a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Saturday, April 26, 2014


A to Z Challenge - we are almost there.

W - White

This was interesting to see this white bird (not sure what it was, type of duck?) among the other ducks.  It was about the same size as them, but definitely a different color.  Kind of stood out and made me take notice.  I think it was this picture that orginally gave me the idea to try to do A/Z with where we walk Koda.  Then, armed with camera, I always snapped pictures of things here and there trying to fit them into the theme.

and then I got my husband interested and he helped come up with themes for some of the hard letters and then he would snap pictures when he was out walking Koda of things I might want to include, like the pictures below

W - Wreck

Hubby was down there one time and watched some people try to pull this boat out the water on too short of a trailer I'm guessing or didn't load it on right? The bottom scraped the concrete in the parking lot. 


You can see the bottom broken off.

Definitely a good picture of it here. 

Hubby said the boat stayed in the parking lot for a few days before it got removed.

Big oops I think.

Enjoy the weekend, any big plans?


Carol Noren Johnson said...

Saturday we are going to a one-year old party at a park. The one-year old is a dog! Was Koda ever that spoiled?

Liz A. said...

Yeah, big oops.

I've got a 1st year birthday party to attend, too. My twin nephews. Their birthday is actually Friday, but everyone works and goes to school (their three older siblings), so the party is Saturday.

Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

Sue Elvis said...


Your theme idea is certainly clever and interesting! Pity about the damaged boat.

I'm spending time this weekend finishing the last of my blog posts. I know you pre-wrote yours, but I've been writing day by day. I only have my Z post left to write!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You really did pick the perfect them for your A-Z's. hope you have a wonderful weekend. It'll be a quiet one for me.

lyndagrace said...

You have done an amazing job with this challenge.
It was a great idea.

No plans for the weekend. Perhaps we will attend the town wide yard sale.

Bijoux said...

Love the diverse ducks!

susie said...

I have pictures of a duck couple, one white and one mallard. They make unusual looking babies. I investigated!

Joanne Noragon said...

Sad for the boat owners. I wonder if the white duck is a barnyard duck that left home.

joeh said...

Ok, I am going to guess you end this with a picture of Koda with a Zebra.

Jeanie said...

You really did pick a great theme....so many possibilities.
Maybe someone released a pet duck down by the water.
Oh, I have to feel sorry for those boat owners.

Linda said...

Wonder what the wrecker was thinking?! Helped move hubby's office yesterday, he's helping the others today, and I need to remember to feed the cat a a little four times a day.I love how you've both met the challenge with the fun, cool photos. Enjoy!

Pat Hatt said...

Play where's waldo with the ducks, that boat must have been a pain to fix, if they did

Vicki said...

The white does stand out! Great shot!

Love all the photos of the boat! We've had a pontoon boat on and off for the last 25 yrs. and we too have seen many "oops"!!

Birgit said...

OK That is a major oops with the boat and I'm sorry but I had to chuckle-what were they thinking?? Love the one white duck(?). I have no true plans-Yeah!!!

Paula Kaye said...

Love the white duck! And to get your husband involved was a great idea!

jack69 said...

Oh ho, you did good! Love the white in amongst the others. I smile, with hurt, for someone trying to save or salvage a boat and did not have the right equipment.

More work was definitely added. It pays t0 know the 'W'ay. to bring her in!

Grammy Staffy said...

Big oops for sure. How sweet that your hubby got involved and helped you.
I've enjoyed your A to Z theme. Very clever.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Funny to see that white duck with the others and that poor boat :( Like how your hubby helped you with you A-Z challenge.


KT Did said...

Interesting to see just that one single white duck! Perfect snap of it too!
Katy Did

Life's Ride In Between

Mary said...

White ducks are the domesticated version of the species.. that one must have escaped. My husband had an 8 ft aluminum jon boat he used to row out to the island in the bay near our old home, where upon he'd pull the boat up on the shore, and fly fish on the flats, for striped bass and bluefish. His "oops!" was one day, not pulling the boat up far enough, and losing track of time as the tide came in.. and pulled his boat out away, leaving him trapped. In his waders, he couldn't jump in and swim for the boat. I occasionally would check on him with binoculars, and saw him waving his jacket trying to get my attention, noticed the boat had gone out into the shipping channel, so I called the rescue, who showed up in their boat and snagged his boat for him. Needless to say, he was much more careful in the future.

Stephanie Faris said...

Looking at that broken boat was painful. That can't be a good thing for its owner!

Mevely317 said...

Whoa, but I'm guessing someone was in hot water over that mishap. Almost looks like fodder for America's Funniest Home Videos, doesn't it?

I'm enjoying some quiet time alone; hubby's off 'blowing his brains out' (HIS words re. playing his sax) with some fellow
Hope your weekend is unfolding wonderfully! :)


A shame about the boat wreck. A great idea for the challenge, though. Liked the sweet bird that stood out too.

JosephAlsarraf said...

Eeeek, ya don't get on that boat!

Great picture of the ducks.

I don't know, I guess it was an albino Mallard, or muscovy maybe? or it might have been a swan, or goose?

Maybe this might help!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestic_duck

: )

D..J. Kirkby said...

I love bench photos! I used to have a bench blog. I wonder if that white bird is a goose - sure looks like the ones that hang around the large pond at our local park.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Wow, you've zipped right through the alphabet. I didn't realize until just now that it was a month-long deal.

I like the colors of the battered boat.

Chatty Crone said...

I think that was a huge oops on the boat - I am glad it wasn't me.

Jerralea said...

That white bird definitely does stand out in the crowd.

Your A-Z theme was a perfect choice. I've been enjoying your photos.

Intense Guy said...

Ah, the S S Minnow... :)

The white duck (usually domesticated) really does stand out! I wonder how far from his home farm he is!!

MS said...

Love the duck picture and this comes to mind--
a) You've heard of Birds of a feather flock together--well, he is just a bird of another feather flocking with them trying to fit. The cousin visiting. Country mouse/city mouse style.

And b) thought of The Ugly Duckling. Perhaps Mr. White Duck thinks he is one of the other ducks, just a little on the different side. Like the swan in The Ugly Duckling

Mary @ The View from my World

Linda :) said...

Oh no that is a big OOPs... We have big black/white/red turkey looking ducks that hang out with the regular ducks... :)