Thursday, May 21, 2020

observations from work and the world in general

Things I observed close to 3 weeks working temporary.

1.  I don't like elevators (do you??).  I work on the sixth floor of a building with 33 floors. There are 2 sets of elevators.  One from 1-10; the other from 11-33.  I am glad I'm only on the 6th floor.  I always am hesitant to get into an elevator.  Perhaps it was because I got stuck in a few over the years and always alone.

2.  Which brings up my second observation.  People in elevators these days.  
The elevator probably can hold about 10 people pre Covid days.  Now if you are waiting for an elevator with someone, once it arrives, the "new etiquette" seems to be "is it okay if I ride up with you?"  All of the time I've said yes.  A few times I've asked, I've been met with looks of horror by people wearing masks saying "NO" or "I'll wait for the next one."  I'm fine with that and don't take offense though I always prefer riding an elevator with someone else.  (Have you been stuck in an elevator?)

3.  I work for the State of Arizona as a temp.  From what I can figure, there are about 15 temps trying to help them catch up with the massive amount of paperwork that has happened with unemployment.  My first observation. Before the powers above decided to close the state and so many industries and businesses did they bother to check with how the unemployment office would be able to handle it???? Apparently not because the website to apply crashed the first weekend of everything closing.  

4.  My second observation for working for the State of Arizona is the amount of Hispanics that work there (I have no problem with any race) but at times Spanish is the language of choice to communicate.  Shouldn't you, if you work in the United States, speak the English language at work???? (For the record, I'm not bilingual in any language).

5.  People are very eager to get out to get their haircut (waits of over 2 hours at some salons) but slowly returning to restaurants.  Mentioned this in some comments on other people's blogs.  Perhaps those who are getting haircuts want to make sure they look okay in case the country closes down again.  For the record, I need a haircut but I'm not waiting 2 hours to get one (it will slow down I imagine in the next few weeks).

6.  Saw an article someone shared on Facebook that a strip club was opening in California but churches were not yet allowed to open...........

7.  You might have seen it on the news but in Glendale (next city over from Phoenix) at one of the entertainment centers they had an active shooter situation. Westgate is about 30 minutes from where we live and we have been there often to eat or walk around.  Thankfully "only" 3 were shot and "only" 1 has life threatening injuries.  Such a sad situation and I feel for the shooter's family.   

8.  Just be safe and sane out there, okay??? 


nashvillecats2 said...

A great read Betty, not keen on elevators myself and as for the hairdressers that's a sore point with me, our at the earliest can't re-open until 4th July .......dread to think what I will look then. It's awful as I write.
Enjoy your weekend and take care.


joeh said...

Never minded elevators too much, but just as glad not to have to ride one these days.

I know a hairdresser who needs to pay her bills. She can't open her shop, but there are often new cars around her house. It might ultimately be safer to have the hairdressers work in their shop than in their basements, but if not given the choice they will do hair at home. When rules can not be enforced, it is best to allow an environment that can be more safely monitored.

Bijoux said...

I'm more worried about being assaulted on an elevator than being stuck, so I try to ride alone. At least with Covid, I now have an excuse to refuse to get on with someone else. I don't plan on getting my hair cut or going to a restaurant till later in the summer. I helped my daughter apply for pandemic unemployment after waiting weeks because the website crashed everyday and a few days later, got an email that her personal info had been compromised. You can't win with the government!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never been stuck in an elevator and used to take one to work everyday. The only problem I'd have with people on an elevator would be where they had face masks on these days. I did get my hair cut yesterday, but I'm not ready to go out and eat in a restaurant yet. You can't keep a mask on and eat. I was surprised to see a couple walk in to my salon yesterday that didn't have them on. I kept a safe distance from them and I had my mask on as did the rest of us there. Our unployment services have been delayed and were not prepared with for all the needs. Many are till waiting for their first unemployment check. So sad and so badly needed. Glad you are handling all this well and are keeping healthy !

Jeanette said...

Hair salons are not able to open yet here in Michigan. probably not until the end of the month. Our esteemed governor has graciously allowed for groups of 10 or less so now I am finally able to spend some time with my grandsons! I would have been fine with seeing them sooner but my daughter was being cautious!

Mary Kirkland said...

I've never liked elevators anyway. I either like to ride with many people that way one other person can't do something bad to me or ride alone. I do think you should know how to speak English if you work here.

Mevely317 said...

Oh my word on that shooter situation! No, I hadn't heard, but figure someone's gonna blame the shooter (and others) motives on Covid19-related stress. (SMH)
I don't consider myself racist, either -- but how it used to make me mad when my Hispanic coworkers would begin chatting amongst themselves in Spanish. Never had much use for my boss, but have to give her props -- if she was aware they were doing that, she'd call them out on the spot in front of everyone else. Come to think of it, I used to feel that way at nail salons when they'd begin chattering and giggling in Vietnamese (whatever). Paranoid, party of one!

PS - Never thought about elevators! For the record, I'd be taking the stairs.

The Awkward Widow said...

Yikes! I've never been stuck on an elevator but it would make me ANXIOUS! Do you have to wear a mask all day?

Maybe I am racist, but I do think one should speak the language where they live. When you travel, that's a little different. English please! Even at nail salons ... have you ever watched a comic Anjelah Johnson - Nail Salon (Stand Up Comedy) - YouTube? HYSTERICAL.

It would be a great work out to take the stairs .....

Chatty Crone said...

I haven't thought about getting stuck in an elevator - but I never have liked to touch the buttons - I am a little OCD to begin with.
Yes I think if you become a legal citizen of a country you should be able to speak the language. I will call social security and I can't understand the person who answers the phone.
I got a haircut yesterday - love it - but it is so short. I had been letting my hair grow - then I felt like a dog - and now I feel scalped.
They followed and were quite serious about their protocol and mine.
Things are probably cleaner now than ever.

Liz A. said...

No, never been stuck in an elevator *nervously knocks on wood*

I think the shut down happened quickly in an effort to halt the progress of the virus in infecting everybody. Things like money and jobs weren't considered in that first moment.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm not crazy about elevators and I certainly wouldn't want to ride one now with other people. I don't recall ever being stuck in one. I have not problem with race either and yes I think they should speak English. I need a hair cut too. Thinking of starting to wear a headband. I'm not going anytime soon. Unbelievable about the strip clubs! I did not hear about that shooting but I don't watch the news either. You stay safe and sane too. Enjoy your weekend.

jack69 said...

As mentioned already, great read. Of course a visit to your home is always SWEET. i do agree, I appreciate bi-lingual people, I wish I were. But in any office where at all possible, English should be the language used.
Shaking my head with strip clubs and churches// :-O
I don't mind elevators, but prefer stairs when time is not involved.
Sherry & jack

Debby said...

I never have been stuck in an elevator but had some close calls, where it got stuck between 2 floors but the door opened and they got us out.

I think if you live in a country and you work in a Government job, you should speak the language of that country. Private businesses can do what they want.
I grew up in San Francisco and lived in a very diverse community. Always as a kid, I remember a group would talk in their language and I always felt as if they were laughing and talking about me. Eventually, you do learn to pick up "keywords." LOL

Juli said...

We have just begun soft opening. Churches are open with restrictions. Retail stores aren't even open yet. Parks and beaches will start on Monday if everyone behaves. Meanwhile, I'm still rolling in my mail truck...

Never thought about the elevator thing, I'd probably take the stairs. But then again, they'd likely find me dead in the stairwell heading to the 6th floor.

And no, no one ever thinks about the people it will actually effect when they do big things in government. No one even remotely thought about how it would effect the PO when everyone started ordering online. No one bothered to check if internet service providers could handle the load for remote learning. Even car parades... we had a 1000 car parade come through town. No one bothered to tell the people at the PO so it wouldn't interrupt service for the day. THEN the police changed the route last minute and there was no way to accommodate it.

Joanne Noragon said...

I made an appointment for my haircut, and it was much like my dentist. Wait outside, etc. They were cleaning, cleaning, cleaning like the time I took Laura in, and he had lice. They were wiping down before the door closed behind us.

Denise said...

When I was in medical school, some of my classmates got stuck on the elevator and missed the exam. How lucky was that? Never happened to me. And in Berlin, my fellow traveler went down the City tower elevator before me and got stuck. No one on the elevator spoke German. They were there for about an hour.
Anyway, I worked my thirty years in government and thinking before doing is not something most politicians are proficient at. Same thing happened here in Michigan with unemployment. My son was paying employees out of the company's account with the understanding that when they got the money from the state they would pay the company back. Really efficient.
As for the language, I hear everything where I live. More foreign languages than English. But the only time I ever had problems with workers was in a Sears store in California back in 1976. Seemed like no one spoke English. I was wondering if I had crossed into Mexico and didn't know it.

Wendy said...

Never been stuck in an elevator - yay!
I worry about opening too soon. It's hard to know what to think and what to do because there is so much conflicting information and contradictory rules. Yet I feel for those who depend on their "non-essential" job like store clerks and wait staff. I have not really suffered as a result of the pandemic.

Pat Hatt said...

I just gave myself my own haircut, screw waiting lol

I don't mind elevators. Not sure I'd want to be in a crowded one with a bunch of germy people though.

Ann Bennett said...

The fun of a google search is what your results will be. So I learned that you have to have a business license and an EIN number to work as a stripper. Hmmm.

Like most things Facebook, that is a stretch. I looked it up. Strip Clubs have been closed but they have been sneaking open and defying the rules. Whereas some megachurches say they will open May 30th.

Provided people take social distancing and wearing masks seriously; it would reduce the transmission of Covid. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, an outbreak at any church will quickly reduce anyone from being too cavalier about the virus.

I've never been trapped by an elevator but I a stairs person. I'm quicker going up than coming down ironically. But I guess with 50 floors, an elevator would be in order. This is certainly a time to be cautious and to be brave. I hope we all make it through.

yaya said...

Elevators don't bother me but surgery is on the second floor so I don't think that counts! (I use the stairs many times) At work we just all pile in the elevator. It's a hospital but we don't seem to mind the close quarters at all. And so far...knock on healthcare providers here have gotten the "Rona" as we call it! But stay safe and I know all will be good soon.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I much prefer stairs but if I have to take an elevator, I'd rather be on my own.

My grandmother told me about visiting a branch of her family in Wisconsin that only spoke German. I think it takes a good while to become fluent in a new language.

Veronica Lee said...

#1 I have been living in a condo for 24 years but fortunately, I have never been stuck in an elevator!

#4 I am Malaysian and tri-lingual and I personally feel that regardless of race, everyone should be conversant in English only because it makes life easier for everyone!

Interesting read as always, Betty!

Mellie said...

Thankfully I've never been stuck in an elevator! We were on the 15th (top) floor of the condo we just stayed in and took a lot of elevator rides. Signs limiting them to 4 people at a time were posted in the lobby. Being busy, it made for very long waits during peak times. A few people got huffy when we got in with them. Most didn't seem to mind or pay any attention to the 4 person limit. We always just said come on in if someone asked us. I'm getting my haircut Friday -- can't wait!!