 (can you believe already 2017???)

Its been an interesting year.  Ups and downs.  That is life.  A new grandson, a move to a new area, other curves along the way.  Up and down.  That is life.

I let a lot of things steal my joy this year.  My joy is not found of this world, but in Jesus.  I kind of forgot that in all my recent struggles.  I'm finding joy again in that Savior that was born so many years ago in a lowly manger. Don't let anyone steal your joy.

My mom made this many years ago.  She enjoyed her arts and crafts and was good at them.  12/13/2016 was the 10th anniversary of her passing.  First of all, I can't believe its been 10 years. Second of all, it made me realize what a wonderful woman she was (as is all of our moms).  Life is so fleeting here this side of eternity, no matter how many years one might get to live.  Don't take your loved ones for granted.  Love them completely and unconditionally.  We just never know how many days we are granted and we must live life to the fullest. 

Thank you all who come and visit and leave a comment.  Thank you all who think good thoughts or say a prayer for me.  It is always appreciated (and always needed). 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

See you in 2017

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

tying up loose ends

There were a couple blog posts where I asked your advice about this and that and I thought you might be interested to see what the "final outcome" was.

Remember when I asked your opinion about posting a sign to keep solicitors away? We finally did get a sign and attached it to the window by the front door.  The outcome?  Wouldn't you know it.  Honestly since that time NO ONE trying to sell something or solicit something has come to the door (at least through the hours of 9:30 a.m to 6 p.m. when I'm working). So not sure if it is effective, but its posted. Time will tell.

Remember the post about the sewer bill from our previous home in San Diego? Something that I was trying to resolve close to a year after the property was no longer ours? I have to give hubby credit. When he decided to pursue it, he went after it diligently.  He called literally every day and explained the situation, tried to get resolution.  He finally connected with one of the people I had originally talked to who had moved up to management over time.  He got her personal number there at the company and called her daily. This happened pretty much daily through the month of August. She told him that the system was undergoing a change that month, but she was working on getting things cleared up and called him to let him know that the account had been closed. They bill bimonthly.  We should have gotten a bill in October. Guess what? No bill!! And so far no bill in December. Due to his diligence (and kindness in doing so because he is an incredibly kind person, more so that me, I'm more generous, but he's more kind) this was resolved. 

So now the burning question I just have to ask......

You knew there would be a question, didn't you?

Are you done Christmas shopping?

Or are you dreading it?

For us, we are only buying for the wee ones this year. I'm 50% done. Just need about 1-2 hours to wrap it all up.

And you'll be proud of me. I have a Christmas tree up and decorated and a strand of lights outside shining as we speak. A few other decorations and that's about it.

I'm actually doing okay with the fact that Christmas is a mere 17 days away. I'm not panicking or in despair.

Life is good

because (fill in the blank)