a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Saturday, September 10, 2016

le'ts have some fun for a change

Its been so dark and dreary here that it is time to have some fun.  

Amazingly, because I have absolutely no idea how time could have flown like it did, next month hubby and me will be married 36 years.  That's virtually impossible when you consider I'm only 40 (right).......the truth is, it truly will be 36 years.

So the other night after dinner, sitting at the table, we started playing the "best and worst" game that sometimes we play.

It goes like this.

Best meal ever.

Worst meal ever.

Best vacation ever.

Worst vacation ever.

Best place we lived.

Worse place we lived.

Best decision we made.

Worst decision we made.

You get the picture.

So, let's all play. 

Here's the categories:

Advice Given
Advice Dispensed
Car Bought
Hotel Stayed At
Time of Your Life
School Year
Spouse (assuming you were married more than one time)
Place Lived

Pick any of those above in the categories and just say either the best or the worst of that particular category.  It doesn't have to be a long explanation.

For instance

Best book - To Kill a Mockingbird 

Worst placed lived - Santa Fe, New Mexico

You can expound upon it if you want or just give a brief answer or a long one if you want to.

I think it will be fun to read people's responses, don't you??

I'll go first (after it, it is my idea we play) No prizes rewarded, just lots of fun

Best Vacation:  May 2005, Washington, DC. Hubby, me, son. We had just gotten through a particularly bad time.  School was done for the year.  Visited my sister and her family and my mom.  Brother and his family were there for 2 days of our visit so we all got together.  During our week there we rode the Metro (loved it), explored Washington, DC, saw many of the Smithsonian museums, ate too much, walked a lot, had a blast of a time.  And I was skinny at the time, so that was an added bonus :)

Your turn......

Come on, play along.....

You know you want too.......


Liz A. said...

This is hard. I don't really have bests or worsts. Just memorable events.

Best/Worst school year: senior year. Yes, best and worst. Probably the closest I ever got to suicide. Also, the first time I got a 4.0.

Best snack: chocolate ice cream. At least it is today...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's always good to have some fun. Best meal is always at Red Lobster, Coconut Shrimp is my favorite. Worst meal ever...going back to my childhood was chicken gizzards. My dad loved them and I found them very hard to swallow.

Bijoux said...

I could expand upon all of these! Fun!

Worst car ever bought was a 1988 Ford Tempo. We got a good deal on the purchase price through my mother-in-law's teacher's union. However, in the 5 years we owned it, we spent more in repairs than the sticker price. It was in the shop every other month. A true lemon and the last time we will ever buy an American car.

Mary said...

What a way to walk down memory lane!

IntenseGuy said...

Some of the best meals ever I can't remember what I ate, but remember the conversation with the person(s) sharing the meal. Some of the worse meals had excellent food but were eaten alone.

Best car - Subaru Legacy, worse car - Chevy Camaro.


Pat Hatt said...

Worst place lived was some rinky dink little He** hole of an apartment. It was right above the boiler room so it was double the heat in the summer, ugg.

Maria Zannini said...

First off, happy anniversary! I was sure you were married in the womb. :)

I'm terrible at these games because it's hard for me to rate best or worst.

One of the nicest getaways we ever took was to San Antonio during the Christmas season. The trees along the River Walk were festooned in lights. We took a boat ride and it felt magical, as if we were in some sort of fairy world.

Someday I'd like to go back.

Ann Bennett said...

Happy anniversary. I'm glad to know when anyone has a compatible companion in life. It certainly makes life better.

This is a clever idea. I've got to copy it down just for a writing muse. I've had so many best things in life. But my favorite thing to do is travel. So my best vacation was to Peru. I was under a lot of stress and it was a break. It did not end my worry but it was quite an adventure.

My worst moment was when I did not listen to that little voice that told me not to say anything to a student who was throwing things at me in class. His mom was pretty one-sided in how she saw things. I got ripped apart and threatened with being fired.

Mac n' Janet said...

Best/Worst Vacation It was the same trip. We were living in Turkey and our daughter came home from college at Christmas and we went on a tour of Egypt. It was awesome and awful. We saw the most incredible sites, had great people on our tour, loved our stateroom on the boat that we took down the Nile.
But sick, my God we got sick, all of us, the sickest I can ever remember being.
So that's my best worst vacation

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh, this is fun!

Best vacation: An impulsive trip to Mexico with the most amazing man in the world just a few weeks after we met!
Worst vacation:

Best car bought: The Honda CRV we are driving now. We've had it since 2003, it's required very little maintenance and it's still going strong!

Best spouse: The most amazing man in the world that I'm with now. We met in 2002.

Happy anniversary, Betty! Wishing you many more.

DMS said...

This is a fun game. Best meal- would probably be my comfort favorite- Hawaiian pizza with a cherry Coke. :)

Congrats on 36 years!

Paula Kaye said...

How fun!! Best vacation was February/March 2000. Richard had just retired. Harley was just born. We booked a 32-day trip that took us to Sydney, Australia to start. We visited the outback. Saw Ayers Rock and Aborigines, boarded a cruise ship set to sail to Bangkok, Thailand. Along the way we visited Singapore, Viet Nam, Indonesia, and other places. We had long relaxing days at sea too. Was the biggest and best vacation of our lives. I am so glad I have these memories of our time together!!

Mevely317 said...

I love this game, Betty! :)
Wouldn't it be a panic played at a girls' house party, over a bottle of wine?

Movie?: Always and forever, "Bridges of Madison County." (Worst, "Ray.")

Car? Cherry red Fiat X-19. Even during West Texas summers it never occurred to me to feel uncomfortable w/ no a/c! (Worst, POS Chevy Corvette.)

Places to live: Abilene, Texas (to borrow a phrase, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.)

I may have to borrow one or two other categories as future blog prompts....

Happy (early) anniversary. I can't believe it's been almost a year we first met y'all!

jack69 said...
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jack69 said...

Great comments here, you hit a good one:
Best vacation, our drive to Alaska
Worst meal: Sherry, I and my sister Kat. Stopped at truck stop once, we wanted a light meal and we all love hot dogs. They had a chilidog special. WE cracked up when it was delivered and the waitress had left, The three plates looked like piles of-----!...... Really. We laugh about it until this day!

Saleslady371 said...

I stayed in America's Best hotel in Yuma because it was cost efficient and the clerk kept my credit card at check in for a long time telling me her computer was slow. I learned my card was compromised and since it was the only place I used credit on my trip I just knew who stole from me. I didn't have to pay the bill. After that I did use that chain again in San Diego and it was super pleasant so she was just a bad seed. I think one of the best recipes I make is my homemade manicotti. It tastes so good every time.

Victoria Zigler said...

Happy anniversary!

On the one hand, I love doing these things, because they're fun, and it's interesting to learn about others. On the other hand, I always find it tricky to decide what my best and worst of something is.

My best vacation was my first trip to Cyprus when I was about nine or ten. We were there to visit my great-uncle and his family. He worked at a pool and kept us supplied with cold drinks and ice-cream on the days we were there, and took us to see several different nearby places when he wasn't working. My worst was when we went back there the following year. My Mam's friend and her daughter came with us, and all they wanted to do was sunbathe. I was expected to amuse the friend's daughter (almost half my age at the time, and one of those kids who go running to the adults with tales of unfair treatment if you don't give them their own way, so you end up either doing what they want, or being punished for something you didn't do).


Denise said...

Wow. This is harder than I thought it would be. I'll go with vacations 'cause it is easy to pick the worst one. That has to be the 1999 Caribbean cruise in the throes of Hurricane Lenny. We did not make it to even one port we were supposed to see. Haven't taken a cruise since. As for the best, there are so many factors to consider, but I have to say the private tour we had of Russia, there were only four of us, certainly has to be one of the best and definitely the most expensive, but worth every penny - cept that now we could buy twice as many rubles with our dollars.

Bobbi and Gracie said...

I love games like these. Okay, I'm in. Best hotel: Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Ga. My work sent us there and it was all expense paid and included air fare (first and last time I ever flew). The place was magical and included a roof top revolving restaurant. It was awesome and very memorable.

Birgit said...

Happy Anniversary! This is wonderful to hear since so many don't make it past 5 years. I think this is a great game and I know I am forgetting some of your questions...best meal?? The Christmas dinner my mom made and the first one I could eat after 6 months of illness( pancreatitis). I also have, always, a wonderful meal at this restaurant we often go to and always have a great time. Favourite movie "It's A Wonderful Life" ...worst movie, there are many but I hate In The Bedroom. Best vacation, my trip to Europe in 1993...worst? I don't have one really. Best book...Best Movie Stars which my brother got for me when I was very ill at Christmas. I was 8 and I was hooked. Worst book...I just couldn't get into Aas I Lay Dying. I don't know about advice but I do know people seem to be happier when they leave my office and my friends like to talk to me. I was told by someone that sometimes "people are looking to be offended" which really hit me as so true. These are just some of my thoughts.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Best Place Lived: Patrick City (now called Patrick Gardens I think). We had lovely neighbors in a beautiful neighborhood. There was a videostore nearby where we could rent videos and I made awesome friends. Moved away when I was around 3rd grade. Still miss that lovely community.

Worst meal ever: There are a few. Anytime someone forgets I don't eat liver and when I was a kid and we were at an aftercare and they served kidney and rice. Gross. Never again.

This was a fun game and I love your vacation pick Betty.

Robert Bennett said...

This sounds like something that my wife and I would play. The problem is, as I stare at the categories, I'm second guessing all of my answers!

I guess the worst book I've ever read was so bad I literally threw it away. As a policy, I cherish literally every book I own (even that one copy of Twilight someone gave me), so that should give you an idea.

I can't remember what the title was, but it was a dead serious book that had seemingly never been edited, written by a drunk ten year old, and was OVERLY super descriptive regarding some guy who was ex military and something about vampire whores (literal whores). I tried desperately to read it in hopes of camp factor but eventually gave up.

Nick Wilford said...

When is your wedding date? It must be pretty close to the day I was born because I'm turning 36 next month. Sorry, that probably doesn't help!

This is fun. A lot of people have had some great holidays. I can chip in with three in different categories - best holiday on my own (well, OK, the only one, but it was awesome) was my backpacking trip during my gap year in 2002 - Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil. I'd saved up money and it was my first taste of independence. It's been fun seeing Rio on the TV this summer because that was my last port of call. Then, with my wife, our honeymoon on a Caribbean cruise in 2006 - total luxury and some beautiful locations. Then, with the whole family, a two-week camping trip in France in 2011 (not really camping, we were in a chalet) because all six of us were together, it was Andrew's first time abroad, and our first trip to Disneyland. We got a coach to the park and he was in fits of giggles!

yaya said...

Fun game! I have had some good cars in the past..my favorite would be the choice between the first one I bought on my own..a brand new '72 malibu and I drove it for 10yrs. Then there was my little Tracker that I super loved but my hubby and then tall newly driving sons did not. Only owned it 2yrs and I was so sad to trade it in that Jack had to take it in for me. Sob! Best Vaca? Well, we've had some fun ones when the kids were little but I think the trip to Alaska would be a favorite, hands down! Worst meals? Any that were eaten from a hospital bed..especially the last hospital stay for my total knees! Best meals are any eaten that I don't have to cook! Well, that are atleast shared with good friends and family! Best suggestion I ever took? Starting a blog where I've met nice folks like you! Have a good week!

Jo said...

Happy anniversary.

Best vacations were always when my parents lived in Alicante, Spain, and we went to visit.

Joanne said...

Happy Anniversary! Best trip- Australia with Ray
Best gift- my first library card at age 6.
Fun game

Nas said...

Happy anniversary!

Hopefully all the worst are over and the best are yet to come :)

Juli G said...

Best advice given: When I was first married my mother told me not to do anything for him that I wasn't prepared to do for the next 40 years. Basically, if I wake up early every day from day one and make his lunch for him or cook him his scrambled eggs, I shouldn't complain when I found myself still doing it 20 years later. :)

Best advice dispensed: Before I had kids I thought I knew exactly what I would and would not do in parenting. I. Was. So. Wrong. Now I tell people "No judgement, just do whatever works."

Happy Anniversary!!! You must have a lot of good advice. :)

Linda said...

We haven't done best/worst but I first heard about it in a movie that I love, "The Story of Us" and read about it in magazines. Best Vacation-going to Germany and hosted by relatives. Husband still meets up with her husband, she has since passed away.

Happy Anniversary, early!

Big Mark 243 said...

... moving to Omaha has been one of the best decisions I have ever made... so I guess I am currently living in the best place I have lived..!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Your vacation sounds fun. I'm not sure if I have a best and worse anything. We had some great vacations. We once went on a long road trip when the kids were ages 3-12 and ended it with a visit to my sister in Mississippi. Everyone had so much fun even though it was stinking hot in the middle of the summer. The kids still talk about it and their Aunt Bert is their favorite.
This was fun.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like fun. I will try when I can!!

Carol Noren Johnson said...

Best fall ever--falling in love with my late two husbands (have been a widow twice)!

Worst fall ever--Aug 10, 2016 when I broke both feet.

Worst place lived--Dallas, Texas

Best place lived--Huntsville, Alabama

Favorite hymn--"Day by Day . . . And with each passing moment" Swedish hymn

Favorite antiques--ruby red depression glass

Veronica Lee said...

Happy anniversary, Betty!

Best Hotel - a three-room suite in Dubai
Worst Hotel - a crummy chalet when we were college students on a shoe string budget.

Eileen T said...

Best meal - roast lamb with the best roast potatoes I've ever tasted in a pub on the way to Scotland (but I can't remember where it was or what it was called).

Best holiday - a week on Holy Island (Lindisfarne) - completely unplanned, fantastic weather, and best of all it was free - paid for by the company my partner was working for.

Happy anniversary

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I used to read you a very long time ago, & have been back a few times recently. I'm sorry about Koda. If it isn't too personal, how is you son doing? If you'd rather rely in email...marydegliesposti@gmail.com.
Worst movie - Barton Fink Best - Born Free(ok, I was little, & it stuck with me)
Worst meal - Liver & onions Best - Chicken francaise & risotto

Best Vacation - Yosemite Worst - No vacation is That bad.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun game! I have enjoyed all my vacations, but I'd say the best was my second trip to Universal Studios in Florida where we had a full vacation package with the on-site hotel. That would also be the best hotel: the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. Best school year: a tie between my senior year and 6th grade.

Sunni said...

This sounds like a fun game. I would have to think about most of my answers. We only take a vacation about every ten years. The one to Mazatlan Mexico was the worst vacation ever. Hubby was so sick the four days we were there. I was afraid to eat after he got sick so I snacked on a few crackers we brought with us. I think I only had one meal the whole trip. We stayed in the room and I kept calling the front desk and asking that the maids bring us more toilet paper. The beds in that place were made of concrete with a thin mattress on top and they were too short so our feet hung off the end. This was a five star place too, but I should have known we were in trouble when we had to take a tour on a chicken bus to get to our hotel.

The best vacation was probably going to the French quarter in New Orleans. I met up with one of my sisters who drove over from TX with her husband. We had a blast, drank too much, listened to some great music, and ate lots of great food. My husband won the trip through is work so we had an unforgettable week and walked all over to see the sights.

Happy anniversary, Betty.