Wednesday, April 29, 2015


A/Z - have you learned more about me?

Z- Zoo

There is a small zoo here in Prescott.  They actually call it an animal sanctuary though it is listed here on the sign as Heritage Park Zoo.  The majority of the animals there have been rescued from different unsafe conditions, like a fox from a pool, a bear that its mother had been accidentally shot, etc.  

Its a small zoo, but tastefully done with the enclosures.  

When we went, we were around the time of bear feeding so we stopped by and watched it.  There were two bears that were fed (separate enclosures). One was an older bear, had been at the zoo for 21 years (its mother was the one shot).  As he is aging and harder for him to move around, they keep his food in couple different areas so he knows where it is when they put it out for him and he goes right for it.  The keeper said bears have a sweet tooth and that was true because that bear went straight for the grapes and ate them first.  He also ate salmon, cod, carrots, dry dog food, cantaloupe, and avocado.

The second bear was another black bear but about 3 years old.  Because he could easily get around his enclosure, they would stage his food at different places so he had to go and search for them.  It was fun to watch him when he was allowed back into his enclosure (obviously he is put in a holding cell while the keepers are in the actual enclosure), he would lift his face and you could see him sniffing, figuring out where his food was.  You could also tell that both bears were well aware of when it was feeding time by when the golf cart arrived at their enclosures and they did recognize the voices of the keepers bringing the food.  The younger bear was a bit spirited and wouldn't go into his holding cell willingly when the keeper was trying to get him into it.  The keeper "threatened" to leave if he didn't go and shortly after that, he did go into the cell.  

The zoo also does special events through the year, Easter egg hunt, lights at the holiday, breakfast with animals.

Enjoyable time.

Is there a zoo where you live?

(I can't believe the A/Z challenge is over! This month went by so fast! I'm not doing a reflections post next week, but here's my thoughts about the challenge:
1. Totally enjoyed being a helper this year. Thanks Stephen.
2. Totally enjoyed visiting new blogs and reading a variety of topics.
3.  Felt a little overwhelmed with it all but that's only because of mandatory overtime at work (still on it).
4. Still had trouble commenting on some blogs, especially Google Plus ones. If it took me too long to figure out how to leave a comment, I would just move on.
5. Looking forward to it next year and I even think I have a theme already.
6.  Now I'm going back to my regular blogging pattern of posting every 7-10 days, but reading blogs every day.

Thanks everyone; I had so much fun and I learned so much about you all as you answered my questions).

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A/Z - a place dear to me

Y - Yavapai

I live in Yavapai County in Arizona.  Yavapai is a Native American Tribe.  It is pronounced "Ya-va-pie."

This is one of two hospitals in the area; both are run by the same hospital group.  One is in Prescott where I live and the other one in Prescott Valley which is the town right next to ours.  Both are trauma centers and serve a big area of Arizona.

Hubby works for them.  He is based at this one but also has responsibilities at the other one too.

We are winding down with the A/Z challenge. Just want to thank everyone for their visits and their comments :)

Monday, April 27, 2015


A/Z - an easy X for me

X - Xeriscape

Xeriscape is VERY popular here.  This is the front yard of our house.  As you can see, trees and plants, shrubs, and rocks.

No grass.  It makes perfect sense with water conservation, especially since this is considered a high desert.

They even put inserts into the water bill on water smart trees and shrubs.

Not that I would know any of the names of the trees and shrubs in our neighborhood.  They are low maintenance though. 

There are "normal" neighborhoods here that have green grass yards, mostly I think the older homes. Most of the newer ones are going with xeriscape.  

I like the low maintenance of it, but also like green grass.  Since we are renting, "all" we are responsible for is removing weeds and leaves when they fall off the tree come fall. The owner is responsible for maintaining the shrubs, trees, etc. There is a drip system for watering, can't quite figure out how it works. Not sprinklers like we have had at other places we've lived, but tubing here and there that water drips from, not sure how long it drips when it is on, but I'm thinking the plants must not need a lot of water.

What about you? Xeriscape or luscious green grass?

Sunday, April 26, 2015


A/Z - if it is cold, I am not a happy me

W - Weather

So far in the almost four months we have lived here, the weather has been relatively pleasant, except this past weekend when it was cold, windy, and rainy.  The "natives" say this past winter was a "mild" one (for which I'm glad).  We had low 20's for the nights but would warm up to mid 50's to 60's, even a few 70's in winter.  We got some rain, a few snow showers (save for that 6 inches of snow that snowed the first day we moved here).  

Worse thing I can say about the weather here so far is the humidity.  It is low.  Very low.  Sometimes in the mid teen's.  So its very dry here.  Dry skin.  You can get shocked if you touch something here, its that dry.

So we run a humidifier 24/7.  That keeps the humidity inside the house between 35-40% which is comfortable, not super dry, we don't get shocked and its good for hubby's guitars.  

I like our humidifier.  Has a night light on it for night.  

And it does help combat the dryness.

How's the weather like today where you live?

Friday, April 24, 2015


A/Z - a drink for me

V - Vino

I enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings when I'm relaxing reading blogs.  Due to calories, I have cut it out nightly and now just have wine on the weekends, but I did recently see a study that said drinking a glass of red wine was like doing an hour of exercise.  I had to laugh because there are always studies out there that refute previous studies.  Coffee is good one year, coffee is bad another yet, same with sugar and so much other stuff.  All things in moderation the Bible says and I tend to agree.

What do you think of those scientific studies? Fact or fiction in what they say?

And in follow up of my U post about the bank, I loved to read the answers you guys came up with; a lot of them were great ones and a lot of funny ones too.

But the reason that they think this bank won't get robbed is because of its location.  It is almost in a bottle neck kind of situation, not many ways out of the area, not a quick escape for a robber. Only two roads actually lead out of town from there. Now I had thought the opposite because it was on a corner of two busy streets close to a Wal-Mart and a car dealership.  So I guess that doesn't make me have the mind of a bank robber (which is probably a good thing).

Thursday, April 23, 2015

US Bank

A/Z this is where I store my money (if I had any)

U - US Bank

We do our banking business at US Bank.  Have done so since we lived in Montana so close to 17 years (that just doesn't seem possible that much time has passed).  

Of course, like most of you, I do the majority of the banking online.  Both hubby and me get paid through direct deposit.  I pay the majority if not all our bills through internet banking.  Its convenient.  

I'm sure like my job as a medical transcriptionist has changed over the years, the banking business has changed too and I'm sure downsized employees with the advent of internet banking.

Recently we got a home improvement loan to fix up the house we used to live in when we were in the San Diego area.  We were in the bank weekly for about 6 weeks when we were securing the loan, providing this piece of paper, that piece of paper, etc. We got to know the loan officer pretty well, she enjoyed my husband's sense of humor (he does have a good one).

I mentioned one day that this bank doesn't have security guards like all the banks in the San Diego area where we came from. She said there was a very low probability that this bank would ever get robbed and then she told us why. 

So any guesses why this bank was relatively safe from a bank robbery??

(come back on Saturday for the answer)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


A/Z, sharing some beauty

T - Tree

There are a variety of trees in the city where I live.  Most of the pictures below were taken in winter months, but I like the rugged look of some of them.  I'm clueless what kind of trees they are, but enjoy looking at them, blooming or bare.

This one was taken at Willow Lake (go back to L for lake if you want to see another picture of Willow Lake). It was our third weekend here in Arizona, our first hike. 

This was at Watson Lake (L if you want another picture of Watson Lake) the next weekend afterwards. 

This was at the start of Thumb Butte, another hiking path. Literally straight up for the hike and straight down when you got to the top. The bench on my header picture is taken at the top of the hike. When I saw the bench, I knew I needed a picture of it so we kept walking. Only a 1.75 mile hike but took us from start to finish close to 2 hours.  We plan to do it again when we are in much better shape.

This was in the middle of the Thumb Butte hike.  

This was at Lynx Lake (L again for Lynx Lake if you want to see another picture of it). 

Of course once spring got here some of the trees started to bloom, but some are late bloomers and didn't start blooming until into April.

Are you a tree person?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Shadow Shots

A/Z - a silly about me

S - Shadow Shots

For some strange reason, I like taking pictures of us when we are hiking as a shadow shot.

I always seem to be on the left side of hubby.

He's really distorted in this; not sure how I managed that effect.

Are you afraid of your shadow?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rain, Rabbit, Rules

A to Z, another rant from me

R - Rain, rabbit, rules

I much prefer sunny and warm to cool and rainy, but obviously, I know we need the rain.  I kind of like the benefits we get from the rain, water to shower with, wash clothes with, drink, etc.

Around our housing community there are quite a few rabbits. Can you see the one by the bush?  The most rabbits I've seen together were four in our yard area.  I scare them (and they scare me) when I go out walking.  They are usually close to the front door and they scamper away when I open the door.  I have to remember they are just bunnies, but they cause me to look twice.

Remember back in H - Home, when I wrote we would be moving again at the end of our lease?  Here's the rest of the explanation why we'll be relocating later this year.

Currently we live in a home owner's association community.  As in most homeowner associations, there are rules, which I get and will respect, but both hubby and me have trouble with the "no outside lights" unless it is one they approve of (low lighting). They don't want to take away from the beauty of the Prescott night sky. I get that and it really is pretty, however, you can take the girl out of Southern California, but you can't take Southern California out of the girl. There they encourage you to have lots of lights for safety reasons. Here, no front porch or back porch lights.  Both hubby and me feel just a bit unsafe with it (though we do live in a gated community, LOL). So we'll be looking outside of a homeowner's association when our lease expires come December.  (By the way, when we rented the house we knew it was in a homeowner's association, we just didn't know all the rules. When we found out this one, even the property management people were surprised about it. Lesson learned to us; next time we rent in a homeowner's association, we'll look at the rules first before we commit).

Another rabbit that visited this past weekend :)

Are you a rainy day person or a sunny day person?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Quails and Quiz

A/Z these birds are special to me

Q - Quails

I first got "introduced" to quails when we lived in one part of Southern California four years ago (Murrieta, close to Temecula). From the window where my work computer was set up, I could look in the back yard and would see road runners, bunnies, a snake (wasn't happy about that), coyotes at times, and quail. The quail were my favorite and I loved when we had two families of quail babies to watch at times.

Then we moved to a different part of Southern California before we moved here to Arizona and I didn't see quail for four years. Missed them.  Imagine my happiness when one time when walking through our housing development and I saw quail.  They were always at other parts of the housing development, but then started showing up closer to where I live.  One morning I was in the kitchen throwing food in the crock pot for dinner and movement caught my eye outside. I looked out and to my amazement four quail were on our patio eating the leftover food from the bird feeders.  I quickly grabbed the camera and were able to catch a few pictures of them. 

Q - Quiz

Thought I would throw in a few questions to see if you have been learning more about me through A/Z.  

True or False:

1.  I live in Arizona.

2.  I work at home.

3.  I'm married to a musician.

4.  I used to have a corgi named Koda.

If you answered true to all of them, you are correct!

Do you have quail where you live?

How did you do on the quiz?

Friday, April 17, 2015


A/Z this is my city

P - Prescott

I live in the city of Prescott, Arizona.  It is at about 5000 feet altitude and does have the changing of the seasons.  It will get snow and cold winter weather but the snow doesn't stick around a lot, neither the cold temperatures.  It is a retirement community which is kind of nice because hubby and me at age of 57 and 61 (he's the older one) go places and where we were the older ones in Southern California where we used to live, now we are the younger ones. Prescott is Arizona's Christmas City and does a lot of things for an annual rodeo held around the 4th of July.  I look forward to seeing what events surround it come July of this year.  It is also known as "Everyone's Home Town" and I have to tell you the people here are the friendliest I have been around.

Interestingly, if you look at the word "Prescott" you think it should be pronounced "Press-cot" as in cot you sleep on.

It is actually pronounced "Press-kit" as rhymes with biscuit. 

It is easy to discern between native and not when they pronounce Prescott. I just remember "kit" not "cot" and have not made too many blunders with pronouncing it wrong.

So far I like living here.  We have been here now almost 4 months.  We have seen some of the flaws that almost every single city has, but it still is a pretty nice place; I can see us retiring here.

Do you like living in the city where you live?

Thursday, April 16, 2015


A/Z - this vehicle belongs to me

O - Oldsmobile

I drive a 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette van that has about 95,000 miles on it, but I rarely drive these days.  Working at home, I don't have a commute.  Hubby drives on the weekends when we do errands, grocery shopping, sight seeing, go to church, etc.  Sometimes its several weeks between me driving if I need to do an errand during the work week.  

The van is still in pretty good shape and has been paid off for years, which makes it very attractive to keep.  Hubby drives a 2007 Chevrolet that has more miles on this van, which is also paid off.  We know eventually we'll have to replace one or the other, but its nice not to have any car payments.  

When we first planned to move to Arizona, our first thought was not to bring the van with us. We knew it would not survive the long ride over.  However, since hubby's work gave him a nice moving allowance, we had this shipped over which was a good decision for the few times I drive these days.  Since its paid off and 16 years old, the insurance on it is not much so maintenance is low on it.  It suits us just fine right now.

I'm a reluctant driver these days. City driving I'm fine. I don't care for the freeway driving, especially in big cities like San Diego.  

What about you, do you like to drive?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


A to Z - newsy I can be 

N - Newspaper

Since we are living in a new area, I thought I would subscribe to the newspaper so I could get a "feel" to the area, see if they listed crime reports, had a section of events going on in the community etc.  That was my intent in January when we moved, but never got around to subscribing even though when I started putting together the A/Z theme I thought of "N" with "newspaper." Still didn't subscribe, LOL.  Funny when I realized "N" was coming up this week, I subscribed to the paper this past Sunday, which is actually the local newspaper called "The Daily Courier".  

Wouldn't you know it, I subscribed on line and I have let to get a paper, though they did process my payment.  I thought it might take a day or two to process and eagerly looked outside Monday morning, Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning for the paper to be in the drive way, but alas, no paper there.  

Hubby did say where he works does sell the paper so I asked him to get one for me so I could write my "N" post, which he did today. But its not the local newspaper, but a "N" anyway for newspaper. I've learned my lesson to get my act together to get things done sooner the next time around. 

I am going to call the local paper tomorrow if a paper is not delivered to see what the hold up is (they should have the code to get into our gated community since others get the paper here, I see the paper on driveways as I walk the neighborhood).  

Meanwhile, N for newspaper.

And the question of the day - Do you get the newspaper delivered or do you read it on line?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A to Z, talented is not me

M - Musician

I am married to a musician, specifically a professional guitarist.  Hubby started playing guitar at age eight and he will be 62 years old this year, so he's been playing a long time.....

He really is quite good; some of you heard the songs I posted on my blog in the past. Here's one I posted before, but if you are new and you want to listen to a bit of something he did with his brother, check this out.

Being a musician though comes with baggage.....or equipment......and in this case, lots of boxes.....

We have two bedrooms where we are renting. The second bedroom is his music room.  All the boxes you see (except for one or two) represent music stuff, music books, amplifiers, this and that.

He's set up one of his guitars for practicing here.

Guitars are stored in both sides of the closet.

More boxes.

and yep, more boxes.......

He's not going to be unpacking a lot of the stuff since we'll be moving by the end of the year (see H - home).  

Its been an adventure married to a musician.  He has a gig, we move equipment out.  He comes home from the gig, we move equipment in.  At least we don't have to deal with stairs like one of the houses we lived in.

It is true, opposites do attract.

I'm tone deaf......

Are you musically inclined?

Monday, April 13, 2015


A to Z, pretty areas close to me

L - Lake
There are 3 lakes in close proximity to where I live. By close proximity, I mean within five miles of our house. 
This is Willow Lake.

 This is Watson Lake.

 This is Lynx Lake.

From what I understand, there aren't that many natural lakes in Arizona, most are man made, like these three.
These three have walking paths around them.  I think you can canoe and kayak on them, not motor boats.
One has to watch out for wildlife.  A friend of hubby's was coming back from a bike ride at Watson Lake late afternoon a few months back. On the bike ride, they had seen wolves.  As they were approaching back to where their cars were parked, they saw a mountain lion sitting on a rock just watching them.  
And remember what I said, all are within 5 miles of where I live.  

Any lakes close to where you live?

Sunday, April 12, 2015


A/Z, Today it is a sad one about me

K - Koda

This is a sad one today, one might say morbid, its okay if you skip it.

Years before, when we were considering getting a puppy and we sort of had our eyes on Koda, hubby and me agreed on two things.  The dog would come with us, no matter where we lived, and when it was time to say "good bye" because of the dog's health, we would not let it linger but would make that hard choice to ease suffering, even though we knew how sad that would be for us.  We had even talked about how we would dispose of his remains, not wanting to cremate and keep his ashes, not even wanting to bury him in the backyard of wherever we lived.

We kept those promises through the years.  Koda lived in Montana, Laguna Niguel, California, Murrieta California (2 houses there) and Chula Vista, California.  Total of five houses, three rentals, two we owned.  We paid pet deposits. We modified houses to accommodate him.

We kept the harder of the promise when we found out his cancer came back and there was not much hope and only a short few weeks left.  When we went to the vet that day to fulfill our final promise, we thought we were prepared for everything, except when the receptionist asked us if we wanted Koda's ashes. In the heat of the moment with the rawness of our grief of what was about to happen, we said "yes".

A few weeks later after we moved a box arrived in the mail.  I have to say it was so lovingly done.  There was a clipping of his hair and this nice box.  It was in a lovely little clear bag with a purple ribbon holding everything together.  We put the box up on the mantle.  

When I was thinking A/Z, I kept coming back to Koda for "K".  Nothing else seemed to fit and so I thought what better way to honor the best corgi we will ever have but to include him in this year's A/Z Challenge.  He's here with us in thought and on the mantle.  He was my blogging buddy for years.  Gone, but never forgotten.

After we had put the box up on the mantle back in January, I hadn't brought it down until I was getting ready to take a picture for the challenge.  I opened up the bag and took the box out of it and the little envelope that contained a bit of his hair and a lovely poem.  What I didn't realize at the time when we first had gotten it back in January was that there was also an imprint of his paw that was enclosed in plaster of cement.  Looking at it of course made me cry (as I am doing right now).

Loved that Little Guy. Glad he was part of our family for the 10 years he was.

Would have loved to have shown him the parts of Arizona that we have seen and walked him places we have walked. 

But he had a good life and for that I'm grateful he lived it with us.

Friday, April 10, 2015


A/Z, this is how I earn money for me

J - Job

This is my work area.  I do have a window but it just looks out to the people next door to one of their walls, not much of a view.  I can look straight ahead and out the kitchen window and can see the bird feeders, but most of the time I am looking directly at the computer screen doing my work.

As many of you know, I'm a medical transcriptionist/editor.  For those that don't know what that means, I type up what doctors dictate after they see a patient or do surgery on a patient, so I have to know medical terminology, pharmacology, etc.  These days due to voice recognition, I mainly edit what is dictated, which means the software generates what it thinks the doctor says and then I listen to the actual dictation and make corrections with what the software thought it heard. Sometimes it hears something totally different than what the doctor said. Supposedly in time, the software is supposed to learn the corrections we make and make the corrections itself, but I haven't seen that happening in the 7 years since it was introduced.  I work for a national transcription company from my home.  My work comes through on the Internet, that's why I need a fast reliable one.  

I've been doing this for over 35 years.  The field has changed a lot like I have written about before.  Would not recommend anyone starting out to get into the field.  I'm hoping I can stick with it and it sticks around until I'm ready to retire in about 9 years or so.  

Even though I have been doing it for those many years, I continually seem to learn new words every day.  I really do like typing/editing medical reports, fascinating how the body works.  It is fun to work at home, but there is a discipline to it. I do clock in and out at the beginning and end of my shift as well as for lunch break.  I get paid on production and have a minimum amount of lines I need to do hourly.  

All in all though, I do enjoy working. 

What was your favorite job you worked at? 

(head's up, K on Monday could be a little morbid/sad; its okay if you skip it, Tuesday for L is a scenic one).

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


A/Z, an utility needed by me

I - Internet

I rely on the Internet for my work (come back tomorrow for J  for job) so I really need to make sure I had a reliable Internet company.  It is one of the first questions I ask when we are in the process of moving.  What is Internet like in the city we are moving to.  

Here we went with Cable One.  We had Cox when we lived in Southern California and Cox is in other parts of Arizona, but not where we live.  

I was a little leery when Cable One first got connected, but so far so good other than the time the fibers were cut and it knocked out cell service, internet, and cable for a vast majority of Northern Arizona.  Otherwise, it does have fast Internet speeds.  I was hoping we wouldn't have to bundle here (TV, Internet and phone) because we rarely use the phone (preferring cell phone), but we had to go with a bundle because for some strange reason my work wants a land line and not a cell phone to be able to get a hold of us.  So we bundled.

Do you like your Internet provider?  Did you have to bundle?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


A/Z the irony of life as it pertains to me
H - House

First of all, let me begin this post saying how grateful I am to have a house to live in and that I am not homeless.  I am very thankful I have a roof over my head and am warm and dry in it.  (Side note, if you want to check out a blog participating in the challenge that helps the homeless in the Ohio area, click here).

Now in saying that, the house we are currently renting is not in my top five houses I've lived in.  

I like the kitchen.  It gets the morning sun and I love the brightness of it.

This is where we spend the majority of our time; its right off the kitchen.  Come back for J in a few days and you'll see my work area. 

This I guess would be the living room.  We just have a chair in there and a table on the other side.  We probably won't be buying furniture to go into the room (keep reading).

This room is connected with the other room above.  I guess it could be the dining room.  As you can see, we haven't unpacked completely and we won't be (keep reading).

We rented the house because it took pets. It really is too big for the two of us (1900 square feet, 2 bedrooms, you'll see one of the bedrooms for the letter M).  
Not many houses when we were looking for a rental took pets or took service animals only.  At the time, we still had Koda.  We signed the lease, paid the pet deposit, and a week later we were saying goodbye to him.  However, we had already signed the lease so we obviously moved in (did get back our pet deposit).

So guess what??? Yep, you are right.  We'll be moving at the end of our lease in December.  We'll have more options available to us if we decide not to get another pet (which we are still leaning towards not at this point).

Come back for R and it will also include some of the other reasons we'll be moving at the end our lease.

What about you? Is where you live the right size for you? Too small, too big, or just perfect?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Going through A/Z  little rant from me....

G - Gated

We live in a gated community.  We have a fob that when we push it, the gate will open and we can get back into the community. If you don't have the fob and know the code, you can just punch it in and can access to our community.

I have to laugh. It is gated, but pretty much everyone in town I'm thinking knows the code how to get into it.

We personally gave the code to a plumber that helped set up our washer and dryer, the cable guy, our movers, family members.  FedEx, the postal service, and UPS know the code.  The trash people know they code.  There are probably at least 100 or more houses within this gated community. If similarly codes were given out like we gave codes out, the code is known by many. It is the same code we were given when we first looked at the house back in November 2014.  And at times the gates will be open coming and going so anyone and everyone can come in.

So I'm not sure how safe we are.  But it is a gated community. Whatever that means......(actually I know what it means, come back and see me H and R and it will help explain it more)

Do you live in such a community?

Monday, April 6, 2015


A-Z, a pasttime enjoyed by me :)

F - Feeder

We put up bird feeders shortly after we moved here. I always enjoy watching birds.  Took a couple days for the birds to come and feed from them, but eventually they must have realized we were safe and not out to harm them and they have been steadily eating a little more each day.

Little messy eaters they are (picture below is the scattered seed they drop from the feeder as they eat), but it is interesting to see that at the end of the day right before dark little birds come and eat off the patio what the other birds left behind.

Can you see the bird on the feeder? I had to take the picture from inside the window because if I get too close they fly away.  

Are you a bird watcher?

Sunday, April 5, 2015


A/Z, a recipe shared by me

E = Eat

I love to eat (and that's why I'm 30-50 pounds overweight)

Pretty much like all types of food. I have a short list of things I don't like to eat, a longer list of things I love to eat.

Hubby and me like to cook (okay let's be honest; he cooks; I just watch and help with the preparation).

These are cheesy chicken salad stuffed peppers. I like them because its a different taste than stuffed green peppers made with ground beef. Very delicious!

Cheesy Chicken Salad Stuffed Peppers from Mr. Food:

Serves 8 (we cut it in half and have it for 2 meals)

What you need:

8 bell peppers (any color)
1-1/2 cup frozen cooked diced chicken
1 (8-10 ounce) package of frozen rice pilaf (white or brow rice) thawed slightly
1 cup shredded Monterrey Jack cheese
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1/2 cup mayo
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon dried tarragon
1 cup crushed potato chips

What to do:
1. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Wash and cut the stem end off each pepper, then core, removing all seeds.
2.  In a large bowl, combine chicken, rice pilaf, cheese, almonds, mayo, lemon juice, and tarragon. Stir well to mix.
3.  Evenly fill each pepper with chicken mixture and place on ungreased baking sheet. (I actually cooked ours in an 8 x 8 glass baking dish). Sprinkle each pepper with crushed potato chips.
4.  Back 35-40 minutes or until lightly browned. Serve immediately.

What about you? Do you like to eat?

(Hope you all had a nice Easter, we did; thanks for all the comments and visitors during the A/Z Challenge. I'm back on mandatory overtime for a bit so more than likely my blog reading will be in the evening).

Friday, April 3, 2015


Theme A/Z I'm sharing about me
D - Dog

I'm more of a dog person than a cat person.  I never had a cat as a pet, but had several dogs.  Many of you know our last dog we had.  Many of you followed his adventures.  Many of you know he succumbed to cancer 12/23/2014.  Still miss that silly Koda corgi puppy, but at this point in our lives, this is the best pet for us (as seen on walks within our neighborhood).
This dog doesn't bark and sits when told to sit.  I love how his leash is attached though we know he's not going anywhere.
The jury is still out whether we will get another dog or not. I loved Koda dearly, but I do enjoy being able to come and go without having to check in with a dog.  We agreed to wait a year before we would even consider another pet, though I have to admit both of us occasionally look on the net for puppies...... So who knows? We have a few months to go, do stay tuned......
Do you currently have a pet?

(Happy Easter, He is Risen)

Thursday, April 2, 2015


A/Z, we are learning about me

C - Church

I like to go to church, go pretty much weekly.  I think we only missed one Sunday in the past few years and that was because it was the week between Christmas and New Year's and the church we were going to at the time didn't have a service that weekend, we tried to find another one, got there to go to church, but they were only doing one service and we had gone earlier than the service.  I like going to learn more about God and fellowship with other people.  I also like serving in various capacities.

Currently we are going to Cornerstone Church (this is a picture of their bulletin).  It meets at the local college in the performing arts center.  They have to set up everything, similar to the last 2 churches we went to, but at least they don't have to set up the chairs as the chairs are already in the auditorium, theater style.

Hubby is part of the worship team.  I haven't gotten into any service opportunity yet, still waiting to see how often he'll play on the worship team. I'll either do nursery or children's ministry or greeting.  

This was the first church in the last eight years that Koda didn't have a part in playing with us finding it. The previous three churches we went to we found through walking Koda and talking with people because they would admire how cute he was and then the conversation would eventually turn to church and then we would find out churches that way.  

We found this church through word of mouth with people hubby works with.

Right now the church is in transition as the senior pastor is leaving, called by God for a different path than being a senior pastor.  Instead of a question asked at the end of today's blog, I'm just going to request those of you that pray, if you would just say a prayer for the search team looking for a new pastor for the church, that they will be led to the one God wants to pastor this church.  A simple few word prayer, God will know, God will hear, God will answer according to his perfect will, timing, and wisdom.  (Thank you).

Thanks everyone for your comments during the challenge :) I treasure each and every one of them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bench and Blog

A-Z, on a journey to learn more about me :)

B - Blog and Bench

I like to blog; been blogging since 2005; my first blog was called "Of Mini-Paws and Menopause".  Over the years I've deleted and started lots of different blogs, but in 2012 started this present one "A Bench With a View" inspired by a bench I saw on a hill overlooking the ocean in the San Diego area.

I'm always on the lookout for benches with a view.

Sometimes the view is a good one, sometimes it is not.  But always fun to see what I will find as I look for benches with views.

I like blogging for the friendships made and learning about different parts of the country and world. I treasure each and every person that reads my "silliness" and those that have been with me through thick and thin and those of have been with me almost from the beginning all the way back to 2005 and are still blogging to this day.  I'm thinking of Ma (who writes great inspirational blogs) and Meg (who has weathered many a storm of mine).  So many have moved on to Facebook or stopped blogging, but so thankful for the community of bloggers I've connected with.  I love you all.

How about you? How long have you been blogging and why do you like to do so?