a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Friday, September 13, 2013

the list works, if you work the list

When we lived in the Temecula area, hubby helped out at the church we were attending at the time with their Celebrate Recovery program, which is similar to Alcoholic's Anonymous, except the higher power talked about at Celebrate Recovery is Jesus.  John Baker and Rick Warren at Saddleback Church actually were the ones that started the program back in 1990.  Its a 12 step program for working through addictions and being sober.  He helped with the worship music before the program began.

The leader there had a saying, "the program works, if you work the program," of course meaning if you did the 12 steps and were consistent in doing so and by the power of Jesus in your life, you would be able to get sober and maintain sobriety from whatever your addiction.

I'm not mocking the program or his statement in any way during the rest of my blog post today, in fact I think it is a wonderful program and has much success in the sobriety of a majority of people.

But I often think of his comment "the program works if you work the program" in various aspects of our lives, especially lately as I age (gasp) and I can no longer keep the weekly shopping list in my head like I used to in my younger years.

Before a few years back, I could remember what I needed for recipes or other things we needed in the house.  Lately though, if it is not written down, even despite the best intention, I will forget it.  Even talking over with hubby that we need this or that, we still both forget it, if it is not written on the list.

One of the stores here has special values if you sign up for them, the Vons Just4U program, which I did sign up for. I have to go in weekly to their specials and put the specials I want on the card and then I print out the list to take when we go shopping.  From that piece of paper, I create the shopping list of other things we need.

We tend to go to three stores in our shopping outings, Sprouts for produce, Wal-Mart since it has the cheaper prices overall on house products, etc., and Vons for their specials.  The stores are located in close proximity to each other so we make a loop. 

I fold my list of paper in fourths, one side I write down the menus for the week.  On another, the list for Sprouts, another side the list for Wal-Mart, and lastly the list for Vons. 

Armed with hubby's pen when we get to each store, we get what we need, mark off the item from the list and move on.  Grocery shopping from start to finish takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hours, that includes driving to the stores, shopping, driving home and unpacking.

If I do forget something from the store, usually out of hubby's mouth will be "was it on the list?" or vice versa if he forgets something I'll say "it wasn't on the list."

We usually go shopping Friday afternoons.  So today this morning, I remembered Koda needed dog cookies, so I wrote it on the list (because if I don't, I won't remember, I've learned).  I ask hubby if he needs anything that he wants me to put on the list.  Wisely, he said "mouthwash".  He's forgotten items in the past because they weren't on the list.

The list works, if you work the list.

Do you need a shopping list when you shop?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have always needed a list when I shop. As soon as something pops into my head I write it down or I would never get what we need. Wish my husband would shop with me. He does however go to Costco with me because the items, because they can be big, get too heavy for me. The good thing is that almost 98% of our shopping is done there. I only run for the smaller things we don't buy there!

Pat Hatt said...

Is that what I have to look forward too, being forgetful of what to get? lol so far so good. No list for me, but then it is just me and the cats, so not overly straining to remember

Linda said...

Lists are wonderful! And my mom's list, it better be very specific cause there are so many variations and brands out there. Reading between the lines, yes, I am getting more forgetful each year :)

LynnMarie said...

Yup! I hav my list on my iphone. It' called AnyList and you can add a lot of stores to the main list and then add your items to each list. It will even save the items as you cross them off so that next week, we call look at all the items and re-select them again so I don't have to write them down again, and again. I love my list and the best part is we can share the list with anyone, like hubby. When he shops, as he crosses off items on his list, they disappear off my list. Love that. My memory is not very good either as you can tell.

Intense Guy said...

I need a list for just about everything (short of what items of clothes to put on in the morning).

My brother says my memory is like a sieve, but it clogs up with useless trivia.

I think he's right. Your plan of attack for groceries sounds pretty nifty!

Sharon said...

Oh yes! Your shopping sounds like what my husband and I do! We have a local market in town, which we go to for *quick* shopping, and because we feel we should support local business. But, about once a month, we do the BIG shopping down the mountain. This also includes branch banking, sometimes Auto Club, and various errands that have to be done "off the hill." We have to take a cooler with us, and buy ice for all the perishables. It's quite an undertaking - about a four-hour adventure!

And...if something gets forgotten off the list...well, grrr!

We have post-its all over our counter in the kitchen. I have to make lists now to remember to pay the bills on time! :-)

And yes, it is necessary to cross things off when bought!

So, I can cross this off for Friday: Visit Betty's Blog. CHECK!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, lists are wonderful and now thanks to an app on my phone I can make my lists right there and I always have my phone near by so I always have the list handy. My only problem is remembering to put things on the list. I don't remember well at all, but making lists is a good thing indeed!

Bijoux said...

I've always needed a list for the minor things (toothpaste, milk, etc) but the major items (new comforter) I keep in my head over a number of months till I find the one I like.

Big Mark 243 said...

I have LOOONNNGG been a believer in 'the program works if you work the program'..! I am glad to see that you are still around and active... I certainly miss the days where folks were blogging regularly... now it seems that all their attention is invested in other platforms... be well..!

Renegades said...

I have found if I don't take a list I forget a lot of what I need and I spend more. I tend to do more impulsive shopping.

Joanne Noragon said...

Hahaha. If I want to remember what I want to talk to the kids about over supper, I bring a list to the table. I don't work the list, I live it.

Shelly said...

I keep telling myself I don't need a list, but the sad truth is, I need a list! It's so good to see you back here in blogland, my friend~

Jeanie said...

I always use a list for shopping (and lots of other things) but I am not nearly as organized about it as you are. Doc and I don't usually shop together, but we do sometimes run into each other at the neighborhood grocery store.

jack69 said...

YES, YES, even if we think of something on the way it must be added to the list, OR WE WILL FORGET! We have 'THE LIST' on the counter and add as we think of something or use the last of something.
I like this entry, and also really like the reminder of working the program. I want to remember it, so I will put in on my personal computer list called 'Log the Good stuff'.
Methinks I am a list nut!!!!


Yes I need a list too. Sounds like you have your shopping routine organized.

UnicycleRose said...

I'm lost without my list ... maybe it is a human sort of thing?

SweetMarie said...

I do need lists and not just for shopping. Most weekdays I have a "to do" list. :)

Hollie said...

I sure do!! OF course, lots of times I make the list out and guess what? I leave "THE LIST" at home!! I guess I need a list to remind me to get "THE LIST!" LOL

Linda :) said...

Phew that is a lot of work... so yeah for you keeping at it... I love my notepad app on my new phone that I can keep the list on and check on and off as needed... We just go to Food Maxx and I go up and down the aisles buying what's on sale and listening to the great oldies music they play from the 70's-80's... lol... if I forget anything then we didn't need it and I get it next week... Have a Blessed Sunday!!! :)

Juli said...

Honey, I need a list to leave the house. Seriously.

I often find myself putting things in the car at 9pm, because that's when I think of something I need to bring somewhere later in the week, or something that needs to be returned. I have post it's on my dash board, the back door, the kitchen counter... right now.

It's the only way anything gets done.

Currently I am 2K miles behind on my oil change. WHy? It's not on a list.

The Brown Recluse said...

I don't usually make a list, and I usually forget things. I often make two and three stops during the work week at the grocery store just so I can fix dinner.

My brother in law is very much involved with Celebrate Recovery. I'm not sure what all he does, but since he is a guitar fanatic, I am sure he helps with the worship, too, but I think he is a group leader, or whatever they are called.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, we do make a shopping list and I try to add items on it as we run out of or low on during the week. It always happens though that there is something that I forgot because it was NOT on the list, so it will be the first thing on the next list.