a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I cannot do a short post for the life of me

Okay, I'm going to try to do a short update with not a lot of words. Bullet points. Think I can do this and keep it short?

Have you gotten any Christmas cards yet in the mail? I was just thinking about this the other day. Does anyone even send cards any more? We haven't gotten any, I'm not expecting a lot. I think maybe I sent five cards last year and got about the same back.

Koda turned eight years old December 1st. Can you believe it?

Son slept walked last night.  He's done it a few times, just not recently that I have seen the evidence of it.  I walked down the hall this morning and saw the front door open. I closed it, thinking maybe he had gone outside to get something from his car and forgot to close the door on his way in.  Then turned the coffee pot on and looked and saw the door to the back yard was open.  Which is really weird because we never leave that door open. We'll leave the front door open in hot weather (all the doors have those security type of bars on them so we live in "Fort Knox" so to speak so we were safe).  Then I looked and saw the sliding glass door to the other side of the back yard was opened a bit. I knew something was up, but then figured it had to be him sleep walking since I had heard him at about 2:30 a.m. and heard him in the kitchen/back part of the house. 

We went downtown to feed the homeless last night again.  We partnered with another group and brought pizzas plus some other snacks. I had gone through all our coats/jackets we didn't use any more and took them with us. Hubby's brother and sister-in-law came with us. I think it was a rewarding experience for all.  Again, it was very humbling.  You can tell that some on the streets are used to getting help from other organizations (and I'm not knocking these organizations) in that they are only allowed perhaps one of this or one of that because when we had all the goodies out on the table and told them to help themselves, so many said "if I get a water, can I also get a juice" (yes, take as much as you want). Or the mom who was with one of her children and said "can I take something for my other children who are over there?" (yes, take as much as you want). Again, everyone was so very polite; they do not take unless you offer and they are almost shy to take more than one or two or something. I have definitely found my new ministry.

I'm off on Christmas!! I'm so excited. With the company I work for, their policy is you can't ask for a holiday off until it is 60 days before it (which makes sense because people could ask for a holiday a year in advance). Then you are supposed to hear if you get the holiday off within 35 days of the holiday. It was way past the deadline and I hadn't heard. I was really thinking I wouldn't get the time off, but yesterday when I clocked in and double checked my leave request, it was granted. I had even made plans around not having it off to get together with family on other days, etc. But I'm off Saturday before Christmas, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Thanks for all the well wishes/prayers for son and his cold. He's all better, as luck would have it, I got sick a few days later but am better except for a cough at times, and hubby is now fighting it. I guess the family who shares germs stays together????

We have a string of lights up outside!! No tree yet and not sure if we are going to put up one; that's for son to do if he wants one. But I do have a bit more Christmas spirit than I have had in previous years. A lot of you know my struggles this time of year, but this year I am pretty excited about it.

Especially the rum cake we'll be making (any one remember that?) We have a new stove coming Monday. Ours quite hasn't worked really well since we moved in here. I think it had to do with the time my MIL had put a bag of chips in the oven and put the oven on (poor lady, she suffered from dementia) and it caused a fire that had to be put out with a fire extinguisher. Anyway, it was always hit and miss to get the oven to work. So we finally took the plunge to get a new stove which is coming Monday. The sacrifices we do to make a holiday tradition (rum cake).

Okay, I didn't do well. This is way too long..........

Kudos to anyone who read it all!!


Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

Congrats on getting your leave approved!

Michelle said...


Shelly said...

Happy birthday to Koda! It's terrific you're getting Christmas off- it will truly be a joyful holiday. I love how you all minister to the homeless. That's a win-win situation.

Sleepwalking sounds scary!

Karen said...

Yes, we get (and send) Christmas cards in our part of the country...I usually end up with around 50 I think!

My son sleepwalks too. And talks. So does my brother.

Never had rum cake...is it like a fruit cake? Or maybe it's the same thing with a different name?

Yeah for the new stove!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How great to have 3 days off for Christmas in a row! Glad you are excited about Christmas. It is one time of the year I think we all need to really celebrate! Hard to believe that Koda is 8 years old already. One of my boys sleep walked when he was younger, but to my knowledge never has since. We'd find him in the kitchen or in the bathroom and just lead him back to bed. Thankfully it didn't last long at all. I caught a cold from my son and grandson, my daughters baby has congestion and so does her husband and my oldest son called to say they'd all been sick too. It is the season, I guess. Like you all I have is a little cough remaining. Hope everyone is well by Christmas.

Bijoux said...

That is scary to me that he opens the doors...does he go outside?? My daughter has to work Xmas eve night this year, so we are trying to figure out how to do the holidays since she will then have to sleep on Xmas day. So glad you got the time off!

What a wonderful thing to do, feeding and clothing those in need. I bought some gifts for the giving tree at church, but I'd like to do some hands on things as well.

BelovedBomber said...

I have been trying to decide whether or not to spend the money on doing cards this year. I usually do ones with updated pics, but it seems that the tradition is diminishing. Your new ministry sounds wonderful too! Excited for you! Many blessings! Shana

Secret Agent Woman said...

That's great that you got the days off you wanted.

After saying I didn't think you should starve a cold OR a fever, I decided I ought to check that out. The medical consensus is that I'm right - that bit of folklore isn't very helpful and people should eat when sick if they have an appetite. Here are two reputable sources:

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

How nice that you're going to have a nice break at Christmas.

Glad that you and your son are over your colds ... praying that your hubby is over it soon (and someone else we know - ha!).

So glad that you've found a new ministry ... what a blessing to find your niche.

Joanne Noragon said...

It's a newsey Christmas letter and no stamps or envelopes to deal with. Have a great Holiday Season. And healthy.

The Brown Recluse said...

I get kudos!! Wow, I can't believe Koda is 8. good grief! Where does the time go??

My Christmas cards will probably not get sent this year. I only do about every 3 or 4 years.

Sleep walking? That must be freaky. Keep him away from the spaghetti! lol

I love your excitement about helping the homeless. I know you will be blessed. And YAY for having Christmas off! Me, too!!!

LynnMarie said...

Nicely done today! Yes I give and receive Christmas cards and have already have received a few. I love sending cards...
My son walked in his sleep and even though he is almost 40 (birthday is this month) if he is stress at work or overtired, he will still walk in his sleep. Our oldest grandson has started doing it as well. So my DIL has the fun of dealing with this.
Glad you are enjoying the season this year. I hope the new stove works well for you.

Jeanie said...

I love hearing about your work with the homeless and I can tell it is very satisfying to you. My experience is that people are always very grateful for the kind of help you are giving.
Enjoy your new stove and happy birthday to Koda.

Dana said...

Glad your son is better and that you have Christmas off. Your work with the homeless inspires me.

Happy birthday to Koda! :)

jack69 said...

Shucks what a great entry. We are so proud of you guys and the homeless venture and assistance. You make it sound so simple and I know it is a lot of work. God Bless you guys especially at this time of the year.

I know there are folks who have chosen the homeless way of life, but some are forced, what a blessing.
Good read, thanks for a positive entry. Love it.

Thou art and 'encourager'.

Deals On Wheels said...

Completely understand word count issues. The joke at work is that there must be something wrong with me if an email I send is under 500 words.


The holiday/new years card tradition is alive and well - at least down here in Texas. I am actually feeling very guilty because I haven't gotten around to putting mine together yet.

Glad your son is feeling better and you too! :)

Jacked Up Glock Mom said...

I actually do still send cards. However I have not yet filled them out or mailed them. I have peeps in England I need to get them off to though.

I get my Christmas spirit through giving to others, and also seeing it through the eyes of my children- they are super duper excited this year..and it makes me energized...

Linda B. said...

*Wonderful not so short update!
*Cards just need to be signed.
*Happy 8th BD Koda!!!!!!!!
*Glad you live in Fort Knox & son if fine.
*God bless your generosity!
*Happy about the Christmas time off and more excitement this year.
*A new wife's tale, always thought it was prays together, stays together (: Be well all of you!
*Enjoy the rum cake and uneventful baking experiences.
*Kudos to you!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes I have received two Christmas cards so far. I love mailing out cards and send out about 60 each year. My dad at 89 still mails out around 100. That sleep walking is very strange. Does he remember it at all? How nice of you to go and help out to feed the homeless. ((HUGS)) So happy to hear you will be off for Christmas!
Take care, Debby

Tami said...

Bless you for your service to the homeless. What an awesome thing to do!

As for Christmas - no cards, no outdoor lights. I haven't sent a card for years, and receive very few. It's a lots art, I believe.

Betty WSch. said...

I'm so happy for you, that you get Christmas off! You must plan something special for those days.

I agree with you, that sending cards is getting less and less. Last year I got about 15, but it was much less than other years. I myself am sending less too.

Happy Birthday to Koda!!

Chatty Crone said...

I get kudos. Well you don't write every day so you are entitled to longer ones. I love hearing about you.

Congrats on Christmas off. Happy birthday to Koda. I have heard of sleep walking, but have never known anyone to do it.

I think feeling the homeless is a wonderful thing to do.

When we went to Ohio Will was sick. ANdy got it - gave it to Kelly - who gave it to Rick - I am waiting!!!

I don't send cards because it is so costly.

We don't have our tree up either - Kelly is going to do that.

And lastly - my stove is going too - what kind did you get?


Robyn :) said...

Glad you got Christmas off!!

I haven't cecked the mail in a few days but prior to that no cards yet. Of course, we moved so they may be slow in forwarding.

I used to sleepwalk when I was a kid, but just through the house. though i did try to go check on our cats once that slept in the garage.

Renegades said...

We have the tree up and some light up figures in the yard but no outside lights yet............

Seriously Though said...

the homeless ministry sounds very rewarding. If it werent for groups like yours so many would go hungry and thirsty

Jimmy said...

Congrats on getting your Christmas leave, a new stove, and rum cake to boot :)

I applaud you for helping the homeless the way you do, I so wish more people would do this, my experience has been that these people are polite for the most part and somewhat embarrassed to take things for fear of being criticized, people forget that these homeless folks are people too, each one is part of a family and they all have a history if we would just take time to hear from them.

Now look who is about to type too many words, OK I'll stop now :)

Sharon said...

Betty, your posts are always so wonderful - I just picture myself sitting across from a table from you, having a good ol' chat.

No Christmas cards yet - but planning to do that soon.

No, can't believe that Koda is 8!

I think what you're doing with the homeless is wonderful. I have found that those who have less in life often seem to be the most grateful for the smallest things. Giving blesses both the recipient and the giver, huh?

Good news on your time off for Christmas.

And no, your post wasn't too long - though this comment just might be!! LOL...


Marianne said...

Here's hoping you're getting all the germs out of your system for the holidays! And tell me more of this rum cake of which you speak....

Lynn Proctor said...

awww this wasn't too long at all--i love hearing all about you and your family---i gotta try a rum cake--haven't had it in years---i am so glad all are feeling better now and that you are full of the Christmas spirit! what a wonderful ministry you have--God bless ya betty <3

Linda :) said...

Christmas cards are still sitting here in boxes next to me, goal to get them in the mail by Tuesday the latest... I've received four so far...
Happy Birthday Koda!!!
Scary son sleep walking and leaving all the doors open...
I am loving your new found ministry... I so need to clean out this house, especially the boy's toys... even with hubby not working, we are so overly blessed with all we have...
Woo Hoo!!! you are off on Christmas and other days too... I am off Christmas and the day after...
Enjoy your rum cake and your new stove... :)

Aneta said...

Thanks for the newsy update! So great that you have found your ministry! As for Christmas cards, I am not planning to send any, although we did get family photos taken (informal--our son took them) so I could get Costco cards and send them out. I'm thinking maybe emailing Christmas greetings this year. Sometimes I wait till the New Year before doing that. Makes it less hectic before Christmas. We have received 2 Christmas cards so far. Not expecting a lot this year, either. Every year, there are less. Yay for getting Christmas Day off! :)

Tamera Brose said...

Good post and how could you have left anything out? It wasn't too long at all.

Blondee said...

I mailed out 39 cards this morning. :)

Happy Birthday to Koda!

Scary that he sleepwalks, we used to deal with that with the girly until her neurologist reset her sleep pattern.

JosephAlsarraf said...


Koda is 8!!! How's he doing? Happy birthday to him!

Y'all need to make sure y'alls doors are locked before y'all go to bed.

That's sad.... Glad y'all are helping them out!

Yay! I know how you feel! Work, work, work, everyday work; no rest. Will be getting off after Christmas and maybe a vacation!

Sorry about sons cold....

Ya i'm usually the one who has to remind the family to get the tree during Christmas. The one Christmas that we didn't have a tree was when I got sick wasn't able to go get one.

Yum rum cake! : )

nancygrayce said...

I wouldn't out a tree up on the years we don't have grandchildren here, but my sweet husband insists!

I think sleep walking would be scary! My oldest did that for a little period of time when he was young, then stopped.

Glad the cold is better and that you got the days off!!

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for these updates, Betty, and “congrats” on your being off on Christmas!

First and foremost, I’m hoping you and your hubby are feeling better very soon!

I was touched by your mention of the homeless’ manners and expressed gratitude. Whose to say if they (or you) felt more blessed?

We’ve not put up our tree as yet, either ... in fact, I’m having some challenges getting into the merriment of the season. All the same, my ears picked up at the mention of your rum cake! ... I used to LOVE making that for family and friends; and once actually got in trouble at work when its “aroma” began to waft throughout the entire office building!

PS – Happy belated birthday to sweet Koda!

Hollie said...

Sleep walking sounds scary! Glad he's feeling better! I know you do love helping the homeless. It could be anyone of us out there on those streets! Bless you all!!

I'm so glad you are getting the Christmas holidays!!

Brenda Youngerman said...

love the idea of feeding pizza to the homeless...they probably don't get much of that....
hope all is well and you are going to have a wonderful christmas!

Living Life said...

This was a nice update Betty. I always enjoy reading your posts! It's funny you mention the Christmas card thing. My gal friend just took a poll on Facebook on whether or not to send them. I always enjoy getting the cards in the mail and so I continue to send them out, especially to family and/or friends who I won't get to see around the holidays.

Take care and enjoy this holiday season. BTW, Happy Birthday to Koda!