a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Friday, April 18, 2014


A - Z (pictures from where we walk our corgi, Koda)

P - Police

Every harbor or bay area needs to be kept safe.  There is a police office down there and a police boat that patrols the area. 

P is also for pair; lots of duck pairs down where we walk Koda (and he likes to chase them, as best as he can on leash).

So any plans for the weekend?

And I know tax day has come and gone, but did you procrastinate to get your taxes done this year?

(Not too many plans this weekend; and yes procrastinated a bit, got taxes done last Friday :)


Liz A. said...

I did procrastinate my taxes. I got them done in March. (This is really late for me. They're usually done by February.)

Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

Sue Elvis said...


I like the ducks. We love going to a local lake to watch the ducks.

Plans for the weekend: We're spending it with family, celebrating Easter!

Hope your weekend is very happy!

lyndagrace said...

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but your posts are so clever. I am enjoying the photos and captions immensely.

We filed our taxes with a week to spare.

We are going to be celebrating our granddaughter’s 10 birthday on Sunday. Wow I can’t believe she is 10 years old. Wasn’t her mother just 10 only yesterday?

susie said...

I love ducks. There was a mallard and white duck pairing last year. Very sweet.

Husband's middle name is early. Taxes long ago completed.

I believe in very low-key holiday weekends. Brunch out. Or Dunch.

Linda said...

Two egg hunts for work. A city clean up to get rid of old piano and hopefully a bit more. Celebrating Easter at church. My mom surprising my oldest brother and wife, grandparents of four, with re-upholstered heirloom child's rocker and cut glass bowl & vases when they host Easter dinner.

Already paid the federal government for the year. State practically encouraged holding off as they debated and made some last minute tax law changes.

Police, I can also picture on segway scooters or in-line skates in your beautiful area. Here some officers on bikes and horses. Ducks are cute, I'm not a fan of geese though.

joeh said...

Does Koda want to chase them or herd them?

Bijoux said...

I'm hosting Easter dinner, like always. I'm mad and sad that my son won't be home, but he has finals next week and is then done for the semester.

jack69 said...

SWEET, love the pictures of the bay, Police boats are necessary especially in today's world... Love the pair and I did not procrastinate!!! Thank goodness!!!

Intense Guy said...

Have a happy, joyous Easter!

Quack quack! who waddles more, ducks or Koda? :)

Birgit said...

Taxes done! Plans-Dinner tonight with sis in law and family. Tomorrow inviting bro for dinner and a friend-making lasagne. I believe your doggie would love to chase the birds:) I am also glad that the police are there to watch over the waters as so many do not behave when in boats

Pat Hatt said...

Our taxes aren't due until the 30th, so we are still good, mine were done long ago though. Chew toys too, bet he'd love to get a hold of them


No big plans for the weekend here. Love the cute ducks Koda gets to see.

Paula Kaye said...

I filed my taxes so early that I got an email telling me they would accept them as soon as they started accepting returns on February 1. I never knew there was a 'too early' day. Of course we got a refund or I wouldn't have been in such a hurry. I am glad the police are there to keep your area safe.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the duck pairs....so sweet. Mark always does the taxes the week before they are due. So many of my friends do them ASAP. We are having Easter dinner here and I'm actually looking forward to cooking for my family!

J Hanna said...

The ducks are very cute. I photographed a few a couple of years ago when I was at a local lake up in the mountains.

J Hanna said...

The ducks are very cute. I photographed a few a couple of years ago when I was at a local lake up in the mountains.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I actually got my taxes in about a month ago. I like to get it over with a soon as I can.

Stephanie Faris said...

Great that you have a police presence to keep you safe! It's Easter weekend! Hope you guys have lots of nice walks!

Carol Noren Johnson said...

I was thinking what you might use for P and actually thought it might be POLICE.

Q could be QUIET

Hope it isn't QUEER.

Mevely317 said...

That police boat is plainly adorable! OK, not so 'macho' but adorable nonetheless!

Apart from church services, we've no real plans for Easter. Like other major holidays, we'll definitely stay away from going to a restaurant. I always feel a bit sorry for the wait staff on 'big' days when lines grow long.

JosephAlsarraf said...

No, not really. Going to celebrate Easter with my family.

I like the picture of the ducks and police boat! : )

Linda :) said...

Taxes done and money already in the bank before April 15... I'm working this weekend... Enjoy your weekend! :)

Chatty Crone said...

We procrastinated ours too! Looks beautiful there.

MS said...

That's the first police boat I recall ever seeing.
No need for a police boat in my landlocked state!
Mary @ The View from my World