Thursday, September 17, 2020

Masks and the like

We got masks today at work with the name of the organization.  Of course we are wearing masks all along since June.  We also have started having our temperatures taken at the start of our shift and are asked questions about our health.  That started after Labor Day.

I thought this through before and perhaps in your part of the country they are doing it already.  But it is a great way to advertise on a mask.  Remember the old days when everyone would give you a calendar for the new year? Insurance agents, stores, etc., etc.  Now this could be the new one to advertise! 

Winslow got neutered the Friday before Labor Day.  This was I think the day after.  Hard to keep a good corgi down but we had to for 14 days to make sure things healed.  All times on a leash when outside.  No jumping, etc.  Of course he was back to normal after the second day and it was a challenge to keep him occupied.  He got pretty good with the cone on.  He actually used it as a tool sometimes to push his toys around.  

The cone comes off Friday morning.  This picture was taken Thursday night.  We have been taking him for short walks around our neighborhood.  Not more than 5-10 minutes.  It has been very helpful for his mood.

 Had a very nice ride in an Uber this morning.  First time I have taken an Uber this year and definitely the first time since this whole mess began.  As things seem to happen when you least expect them, hubby's car had a dead battery or he thought starter but we weren't going to get it fixed until after Winslow's cone came off because we didn't want to leave him home alone, even in his crate, we just didn't want him to get to his stitches, even with the cone on.  He's determined if he wants to do something.  Anyway, so the car was slated to be taken in tomorrow, Friday, for servicing.  In the meantime I go out to start the Rogue to go to work this morning and its dead.  Dead battery.  So how to get to work? Uber it!

The driver who picked me up was great.  They were wearing a mask as was I.  There was plexiglass between the front seat and the back seat.  We had the best conversation that I wish we could have continued for a long time.  Got to work 10 minutes late but my temperature was good (97.4) so all was good.  Turned out both cars needed new batteries (auto club came to our rescue) so we are good to go.  I don't believe in coincidence so I truly believe it was orchestrated by God that I had to take that Uber to work today :) 

Felt perfectly safe :)


nashvillecats2 said...

A good idea Betty, loved the pics. I do find the mask wearing somewhat restriciting but of course they are for our good.
Tring to get used to this new Blogger layout. Can't see to write a post and it get to the US at the start of your day...... we are 8 hours infront of you.
Enjoy your weekend and take care as always.

DUTA said...

Masks, like calendars, have become part of our life, so it's not surprising they're used as a means of promotion and publicity.
The picture of Winslow with the cone is hilarious!

Bijoux said...

You’re right about the advertising! I have seen a few masks that have writing on them, but didn’t get close enough to read them.
Strange about the batteries going at once, but as you say, maybe God had a plan, I feel bad for those drivers because I’m sure they lost so much business during this. Winslow is cute as always!

jack69 said...

Son Mark drives for UBER part time. We have never used UBER but must learn about it. Seems that if a son drives for them we would know something but we don't.
Good point about advertising.
I'm smiling at the neutering. I remember a cartoon of two dogs talking, one just neutered was asking, "Would your best friend do this to you?"

Good entry. Sending love from NC. We did talk about you guys as we drove thru the state north of you on I-40. IF the coach hadn't had me crazy we wanted to take more time.
Love your way from Leesburg FL.
Sherry & jack

Chatty Crone said...

Poor Winslow - I know that it is good for them, but it is always traumatic. Disco was already taken care of when we got him.
Great idea about the masks as advertisements!
Also great idea about Uber - I would be afraid to take it not because of the mask - but for my safety. I guess I am a scary cat.
Hope you get your cars fixed.
On Amazon they have a cone made out of material - I thought about getting one just in case for Disco.
Winslow is so cute.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Oh yes, there is "advertising" on masks.

Our city put it's present Slogan on them, and sold them.

But! There are always 2 sides to this, as with anything.

I saw a picture of an Old Lady, wearing a mask, with a Raised Fist on it! Good grief!

Old lady, trying to Signal her Virtue Signaling, and *Woke*-ness, and Hip-ness! How sadly stupid, to me.


yaya said...

The hospital gave us all masks with UH printed on them. I don't care for the cloth ones and only wear paper. We have been taking temps since March in the hospital and in hubby's Chiro office. I feel bad for Winslow having the cone of shame but I'm glad he healed well and now will be cone free. Arnie had his surgery, came home with cone but we took it off the first night and he never touched his leg. It healed well and he was happy not to wear the cone. It's getting pretty cool here...lows in the 30's tonight and tomorrow..loving it! Have a good weekend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad all worked out for the best for both the cars and the dog. Sometimes we have to do difficult things but they are necessary so we make do the best we can. I've never taken an uber thankfully I have family to help when need and do belong to the auto club too. They've helped me out more than once and it's worth the yearly membership fee.

Martha said...

Poor Winslow in his little cone of shame lol. I bet he will be glad when it comes off. Remember the time I closed myself in a room with no furniture when I had my kitties spayed? I was so afraid they would jump and hurt themselves.

Masks are definitely the new big advertising. I know both of my sons got them at their jobs too.

Your story about your battery reminded me of a really weird thing that happened to us when hurricane Irma was heading for Florida. That was that really big scary one. My husband and I kept debating if we should ride it out at home or not. At the last minute he was going to move the cars so they weren't where falling tress could hit them and both of our batteries were completely dead. I guess we were meant to stay at home!

I'm glad your Uber ride was good and that you felt completely safe. It's comforting to know they are taking precautions.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I responded if you want to pop back over.

Have a great weekend Betty :)

Mevely317 said...

Isn't that crazy ... the cottage industry that's sprung up, designing masks. Especially fun for the little ones to pick and choose. I even saw something online showing a beautiful Christmas-like winter scene.
Ugh on the dead batteries. That's crazy about them each going bad on the same morning. Aren't you happy that happened at your own home?
Such cute photos of Winslow! Hope by now, the cone's come off and he's a Happy Camper once more.

Mary Kirkland said...

Dogs are always funny with those cones. You never know how they'll act.

Liz A. said...

I've seen stuff about promo masks. It's a good idea. I still prefer to make mine ;)

Glad Winslow is doing better. Nowadays, I think of those as The Cone of Shame, and it gives me a giggle. (Up was way too influential, I think.)

Ann Bennett said...

I live out in the boonies and worry a bit about what to do if my car doesn't crank. I'm glad you had a pleasant uber ride and conversation. Everything can be an adventure, eh?

I'm so glad Winslow is close to losing that cone. When I took my dog Louise to get her stitches out, there was no need. She had gotten them out. That is tough.

Take care.

joeh said...

I think mask wearing will continue long after this virus thing is done.

Wonderful dogs Corgi's, smart fun, loyal good with little ones, tough, they tick all the boxes...maybe not great protectors, but they will sound the alarm. Funny, my corgi was named Winnie...miss her a lot.

Joanne Noragon said...

So Winslow is free to go, so to speak. Good for him. He'll be half a dozen times around the neighborhood now.

Pat Hatt said...

The cone of shame sure is no fun. The pups here get snipped next month. That is going to be an interesting 2 weeks. Yep. Seen many a person/company advertising on masks now.

Veronica Lee said...

I love the idea of using masks as a means of promotion. They are becoming a fashion statement too - the Malaysian batik ones are really pretty!

Corgi is so smart and super adorable, Betty!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, I think it's only a matter of time before everyone starts advertizing or having slogans on their masks. Different colours and patterns have already started hapening, so it's only a matter of time.

Glad Winslow is recovering well from his neuter. My Logan is due to go in on October 2nd. He's technically well over-due, but the vet wanted to wait until he was almost a year because of him being a cross (he's a Cavapoo; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Toy Poodle) and then lockdown hit as he was due to go in and they went to emergency care only, so he had to wait. He's not as energetic as Winslow, so will hopefully be easier to keep calm while he's recovering.

Glad you felt safe during your Uber drive, and that it was only the batteries that needed sorting with the cars.

Mellie said...

A lot of places here have jumped on the mask advertising and fundraising. Both kids' schools have had fundraisers selling school branded masks for $10. Glad Winslow is doing well after his big snip. I've had male cats fixed and there was no keeping them quiet afterwards. Sorry about the dead battery!

Jeanette said...

Since I started my job every time I go in I have to take my temperature and answer no to a bunch of questions. We wear our own masks, though. My husband wears disposable masks with the Ford logo on them because someone gives them to him for free. I have never taken a Uber before. I believe God always puts you in the right place at the right time. Have a good week!

Juli said...

For all my distaste of all things social media right now, UBER has to be one of the better things. I can't tell you how many times Lyft and uber have gotten Bonus son to work, Oldest home safely, and as you know, Youngest safely back to the dorm from his suicide attempt 3 hours away. For him, it was literally a lifesaver.

It may be one of the few apps I keep installed on my phone when it's all said and done.

DMS said...

Masks are definitely a new way to advertise! Also, I like that many workplaces are providing masks to employees. I know my work provides three, though I have many more (we've been wearing masks here since April).

Glad your puppy is feeling better. Tough to help dogs not do damage to their stitches.

Also- glad the cars had easy fixes and that your Uber ride was good. :)

ellie said...

So glad to hear you felt OK taking Uber. I miss the rides. Of course, that was back when I went to concerts, too.

Sweet post!

I usually make my own mask. I did take one of my old libraries Tees and turned it into a cinch mask.

Caitlin'nMegan said...

I hope someone has the cone off now. It seems masks are here to stay and I still find that at times I forget to keep one on me. Usually, it hangs around my neck if I don't have it on.

Jerralea said...

Aw! Both cars had to have batteries at the same time? But I always say if something is wrong with the car, I hope it's the battery. One of the cheapest fixes there is!

I'd imagine keeping a cone on a dog would be like keeping a cast on a kid. Difficult!

Rose said...

I have never taken a Uber...but have a niece who used to use them. I am glad you felt safe. Poor Winslow...

And your cars both having dead batteries!

Terra said...

Winslow is adorable. It reminds me of the cartoon of a dog in a car calling out to his friend "I am going to be tutored". I have used Uber maybe 5 times and it is super useful to have available.

Mary Kirkland said...

I bought some masks a couple of months ago and they are quite comfortable. Hopefully the puppy is back to his normal self.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I think it's nice when businesses provide the masks for their employees like that. We don't have any with logos or anything. Nick has to wear solid colored ones at work, so we have a lot of plain boring ones for him. Mine are a little more fun. I have a Friends themed one, a baking themed one, and some with butterflies. I also got Nick one with sloths and a Star Trek themed one for places other than work. I think if we have to wear them we might as well try to enjoy them.

I hope Winslow is happily cone free now. 14 days can feel like an eternity can't it? There's always such a long gap between the time they start feeling better and the time they can go back to normal activity. Emma's cone experiences were the worst! She learned how to unsnap it, so we had to switch to a no-bite collar for her. It worked, but it was a LONG nine weeks when she had her leg surgery.

Naqvee said...

Just like calendar and pens, masks are the new advertisement or they can be. Hahaha...
It has been so long, I need a calendar now.
How have u been so far?

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hope your Corgi is doing fine now. When our loveable mutt was alive and had surgery, he absolutely could not adjust to the cone and lost a lot of sleep.

I think advertising with the masks is a cool idea for a business. So many positive things can be done with them, it's so sad that some people still resist them. My husband and I each have four so that we can keep one each in the car in case we forget when we leave the condo, and then the others we rotate, washing one, wearing another, etc. We never go anywhere without them.

I enjoyed your adventure with Uber. I've only used one twice, when I had to drop my car off at the dealer's for repairs. They were no longer using a van to take customers home. It was quite a nice experience.

nassah said...

Nice idea and photos

Nas said...

I'm glad the Uber drivers are practicing safe and keeping distances. We just keep home.

Veronica Lee said...

I haven't been getting any new posts from your blog on my feed! Just swinging by to see if you've posted anything new.

Happy Monday, Betty!

Kelly Steel said...

Hope your corgi is doing well now.