a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Monday, November 12, 2012

call me paranoid

I had another post written about some changes I am potentially seeing at work and was ready to post it, then I went back and read it and started to feel a bit worried. Would my employer find my post? Do they even know I have a blog? Do they even care I have a blog? After all, I work for a huge national company and I'm just a name and a number (employee number), they don't even know what I look like.

I went into my Facebook account and made sure the name of my employer was no longer listed as my place of employment. It wasn't. I don't remember removing it, but I must have when I was doing some FB cleaning up a few weeks ago. And my account setting is set up that no one can see my profile and activity unless you are my friend on FB.

I'm a bit reluctant to post that post I wrote about work just in case I am found out and the repercussions that might result of my writing.  It didn't include any patient info, I would never do that because I know the violations that would cause with HIPAA laws and I know and understand about patient privacy.

Let me just say that the job that I thought was pretty secure a few months ago, especially with the amount of time we spent in overtime work, may not be as secure as I thought. Let me just say there have been lots of interesting changes that have happened since the first part of October with people being let go, work slowing down, etc., etc., etc.

Let me just say that I think, but can't confirm and won't say where I might have heard the information I'm about to share, but there's a possibility the things I'm seeing is because work is being outsourced to overseas.  Oh I know in this particular industry it has been happening for years, in fact it happened on an account I was on a few years back when I briefly left the company because I was afraid I was going to be laid off since working was drying up. 

What I do know is when jobs go overseas, particularly in this particular industry that I am involved in, usually quality goes down. I know by fact that a particular healthcare setting had work outsourced overseas and were very unhappy with the quality of work and ended up having to redo reports to make them right because they weren't done correctly the first time.

Its a complex business I do. I'm not patting myself on the back but it takes a lot of knowledge to do what we do; terminology, medication names and doses, etc., etc., etc. It takes training and quality training.  Heck, I've been doing this for over 30 years and I still stumble across a word I haven't heard and I need to verify it to make sure it is correct in the context of the report and spelled correctly.

Quality suffers when work goes overseas. Its cheaper to do so and that's why companies choose to send their work overseas.

I'm not sure what is going to happen with my job. No one has indicated lay offs, cuts, etc. But it has me a bit concerned in work that once was so plentiful is now trickling in. 

I trust God will provide for us.  I get a little panicky in that right now I'm the main provider in the family and I'm the one who carries the health insurance benefits for hubby and me and at our age of in the mid to late 50s, health care is a necessity (its a necessity for anyone, but definitely we are ticking time bombs the older we get with potential health related problems).

I've said this before and I'll probably say it a lot more in the days ahead.

We need to keep our jobs here in America.  We've got to stop sending our jobs overseas, especially when we have quality people here that can do the work.

All I can say is I hope our recently reelected to a second term president can do something to create jobs and keep jobs in America and not have them outsourced to other countries.  I know I'm not in the only industry that this has happened to and others have lost jobs due to outsourcing.

All I can say is (and I'll close with this) God help us all in the days ahead and give wisdom to our leaders and mercy to our nation.

(sorry if this is so vague, but I do worry and wonder who reads these words of ours and I am a bit concerned, or call it paranoid, that if I give too many details about this, there may be some repercussions if found out......)


Michelle said...

God does not want us to worry. He will take care of us, just as he does the sparrows. When a door is closed, He opens a window. The key is, He will take care of those who believe and those who love Him. Please do not worry about 'what ifs'. Live today for today and deal with life as it comes, not what 'might come'. Trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not on our own understanding.

Shelly said...

I feel the saying, "You get what you pay for" is so true. I wish companies would remember that.

I do hope it all works out with your job. All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes~

Bijoux said...

I too am careful about what I put out there on the Internet. I think it's being wise, not paranoid. My daughter is a nurse in a large hospital and three nurses were fired for Hippa violations recently. All they did was look up records on the floor computer of former patients who were moved to another floor. And they are union, too, which made the firing even more shocking.

I don't know when America became more focused on saving a buck over quality. It is ridiculous.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Like you, I'm very careful about what I put on my blog or Facebook, especially if it involves someone else. And in your case, I think you're being very wise.

Praying that what you've been hearing will not come to pass ... that you will continue to have productive work (and access to health insurance). And just as importantly, I'm praying that you will have peace.

jack69 said...

Most folk say I am not paranoid enough. And it has cost me a couple times.
Now to your situation and this post. You are absolutely right about out sourcing and we do need to STOP it.

It is good to want to assist other countries on their way up, but to tear yourself down in the process is WRONG.
Love ya and hope life always treats you with some sweet chocolate as you travel on.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember a time when the company one of my sons worked for sent jobs overseas and they did find the quality lacking and moved them back to the US. It's a shame that the lure of paying people less is such a great incentive to move jobs overseas. Budget cuts everywhere are what lay behind it all. I'm of the belief that it is quality not quantity that counts. You and your job will be in my prayers. We complain about our work sometimes, but we can't do without it. At this point in my life I'm glad to be retired.

Jeanie said...

I am so sorry you are going through this uncertainty. There seems to be few businesses these days that are immune to outsourcing. I will pray for a positive outcome for you and that you can put the worry aside in the meantime.

SweetMarie said...

I hope it all works out for you, Betty. On Wednesday I heard Boeing laid off 6,000+ employees and my cousin in VA lost her job and she had been with the company a few years.
Hugs and Blessings.

Ruth said...

I don't know if there is such a thing as job security these days. My husband and I know that he could very well go to work one night and come right back home. He is one of the better workers, but that doesn't seem to matter where he is at. He doesn't list where he works on facebook and has his settings are pretty secure. He also is out of the search so no one at work can search and find him.
Hard work and honesty used to mean something. Now, it doesn't seem to get you very far. :(

Lynn Proctor said...

i hope things will not go the way you fear betty! i too for many reasons, re-think a lot of what i put out there although my kids think i don't think about it at all :)

Sue H said...

Over here, in the UK, it is much the same! Years ago we were a country of industry, with a good record in manufacturing, for instance.

Now, foreign competitors have overtaken us and pulled the manufacturing rug out from under us. What the despicable EU dictates on our working practices means that many people cannot even get jobs - (you can't get a job without 'experience, but you can't get experience without a job...!)and so many restrictions are imposed on us from the governing bodies of the EU parliament - we feel like 2nd class citizens in our own country.

And yet - we trust God to provide; sometimes it's like the story of the "widow's cruze" in the Bible - where there was always just enough oil left for each new day.

God knows our needs (which are different from our 'wants'!) and He comes to the rescue according to His timing, not ours!

I hope things are resolved for you very soon and that you will have peace in your day to day dealings. God is good. God is always good!

Linda B. said...

Please accept a pat on the back from me!

It would be sad IF another company went to outsourcing overseas. This country would be in an uproar if our workers got the low wages and long hours and dormitory living that prevails in some of these countries!

Heard in the news that some companies have been asking for password to employees' Facebook...

Keep on walking humbly with our Lord.

Linda :) said...

I do a lot of back spacing too when writing posts so as 'not to offend'... I think though that the ones who get in trouble for writing things are using work computers and that is how they are found out... These are crazy times that God is not concerned about, so trivial to him in the bigger scheme of things... He wants us to enjoy every day and not worry as he has a plan for all of us... I've been watching Joyce Meyer, lol... Have a wonderful day!

Big Mark 243 said...

You post is not vague... many of us who have been in situations like yours understand. My previous "professional" work was directly tied to the Auto Industry and when they three automakers stumbled at the beginning of the last decade, I remember the reverberations.

The transfer of good jobs out of this country is almost criminal, especially with the kind of work you do. It is nuanced and people really need to have the ability to understand and PERCEIVE what is being said and done.

Keep the faith. I will have you in my thoughts...

p.s.-send me your address so I can mail you a X-Mas card!

Bobbi and Gracie said...

I got it. Your message is loud and clear. I was so hoping and praying for a change in the right direction. I had a good 'feel' about Governor Romney and I can't begin to tell you how sad I am that he is not going to have a chance to turn this country around.

With you being in the medical profession, I must say this is SCARY! It's one thing to ship our production jobs and customer service jobs overseas... (still not right) but medical services as well?

There is so much I would like to say, but I better keep quiet. I think you know how I feel..


Jocelyn said...

I agree soo completely! But for some people, they desire quantity over quality - not thinking about the repercussions of their actions.

Tamera Brose said...

I don't think you are paranoid at all. The internet has a wide net and all it takes is one person seeing one thing and away it goes. That's partly why I stopped posting my own blog. As far as outsourcing goes, I hate it when customer service gets outsourced. I really like to be able to understand the person I'm talking to on the phone. I can imagine the problems it can cause in your line of work when the person doing the paperwork has no understanding of the language etc. It's a bad idea and wrong in so many ways.

The Brown Recluse said...

I think you are right about the quality suffering when medical records are sent abroad. Can't help but think there's some sort of breach in confidentiality, too.

You just never know who's lurking online watching our moves...it creeps me out thinking about Google and all the information they demand in order to use their new version. You are wise to be cautious.

It's scary times we live in...I'm so glad I know the Lord.

Secret Agent Woman said...

The outsourcing problem has been going on for many, many years and I agree completely that it needs to stop. I think companies that send jobs overseas should not be allowed to identify themselves as American companies and should receive no tax breaks of any sort, and pay penalties on non-U.S. work. That might change their thinking on it.

Mevely317 said...

Wow, Betty. I can SO empathize with your first paragraphs ... seriously, I've experienced the same fears and
"what-ifs" about my workplace. No-one there knows I have a blog (I hope!!!), yet I've gone back and deleted some posts, only for fear of reprisal.
Other days? I've even considered starting a second (PRIVATE) blog in which to download my frustrations and/or fears.

BTW, I wholeheartedly agree about the mess that's being created by outsourcing jobs!

Living Life said...

I totally understand your position, but it is good for you to vent a little. I agree that America needs to stop outsourcing work! There are so many people here in this country that need jobs! It just seems so unfair. I pray that your company does NOT make the choice to outsource. Keep your faith and trust in GOD. He will provide.

Marianne said...

I am saying a prayer for your job & your family now. All of the uncertainty in corporate America is just sucking the life out of people. It's a real epidemic, and I pray things turn around as soon as possible.

Chatty Crone said...

Some times you have to take a little risk and vent once in awhile and let people know what you are up too. I am glad your shared, but not glad that this may be a problem for you. Wile not much surprises me this does. How in the world are people who don't speak English going to type up what doctors say?
I hope for you that you get to keep your job.
Hugs. sandie

Rita said...

Oh, I hope and pray your job is safe, dear one!

Jimmy said...

I don't blame you for being vague, it's not paranoid it's just being smart and you did make your point.

I agree with you 100% we are a country that imports a whole lot more than we export and have shot ourselves in the foot by doing so.

One example is nearly all of our textile mills have closed due to clothing being made overseas rather than here, they claim that the clothing is cheaper for Americans to buy this way.

Say you go out and are able to buy a t-shirt for five dollars that was made overseas, and the same shirt manufactured here costs ten bucks.

I'd rather pay ten bucks and have a job rather than not be able to buy the five dollar shirt because I am out of work.

Stew said...

Anytime I post something, I have to be so careful of wording and never give too many details. While I try to convey a story, I can't give the full story. It's risky to even tell what State I am in, yet I do. My business depends on me being vague. Sometimes situations can be high profile so nothing can be said at all.

Confidently complete you duties and leave the worrying to God. If things change, it only means that he has something better in store for you.

Aneta said...

Life can be so stressful sometimes. So sorry for your worries and concerns. As far as putting too much info out there on the 'net, I agree with you, it's best to err on the side of caution. You did a great job of explaining your situation without giving out details.

mare ball said...

I understand your job concerns. I, too, wish American jobs would not be outsourced. It's so easy to worry about what's coming, what's going to happen...but God is not surprised by anything. He's always in control, and His will prevails. I'm praying you have peace of mind about this. God is trustworthy, no matter what.

Tami said...

I get that overseas is cheaper for business. But since when does a company care about cheaper if their products are inferior or the quality (to put it bluntly) sucks!
I'd rather pay more to have something made in my own country - and made RIGHT!
Healthcare that is shipped overseas, quite frankly, scares me!

Dana said...

I'm really careful about what I post as well. My husband calls me paranoid, but so be it. :)

I hope things work out for you. *hugs*

Juli said...

I read somewhere that if we spent just 42 of our Christmas spending on things made in the USA, it would create 200,000 new jobs HERE.

Crazy that with all the talk of the economy, no one seems to see this.

Even crazier that these big "job creating" companies that NEED the tax breaks can spend BILLIONS of dollars on campaign spending, but can't create one single job with that money. Could it be that they are the ones sending the jobs overseas?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Of course we have an unbelievable amount of unemployed people because of this very reason. I am so tired of everything being sent overseas. Hope your job stays here!

Azara said...

This is a major reason why my blog is now completely anonymous and has no pictures where you can see my or family members' faces (except one pic of my 8-week-old baby). I would never refer to my employer by name or identifiable details either. I often blog about very personal things that I don't want everyone in my daily life to know about. You're not being paranoid at all.

Patrick said...

Interesting as always! Now having been a patient in pursuit of my copies of records of my scans, hosptializations, and surgeries for the past year I have had increasing conversations about the time it takes to get a report. You can guess that eventually that is blamed on the 'transcriptionists'.

I even remarked back in the Spring something to the effect what are you doing outsourcing transcription to India? ... Actually my remark brought a call from higher ups who explained no it was not about outsourcing but the problem was in increasing failures with firms managing home transcriptionists which as you well know had been the mainstay of transcription, more and more hospitals and medical facilities were reverting back to in-house transcription.

Or at least that is what I was told.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick