a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Monday, June 26, 2017

randoms are all I got

Things are going relatively good here. I just haven't felt a great desire to write a blog post. Reading and commenting on most blogs I follow or randomly comment as the mood strikes. Again, nothing's wrong; just lost that bit of blogging loving I had. It will come back.

So this is totally random and I have no idea where it is going to go.

Its summertime in Phoenix!!! You know what that means. HOT temperatures. Call me sick, demented, weird, etc., but I think I've acclimated to the hot temperatures. It pays to be cold blooded too.  A few weeks ago when it was 105 degrees, I'm like "this is actually pleasant out here." This past week its been over 115 degrees, close to 120 degrees. (Really is there much a difference between 115 degrees compared to 120 degrees?) Hot is still hot. Thing is, it didn't feel HOT to me like it did last year. Granted I'm not going to want to run a marathon in it, but I didn't feel oppressed about it like I did last year. Again, it pays to be cold blooded. We do have low humidity here. One day last week the humidity was 3%. We run humidifiers here, but sometimes when the humidity gets low in here, we get shocked a lot. And that is painful!

Myra is shaking her head just about now.

Work sucks, but its a paycheck. I'm looking for another job. Had an interview for what I thought would be an interesting job for the medical examiner here in Phoenix. First interview in 10 years. I didn't get the job (my lack of experience with Excel, Outlook, and Word probably paid a big part in my not getting hired). I'll see if I can take some courses to learn them and keep looking for something else. I was kind of glad I didn't get it because I would have to drive into downtown Phoenix daily and I just don't drive anymore these days (yes I need to remedy that).

As part of work sucks, I'm now required to work one weekend day (all of us on our "team" have to work a weekend day. After all, hospitals run 24/7 so we have to be available to turn around the work 24/7 too). I was lucky that I got the Monday through Friday as long as I did but I could see the "writing on the wall" when the account I work on (the account from hell but that's for another day) was always getting out of turnaround time on the weekends (which prompted overtime to keep it in turnaround time and the company doesn't like to pay overtime) (and supervisors like to keep accounts from going out of turnaround time or they don't get their bonuses). In fact I mentioned to hubby "she-supervisor is going to make us work weekends" and sure enough the following week came the email with the mandate. I chose to work Saturdays 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. We watch the wee one Saturday evenings starting at 4 p.m. I got assigned to be off on Tuesday, so I'm off Sunday and Tuesday, which seems like a really weird schedule, but so far I like it (only been 3 weeks so far). Thing is I never got anything done on Saturdays when hubby and me were off together. We would mess around on our computers for a few hours, get cleaned up, run some errands, come home early afternoon and then get the wee one at 4 p.m. (I clean house through the week, a chore every day that lasts about 20-30 minutes, house is never completely clean, but never completely dirty). Sundays were church, maybe a few more errands and that's about it. I found the Tuesdays I was off (3 so far) I actually got projects done that I kept putting off. Like we bought new glassware after Christmas to get everything matched instead of the hodgepodge we had. I kept putting off sorting through the old stuff to replace it with the new stuff. I did it this past Tuesday, including reorganizing the incredibly messy pantry. Hubby yesterday put together a table he bought also after Christmas (same time we bought the glassware) that he wanted for his music room and his recording. I find it actually more relaxing to have the 2 different days off not together rather than working 5 days and being off for 2 days. Presently its working. And it is also motivation for me to keep looking for a new job and frees up Tuesdays so I can go on an interview that day (otherwise it was virtually impossible to get time off from work without a 2 week notice) (yes I also work for the company from hell) (yes I'm actively job seeking). 

In some of my spare time recently, I found two people from the past that I had worked with and worked for. Its a hobby of mine when I have time to try to track down people. One I saw was no longer married to the person they were married to when I knew them, but seemed to have a good life and had been raising a family. Other one totally shocked me. Physician I worked for that was one of the most generous and kindest people I knew, along with his wife; lovely well behaved and well mannered children. Saw he lost a malpractice suit for a hefty settlement and at the same time that was happening he was going through a very messy divorce, including his wife filing restraining orders against him. It was many moons ago that I worked for him, but I still can't grasp how that person then became this person now or what happened along the way.

We shop at a local grocery store, Fry's. We don't do our major shopping there, that's for Wal-Mart, but there is literally a Fry's on every corner here (agree Myra?) so that's where we go for our items we run out of, etc. They also have fuel pumping stations. You can earn points by shopping there to get cents off your gallons of gas. We are learning how to work the system (legitimately and honestly). We got an offer for a credit card from them where the first year you have the card, if you use it for buying gas, you get an additional 25 cents off a gallon. Signed up for it, use it and pay it off monthly. Use it for our groceries so we can get extra reward points. Then most weekends they have if you buy gift cards at the store, you can get 4 times the points for fuel rewards. We buy gift cards for restaurants we are going to go out to or places we are going to shop like Target, Kohl's, etc. The fuel points really add up then. And they are always looking for people to take their customer surveys. I take one weekly, 50 points for fuel rewards. A penny saved is a penny earned, right? (or did I get that backward?)

I think that's about it. 

I'll try not to let it go so long between posting. Enjoy your summer! Warm weather and all!

(but not the electricity bills, that's what I fear the most)


Maria Zannini said...

I love your chatty blog post!

My sister recently moved to Arizona (from Chicago). Although it seems very hot to her now, she enjoys it too. She (and I) never cared much for the cold Chicago winters.

Good luck on your job hunt.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I cannot fathom the heat you all have there. Here it gets in the 90's and I wilt. I think it has to be your lack of humidity that makes the difference. We have high humidity here in the summer and the only time we use a humidifier is in the winter. The house really dries out when the heat is running and just walking across the carpet will give you a shock! At least you do still have a job and sounds like you have adapted well to the new schedule. I remember a time when I had to work half day on Saturdays and would come home to see my husband on the couch watching cartoons on TV. I didn't mind at all and at the same time I had half day on Wednesdays off and always enjoyed being home when he wasn't. I got a lot more done. We have a grocery store here that gives points for gas too, but their prices are higher and I think that makes up for savings in gas. I still go there because they do have some things I like that other stores don't have. Sometimes I go to 3 stores to get everything I need so I rotate where I go each week. Takes some planning, but worth it in the long run. Hope you to have a lovely summer.

Cindy said...

I'm from Michigan and I think that it's easier to adapt to hot climates rather than cold ones as I always have to get used to winter every year. We have the opposite problem..humid in summer and dry in the winter. I also work in a hospital, but luckily no weekends yet as I'm an admin assistant. Good luck with the job hunt.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm at a point where our California weather feels too hot for me! I swear if we move to AZ I will never go outside. Glad to hear that the new schedule is working out for you. I'm glad that Fry's card works out for you, sounds like a great plan. I try but I just can't shop at Walmart. Enjoy your week.

Mac n' Janet said...

Welcome back, I can certainly see the advantage to having split days off. Hope you find something better soon. A bad job can make you sick.

Pat Hatt said...

Not sure I'd ever become acclimated to that heat, blah. Having a weekday off is nice indeed. Because then, as you say, easier to do things you can't do on weekends. Stalking people online were you? Geez lol funny how things change.

Intense Guy said...

120F seems unimaginably hot to me.

I hope you find a nicer work arrangement and soon! :)

Linda said...

I'd heard about the 120-temps and was a bit concerned, glad you enjoyed it! I'd be indoors or in the pool! All the best finding a less stressful job. Appreciate all you and others do in medical field. Rollercoaster here since my mom had a stroke 11 days ago,happy breathing tube is finally out.

Paula Kaye said...

It was really good to hear from you! I loved the chatty post! Sorry your job sounds so awful! I'll pray you find a new one soon. We have Kroger here that does much the same thing with fuel points. I try to get mine to save up and then I can save $1 off a gallon. Good deal! Stay cool!!

Ann Bennett said...

Being a hot climate person, I get your feelings about heat. Some years it is not as bad to endure. We don't go to 129 but top out at about 103. What we do have is humidity. You can go out after a rain shower and it feels like a sauna. I think your body gets conditioned for heat. My dad could go out and work during the hottest part of the day.
I still like spring and fall the best. I hope all goes well with your job hunt. I'm out of the job market now. No money but none of the hassles.

Saleslady371 said...

Keeping you in my prayers for a new job. I think you're doing great balancing work, hubby, church, job and grandchildren! It took me a while to get use to the heat also in AZ, but I still tell myself it's all worth it--most of the months are pleasant compared to the snow shoveling I left years ago.

Liz A. said...

So sorry work sucks. I hope you find the perfect new job. And 120 degrees?!? Eek.

A knitting blog I follow does these kinds of rambling random posts sometimes. They're kinda fun. Here's one: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/2017/02/randomly-on-a-wednesday-4/

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I always enjoy when you write these types of blog posts! You share more than you think and it's always fun to read. Those ordinary moments are what make blogging friends so interesting. I love the idea of days off separately and at least one of them during the week. All my work years I've had weekends off and because the kids were also off from school, I never got anything done. I wish I'd had a weekday off to be free to do the things that needed done. And now that they're all grown up and moved out, I wish they were still here even if we were all off on weekends! LOL...

Good luck with job hunting! Hopefully you'll find something much better and someplace where you're much more appreciated.

Linda Lee said...

Random is alright. It is like talking with a friend you talk with everyday. That is HOT!! My niece is doing her residency at a hospital in Phoenix. She has talked about the impact of the heat.

This morning in Northwest Wisconsin there was frost on the strawberry plants at the strawberry farm. Crops in general are not growing as they should due to the cold wet weather. It was 48 degrees when I went for my morning walk.

It makes it so very difficult when your job is not something you can enjoy doing. I am so glad you are able to have your little one for a few hours a week. Being a grandparent is truly one of God's greatest blessings!!

Mevely317 said...

I'm so glad to see you here again, Betty! (Chuckling about the 'Myra' asides over here! Yep, and yep.)

Boy, I can empathize with you about working for a company-from-H***. I have to keep reassuring myself every morning, that it's not for long. (Oh, that and we like to eat regularly. LOL.) Now, because someone(s?) don't clean up nicely after themselves, we're no longer allowed to consume any food or beverage (save water, in approved containers) in the office. That's all well and good except last week, a few of the managers ordered burgers and fries and proceeded to eat them in my GM's office - with the door open, while the aroma permeated throughout the office space.
(Oops! Sorry, this is YOUR blog.)

Being off work on Tuesdays does sound like a novel idea. I can see where it leans towards productivity and (cross fingers) job interviews. I think I recall getting those credit card offers from Kroger/Fry's and throwing them away, but after what you've said, I may look on-line. Every cent counts!

I'm sorry to learn about your old friends' troubles. I, too, have been known to try and resurrect old acquaintances. Sadly, I learned 3 of those have passed away.

Sorry to prattle on so. I'll be praying for your job situation!


Praying that your job situation improves. Though Tuesdays off sound intriguing. like the gas card and store card giveaways. sounds like a good deal.

Victoria Zigler said...

I don't deal with heat well. Anything over about 72F and I start whining about being too hot. Anything above about 80F and you should probably stay away from me, unless you're bringing me something cold to help me cool off. Anything above 90F and you should probably just stay away from me regardless. Thankfully it doesn't get above 80F that often here, and temperatures above 90F are even more rare.

I hope you can find a new job you're happy in soon.


jack69 said...

I truly get a kick out of your posts. This one especially. Maybe it is because my mind is 'trained random'. LOL But one line hit me because I too have incidents I cannot wrap my mind around: *** It was many moons ago that I worked for him, but I still can't grasp how that person then became this person now or what happened along the way.***

Also your job has always interested me, not one I could ever possibly do, just one that mystifies me tied to the mysteries of the WWW. Two days off that are not tied together is foreign to the 'old' world, definitely unique (seems to me).

Best of luck to you as you search for another nitch in life.

jack69 said...

For some reason we were in Yuma in July. I walked over to two men who were laying block in the heat. I asked, "How in the world do you guys lay block in 115 degree weather?"
"We are getting $8 a block for this job." One guy said smiling under a wet towel he had on his head."

I Smiled BIG and said, "I understand, I am paying fifty cents a block in NC now."

As I walked off I thought $8 a block, wow. Then as an after thought I says to myself, it is worth it. LOL Too hot for me out there... Again loved the entry!

Joanne said...

Well you are crazy from the heat and don't know it! That's okay. Good luck with the job search. A job you hate can bring you down, that's for sure. I know. This was a nice chat. Take care. Put down a towek before sitting on a hot bench!

Joanne said...

Towel. Sorry for typo

Lowcarb team member said...

What a lovely read Betty, I really enjoyed this post, thank you.
Good luck with the job search

All the best Jan

Debby said...

You are not the only one, not blogging daily. I think it's just summer.

I totally agree about the hot weather. Where I live, while not a desert, we have 105+summers and hotter and it's usually around 10% or less humidity. People hear 105, 110 and higher and think what that would feel like with 50% or more humidity.

It's not so bad. Our heatwave is over and we're down to 99 but heating back up for the weekend. But 105 is not so bad. The evenings and early mornings are beautiful.

Not looking forwardto my electric bill either. YUCK

Secret Agent Woman said...

My house is the same - never completely clean, never completely dirty.

yaya said...

What's so wonderful about our country is there's a climate for everyone! I wouldn't enjoy Arizona in the summer but I know many who do. Glad it's become home to you! Good luck with finding a new job. It's a jungle out there! I work in a hospital and the downside in healthcare is always the weekends and holidays. I take call and that's a killer sometimes. Oh well, retirement for me is hopefully only a couple of years away! Have a good weekend!

Jimmy said...

Hi Betty, I think you acclimate to the temperatures and the humidity does play a big role in the heat index, I know you are thankful the humidity is low in Phoenix.

I hope you find a job that you like real soon, going to one that you hate is miserable and this life is too short to be miserable.

It's good to see you Betty, stop by and give us a visit when you can JimmysOpinion

Joy said...

Fry's is a grocery store? Huh! It is also a HUGE electronics shop here in CA. Hope the heat is not too unbearable for you all. My disease makes me heat intolerant so you can just imagine how bad this heat wave in CA has been ;)
Joy @ The Joyous Living

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you find a good job - they don't know what a great employee you are.

Now that is just plain hot!

Hope you spend a lot of time in the pool!

Do you live near Myra now?


Treey Stynes said...

I read it the whole way through and loved it. I can't imagine heat like that though. How do you do it?

Bijoux said...

I don't mind that heat either, though I always notice how dry I get, and am dying of thirst! Here, there are days it's so humid and only 80 degrees and I feel as though I can barely breathe. But I'm not thirsty, LOL!

Hope the job search pays off!

Bobbi and Gracie said...

I don't think I would survive there with temps that high. I am hot just thinking about it ... LOL! I do understand the necessity for that beautiful pool of yours!! That's too bad you aren't happy in your job. Hopefully you can find something much better. There is no doubt in my mind that God will not send just that!! Well, stay cool and enjoy the summer!!

DMS said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had lots of things to chat about. :) Sorry to hear work stinks. Hopefully something better will come along. I hear you about the paycheck. Definitely needed!

I think it is great that it doesn't feel as hot to you as it did last year. Looks like your body may be adjusting to the temperature! :)


Danielle L Zecher said...

I'm sorry work isn't going especially well. There seems to be a lot of that right now. I keep telling myself that eventually the economy will improve more, and that companies will have to start treating people better to keep them.

Nick has more week days than weekends off with his schedule. We don't like not having weekends together, but it is nice that he can run errands during the week without one of having to miss work.

I wish we could send you some of our humidity. We've had nearly every afternoon for at least a month, so everything feels really wet. We have a dehumidifier and sump pump under the house, and they've been almost keeping up lately. We have a dehumidifier in the house, and we're dumping it daily.

That's a pretty nice deal with the fuel points. We have Ingles here, and they do something similar, but without so many perks. It all adds up, though!