a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Monday, August 8, 2016

every week it comes

The weekend.

We look forward to it the minute we wake up on Monday morning.  "Can't wait til Friday." "Is it only Wednesday?" "Will Friday ever get here?"

And of course Friday gets here. Closing timing. No matter what it might be. Two days of bliss. No schedules, no alarm clocks to wake us up. Freedom (temporary that it might be).

We celebrate Friday. A dinner out. After all, it is Friday. A bottle of wine shared. Perhaps another glass or two down the way. After all, its Friday.

We drift to sleep, content we will awake up to Saturday. A day to ourselves. Sure, we will run errands. Sure we will have to do something but its what we choose to do. Not the mundane of a work schedule

Saturday 8 a.m. looks so promising. So much day ahead. Saturday 4 p.m. Where did the day go? But yet we still have the evening and there is always Sunday.

Saturdays here are a bit of errands, a little of fun, a movie, a museum, an adventure. Then later in the afternoon the kids come over. We watch while their parents work. We make a meal, we share a meal, we open a bottle of wine, we enjoy the comforts of the pool. We say goodbye, they text when they get home. we settle in for the night. Saturday is over.

But Sunday looms ahead.

We open our eyes to Sunday. A new day and we aren't having to clock in.

We repeat the process. Get up, eat, get ready, head out.

Church today. And we rejoice because we have found that church we want to connect with. We enjoy the sermon, the worship, the fellowship.

Sunday is starting to fade away, but there is still a lot of hours ahead.

Lunch out and then perhaps another errand and then we settle back home figuring out when we have to start cooking this and cooking that knowing they will all be over either now or a little bit later when.

We all converge. A meal put on the table. Simple sometimes, a bit more complicated other times.

We pray. We pass the dishes. We talk. We laugh. The end of the weekend looms ominously ahead but there is still time to do this and do that. A dip in the pool, a dessert shared. Always laughter. Always talk. Stretching out the last of the last of the last.

Until it is time to say "enough is enough is enough." We must get ourselves ready for Monday.

A new school year.

An hour commute.

A cleaning of house.

A workday (for more than one).

And so we gather up that, that needs to be gathered up.

We sort out. We categorize.

We toss that out and keep that for another day.

We kiss goodbye.

Text us when you get home.

We'll see you next week.

Call if you need anything.

I love you.

A hug, and then it is silent again.

We make sure the dishwasher is ready to run in the morning.

The towels and suits in the washer to freshen up in the new day.

We look at each other and say "thanks for a great weekend.."

And then we wonder where the time went.

And we trudge to bed because we know within hours the alarm will ring

and we'll start a new week ahead

but every week it will come

the weekend we covet.

Am I the only one that feels this way?


Weekend-Windup said...

We used to wait for weekends to have a nice time. Monday to Friday full tight schedule and only weekends we can enjoy the day as we like.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

No, the weekend is often unwinding time for many. Though as a freelancer I have to unwind more often whenever I get the chance.


You summed it up perfectly.

Sally said...

Enjoy those weekends - they sound very special.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember feeling just that way when I worked. Having a job means keeping that tight schedule every weekday and we look forward to the time off. Now I've been retired a little over 6 years and my whole week feels like a weekend, the only difference is church on Sunday. I am in no way complaining, just very thankful I lived long enough to enjoy it. Hope you have a good week and another weekend to look forward to.

Bijoux said...

i was one of those weird kids that loved school and then enjoyed my career, so I never had the Mondsy Blues. But boy, am I dreading winter!

DMS said...

I wait for the weekend every single week (unless I am on vacation). I just love having time to do what I want to do. :)

Happy Monday! Hope it's a good one!

Maria Zannini said...

It's true, and it's that way for many years. But what we never notice is that tiny changes occur during these regular hours. We learn from mistakes. We grow from experience. And we give back and recharge the others around us.

I never noticed the subtle changes until I was almost retired.

Pat Hatt said...

Sure not the only one. That was me when I worked full time, wanted the weekend to get here quick. Now I'm just a jobless bum lol great, besides no money. ugg, stupid job market.

Saleslady371 said...

Sounds like a wonderful life. You are fortunate to be close to the family and love on the grand kids so much! We had parents like that!

Whenever we were blessed with tropical vacations or fancy get-a-ways, we both were just as happy to get back to "home" and routine living again. We're just simple folks I guess.

Jerralea said...

Your weekend sounds a lot like mine. I do love the weekends, but luckily for me, I'm such a routine person, that I like scheduled weekdays as well.

Life is good!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Since my husband and I are both self-employed now, our days off may be any time, planned or unplanned. The kids all work the M-F shifts so we tend to have them underfoot on the weekends more. When I was teaching, the weekends flew by as did the summer. So much better now.

Mac n' Janet said...

The weekends always went too quickly when I worked. Now every day is a weekend and I love it. No alarm clocks, no meetings, just time for us.
Enjoy your week.

Joanne said...

you are not alone. Time goes much too fast on the weekends and it's all too much. Sounds like you've had a good one. Now onward to the next

Jo said...

Sadly, once you are retired a weekend doesn't mean anything particular any more (except now the construction people aren't working) we still have a bottle of wine on a Saturday night though.

Sounds like your weekends are fun. Nice to have a pool.

Chatty Crone said...

Great and true post - we do wait for Fridays - funny habit when you think about it. Andy started school today - and we are waiting for Friday!

Sharon said...

My husband and I have had the fortunate ability to retire, and so the weekend seems less "demarcated" than it used to be. However, I can still identify with that feeling of *free* time - time spent doing what I want, or being with family, having fun. It's good that the Lord gives us these times of joy. I think it's a foretaste of eternity!!


jack69 said...

You are a jewel,Yep you hit it out of the park, I remember that. Ah but now, six Saturdays and one Sunday. We are blessed.

But yep, that is the normal life, chasing Friday, they even named a restaurant after it, and it has done quite well. hahaha

yaya said...

You've been looking into the windows of my life! Yep, I love Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This morning as I was walking into work I was admiring the beautiful sunrise and thinking that in a few years..hopefully 3, I'll be walking in and handing in retirement papers. Then when I admire a beautiful sunrise it will be from my deck, garden, car on a trip or who knows where. Until then I'll be doing the errands, cramming in the fun, and looking forward to another weekend!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

That was an incredible summary! Among all the responsibility, there is a lot of love and laughter and joy in there. Makes it all worthwhile :)

Mevely317 said...

Awww ... a life well lived!
I'm reading and nodding along ... and, at the same time, wishing we made time for more recreation and camaraderie.

So happy you've found a new church home, Betty! North Phoenix or not, we need to make it a point to buckle up and take that drive. I always feel better after the fact for having done so.

Thanking one another for a 'great weekend' is a wonderful, thoughtful touch.

Megan Whitson Lee said...

It's funny. During the summer, I don't even think about weekends. But during the school year, I live for them. It's actually kind of sad. But I guess that's the way it is when you don't like your job. I am aware that an attitude change is needed in this area. :(

Birgit said...

This sounds familiar but just enjoy it in other ways but the feelings are the same. Love Friday night and Saturday although always wish I could have done more.

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

What a perfect post. Time just does not slow down...I look back at how quickly these last 50 years when by, and my goodness...it was lightning fast!

How sweet you get to see the babe ever Sunday. Ole Boy often starts to lament, "It's almost Monday!" on Saturday night. I have to remind him to enjoy the time he has, Monday can wait another day. (I think he's just ready to retire.)

Liz A. said...

Once upon a time I worked Saturdays. Every Saturday. Fridays aren't as exciting if you work Saturdays. And then the weeks where I worked Sundays, too.

It's fun to be a little different.

Paula Kaye said...

Since I no longer work (aside from running kids here and there) everyday could be like a weekend. Our weekends almost always include visits from Justin and Paige. Big dinners cooked. Church visits. Lazy naps. And I look forward to Mondays when they have gone home and life settles back into me running kids here and there!! This was beautiful to read, Betty!

Juli G said...

I typically work every Saturday, so for me, it is the holiday weekend that I covet... Sunday AND Monday off... now that's the good stuff. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm sure your not alone in your feelings but the best thing about all of it is that your in love, your together and you get to do that routine over and over again because God has blessed you .......

Linda said...

Grandma-time probably adds to why you are so looking forward to the weekend! Glad you found a church you feel at home at. Enjoy what each day brings trusting in the Lord. I'm enjoying cat-sitting this week.

Intense Guy said...

Funny thing - some weekends seem too short and some seem too long.

We spend so much of our lives "at work" it is a shame some people don't enjoy their jobs... they really ought to find something they enjoy since life is too short and being somewhere you don't enjoy.

baili said...

What a complete write up nothing is missing loved the line ,Days to Ourselves.

You are great writer got flow in your thoughts though
Best wishes

baili said...

What a complete write up nothing is missing loved the line ,Days to Ourselves.

You are great writer got flow in your thoughts though
Best wishes

Lowcarb team member said...

Don't know about the week passing so quickly we are now in mid August ... time flies!
I enjoyed your post

Do take care

All the best Jan

Danielle L Zecher said...

The weekends definitely seem to fly by more than any other days. Hubby only has two weekends off a month, assuming he's not on call or working forced overtime, so we really look forward to those two weekends.

Thea O'Brian said...

Cute post Betty. I smiled at what you have to look forward to on a Monday again.
It really is amazing how fast the weekends fly by.

Kat said...

That sounds familiar. It all goes far too quickly.

netablogs said...

Thankful to have those days (or weeks) off from the normal routine of everyday work life. Not everyone does, so I will remember to be grateful for weekends! I like the way you expressed it!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I like for my weekends to be filled with as little activity as possible...I love to just spend the entire weekend at home while reading a good book :)

Nick Wilford said...

Nice post! My wife and I both work from home now, so the lines between week and weekend are more blurred now, especially as we often work on weekends too. Still, we try and take it easy as much as we can. I also wanted to extend a belated thanks for your great review of my book. I've been out of the loop on social media recently, but trying to get back out there!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I've condensed my schedule so that I only have to make the long commute on four days and then I do my billing and paperwork from home. I used to take Fridays off but I've moved the home day to Wednesdays so I generally only go to work two days in a row. I love it

Veronica Lee said...

I live for my weekends! That was so beautifully written, Betty.

Happy Monday!

Barbara Fisher said...

Your weekend’s sound idyllic it’s just a shame they don’t last a little longer. Soon be Friday ;-)

Carol Noren Johnson said...

Last Saturday I woke up sad because I could not have that kind of weekend. First I am a widow for the second time. Second I cannot even walk my dog Ziggy. I cannot walk since the freak fall that sent me to rehab.

So I entered into the activities here and find myself at a Mary Kay Party. Suddenly I get a text and wheel myself to let a gentleman in. He has many packages for the basket he brought me in the hospital that had fruit that I had been eating during the week. Now he has brought mango and pineapple spears, bananas, apples, peaches, plums -- things I don't have to peal. Blueberries for my oatmeal. Tea I can have with my institutional meal.

We talk for two hours in my room. He is tall and handsome and seven years younger than I am. It is a date and I am being courted. He gives me a hug and leaves.

The perfect Saturday.

Bobbi and Gracie said...

Perfectly said, Betty! This sounds like my life... with a couple of adjustments here and there. I love my job.. but it is just that, a job. It is a commitment and a responsibility. That is why I X-ed out Friday and officially merged it into the weekend part of the week. Working four days a week isn't quite so bad. And eventually I can semi retire, then retire... God willing. The weekends are family time. I do so love those days when not a thing is planned. There aren't too many of them. You have a wonderful life Betty, and I love love love your pool! Good times. Hope you are having a good work week in preparation for the weekend... it's just around the corner ;-)