a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Monday, September 17, 2012

the corgi, yes that corgi

I dare to say that Koda is pretty well known in the blogger world. After all up to this year, he was my blogging buddy and my blogs had names that always included something to do with corgi in them.

I also dare to say he is too cute and too darn smart, but you guys all know that; you've been reading about him, some of you for several years, and I think he has a special place in a lot of your hearts (ours too).

A lot of you know of his battle with lymphoma last year and by the grace of God he is in remission still a year later. You know of his diagnosis of diabetes and the struggles we had with giving him his shots when he was first diagnosed.

We almost lost him last month. It was hit and miss whether he would recover for a few hours.

His diabetes went out of control. Not sure how that happened. Actually in retrospect I think it was a gradual thing but we didn't catch it. He was drinking lots of water but we thought it had to do because it was so hot at the time, but in reality I think his blood sugars were starting to climb.

It all culminated with him starting with his stomach problems. A lot of you know of his sensitive stomach issues and he was experiencing symptoms of that. We were going to start him on his bland diet the very next day but then he did something that totally indicated to us something seriously was wrong with him.

He didn't want to eat. He's a corgi. They live for food. He wouldn't even look at his food.

We knew something was seriously wrong with him. The very next day hubby got him into the vet who diagnosed him with ketoacidosis (basically diabetes out of control). His blood sugar was over 400. He had been throwing up and lethargic and not totally himself.

We had to begin treatment immediately; give him insulin, IV fluids. It had to be managed at the vet's office, not at home. He spent the weekend there under their care. It was an anxious night Saturday into Sunday, waiting for the update of how he did.

By the grace of God, he did just fine. He was able to come home Monday, totally different corgi than had gone there two days earlier. We had to fine tune his insulin a bit and he's doing just fine now. Totally different dog, fully of energy, spunk and silliness.

So everything is fine, life is back to normal. Then September 1 we are walking him down at the boat ramp where we like to walk him.

You guys all know how he doesn't like other dogs and how we avoid them if at all possible.

We pass a lady walking her dog. Koda snarls at him, he snarls at Koda. We think we are out of the woods because we pass by, only in a flash of minute, a twinkle of the eye, the dog is suddenly attacking Koda!

It had gotten away from its owner, still on leash, and was trying to bite Koda!

The lady walking him is trying to get him back, hubby, who always carries a stick, is trying to get between the dog and Koda and trying to protect Koda. The dog is going for Koda's throat. It was like time stood still but really the whole thing only took less than 30 seconds. The dog bit hubby when hubby put himself between Koda and the dog, but hubby didn't think it broke the skin since he was wearing jeans.

Hubby finally wacked the dog on the nose and he stopped attacking Koda. The lady fell in the process of trying to get her dog off Koda, but she was able to get him after he got wacked (hubby didn't want to wack him but nothing else was working). She was very concerned that Koda was okay. Hubby checked him over and thankfully Koda had no injuries.

We parted ways and walked back to the car, grateful Koda was okay. Along the way everyone who witnessed the encounter asked if Koda was okay.

When we got home, hubby realized the bite had broken his skin and he was bleeding. He did a good wound clean up and his tetanus shot was up to date. We watched it for a few days and it healed just fine.

We learned a moral of the story from there. Any attack like this, we'll get dog info. We are putting a pad of paper and pen into the bag we carry with supplies to pick up Koda's business so that we can have it available in case it happens again.

This is the third time Koda's been attacked by other dogs. Thankfully he has never been hurt.

First bite for hubby.

All are fine as of this day.

August and the beginning of September were hard times for a corgi!

But I leave you with two cute stories. Whenever we put Koda in his crate before we go somewhere, we give him a treat. The day before he got really sick with his diabetes out of control, we had put him in his crate and given him his usual cookie. I didn't realize it at the time, but he hadn't eaten that cookie. I realized afterwards when he was at the vet's and I looked over at his crate that the cookie was still there. I just threw it away.

When Koda came back from the vet's, a few days later he went into his crate and started looking and sniffing around, looking for that cookie. As someone said, a corgi never forgets a food source. It was so funny him looking for it!

So what did we do? When he was gone one time walking with hubby, I put a cookie in there for him to find. He did find it!

He still goes looking in his crate for cookies. We randomly put them in there for him to find. It really is too cute as he looks for them.

And then today hubby and me decided to bring food in for dinner. Its been a crazy couple days with this and that and we figured we would just treat ourselves rather than cook tonight so we decided to order something from Chili's. We went to pick it up and as we are turning into the parking lot, Koda gets all excited and then I realize, Chili's is in the same shopping center where Pet Smart is. And Koda knows all the Pet Smarts and Pet Co's. He was all excited, thinking we were going there. Imagine his surprise when we turned right instead of left to go to Pet Smart. So we pick up our food and he's still excited, thinking he is getting to go into Pet Smart. So what do you think we did? Did we take him?

(He is just too darn cute. I am so thankful though, Lord, that you protected him and healed him during these two events).

(thanks for all the welcome backs :)

This is what happens when he moves right when the picture is being taken.

and yes we did........(take him in Pet Smart :)


forever folding laundry said...

Oh, man!
What a bad couple of months.
I'm glad all is well now
and that he's back to normal.
My parents' dog was attached by a pit bull
last year (he's fine now) and it was so awful.
I'm glad Koda and your husband are okay.

You all deserve a nice, quiet fall.
And I'm glad you're back.


JosephAlsarraf said...

Cool, first customer! Really sorry to hear about what's been going on with Koda! He looks healthy in that picture! I'm glad that no one got injured in that dog fight. LOL! Poor Koda! : )

Funny in My Mind said...

thank you so much for the inspirational email! I am so thankful that our sweet boy is okay!
funny story: yesterday at work, it was crazy! rain and lots going on in town so Randy came up to do my banking for me and say hi and on his way to his car, he looks over at the car next to his on our lot and there is a Corgi sleeping on his back (Molly sleeps like that) on the front seat of the car. He had to call me even though I was swamped to tell me that.

Shelly said...

Wow! So glad he made it through his narrow escapes. The Lord is truly with him. Glad your husband is doing well, too, with the dog bite. That must have been scary.

Too cute about Koda knowing Petsmart was there and looking for that not forgotten treat in his crate!

Michelle said...

What an ordeal you went through. I am so glad it all worked out. Take care!

BelovedBomber said...

I am glad that everything ended up okay with Koda. It is nice to have you back in the blog world :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a roller coaster ride you had there in August and the beginning of Sept. Your Koda makes life at your house exciting for sure. I'm thankful all ended well though and everything is ok.

Parsley said...

Glad you and Koda are back.

My heart about jumped out of my chest with the dog attack story. Scary!

You know we lost our Rosie who also struggled with Diabetes and Cancer. Well, I tested her with a meter often and her levels could suddenly go high. No reason we knew of because nothing was changing. I'm just glad you got his under control again.

Hard road we travel with out sick fur babies. Worth every moment and dollar.

Dana said...

What horrible ordeals! I'm so glad Koda is okay now and healthy. And you're right: he is the cutest. :)

LynnMarie said...

WOW how awful for you all about getting attacked by another dog. Along with a note pad and pen for dog info, if you have a cell phone that takes pictured, take phots of the dogs and any injuries you may have, any of you, dogs and people. A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, you should take baby to Petco!!! And I'm sure you did.

Jeanie said...

I'm not at all surprised you took him to PetSmart, but you know I probably would have done the same thing.
I'm so glad the diabetes scare and the dog attack both ended well, but what scary things to go through. I hope there is nothing but lots of cookies and walks coming up for Koda.

Intense Guy said...

I just KNEW it!!! LOL! You took him to PetSmart. And who could blame you? I mean - gee... it's the worlds cutest Corgi telling you you hafta go there!

I'm so glad Koda and Hubby are both okay! I wonder why all the nastiness other dogs have for Koda? Is he saying something like "Hee hee I'm a Corgi and you most definitely are NOT!" or something when he is out walking?

Tamera Brose said...

Yeah, you're back. Our dog has diabetes too. We almost lost here several years ago, before we knew what was going on. She did the same thing your little Koda did and started throwing up etc. By the time we got her to the vets it was almost too late. She pulled through and with shots twice a day and regular vet visits to check her blood sugar she's okay. She did develop cataracts and then glaucoma, and now she's blind, but she gets around just fine. I'm glad Koda pulled through for you also. I knew before you said it, that you would go to Pet Smart. How could you not? How could anyone say that dogs and other animals don't have intelligence? They know and understand plenty.

jack69 said...

Koda has you guys completely spoiled. HA!
So glad to hear all is well after the attack. It is amazing how some folk we see think all the rules are for someone else's dog, not mine. I have seen many owners let the pet run with the leash attached, "To let them feel a little freedom". That is nice in the right place.

Love ya, great entry, glad Koda has found himself!!!! (with your help)

Pamela said...

I had a suspicion you took your sweetie to Pet Smart! So thankful he is doing fine now. He's fortunate to have such caring and loving dog lovers to care for him.

Linda B. said...

I'd be shocked if you didn't make the dinner detour! Welcome back for both- Koda's health and your blogging! Glad the mandatory OT is history.

Such a pretty setting, stone wall and bridge, for such a distinguished Corgi.

Lynn Proctor said...

as a fellow diabetic i sympathize greatly with corgi--so happy he is doing better :)

Seriously Though said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. After this post, even though you had some trauma and illness with Koda, I want to get a dog. I'm so happy he is better. I did pray for Koda to get well.

The Brown Recluse said...

Haha! Of course you took him!! He is one smart dog! I'm so glad he's better, now.

That diabetes is trouble because it's not easy for us to check their sugar levels. I know the vet told you, but anytime there's a change in his behavior...sluggish, thirsty, no appetite, or any combination of the three...have his sugar checked as soon as possible. And keep Karo syrup on hand always! I think I told you about all that...email me if you need a refresher course! lol

SweetMarie said...

I'm so happy that Koda is fine!!! I would be freaking out!
We're still having trouble with our Rambo and his skin.
Have a great week!

Godsgalnj said...

I thought I had left a comment... but Koda is soo cute! Glad he's okay :)

Chatty Crone said...

I am so thankful old Koda was okay. I have been following you for a long time and I knew all those things about Koda!

And the fact that he looked for that cookie afterwards - that was soooooooo funny!

And I hope Jim is okay from that bite!

Empty Nester said...

Oh gosh! I'm so glad everything turned out well! I can't imagine what y'all have been through with a sick pup. I can't even think about what I'd do if Tucker was sick. And that dog attack?! Tucker was attacked once by a dog while we were out walking. That dog attacked every dog he passed and the owner refused to leash it. Animal control finally caught up with her one day and she says, about the dog, "He doesn't like to be on the leash." Good grief.

Robyn :) said...

So glad Koda and the hubby are okay!!

I would have taken him into PetSmart, too!! LOL

Renegades said...

So glad to hear Koda and your hubby are both fine.

It's so nice to see you posting again.

Rob-bear said...

Glad Koda is doing better, but not thrilled about the story of the other dog who went after Koda and bit your husband.

ON a tangent, did you hear that one of Queen Elizabeth's corgis died recently? All very sad. She still has two.

Living Life said...

First of all, I'm glad you finally have a break from the mandatory OT! Whew!

Secondly, I'm in shock over what has been up with Koda! There never seems to be a dull moment in that little guy's life. I'm so glad that he is on the mend again!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Betty, I'm not here very often, but so glad I dropped by this morning. Read up on the latest about Koda. Oh he's just so cute, and am happy that things are going fine for all of you. Scary thing about that dog attack, and it was a good thing Koda didn't get bitten, and also that the wound on your hubby's leg has healed completely. Love all these Koda stories because I too have two adorable dogs - a dachshund Patches), and a Basset hound/dachshund mix breed (Samantha). Have a wonderful day ahead of you!


Mevely317 said...

OMG, what a scare! I like to think I'm a calm-collected sort, but let anything happen to my fur-baby and all that goes out the window.
Caraleigh joins me in wishing sweet Koda a complete recovery!

Janice's footsteps said...

so glad Koda has come thru it all and is still blogging along with us all ( especially you Betty) You both have been missed take care of each other prayers and love sent over there for you all!!

mare ball said...

Whoa, what a scare. So glad Koda is OK. He's had a rough summer.

Deanna said...

Welcome back Betty. What an update! Poor Koda... and poor you guys with all of the worry. So glad to hear he is doing good now. It's no wonder Koda doesn't like other dogs, considering they keep attackiing him! Glad your hubby's wound wasn't worse than it was. Whew!

Marianne said...

Gosh - that is scary for Koda, you and your poor husband. I wonder if all the other dogs are jealous of how cute he is? By the way, I was sitting on the beach this past weekend for my sister-in-law's bachlorette weekend and saw a Corgi running by. I dazzled everyone with my easy identification of the breed (and I don't even know if "breed" is the right word because I know NOTHING about dogs). Thanks for making me look smart!

Hollie said...

When I got to the part about Koda getting so sick all my eyes focused on was.... WE almost LOST HIM LAST MONTH! I completely overlooked ALMOST!! The tears had already started to roll when I reread and got the almost!! Then I started Thanking God for saving that precious Corgi!!

What a scary couple of months!! So glad yall took him to Pet Smart!!

Tami said...

We lost one of our dogs to diabetes a year ago. They truly become members of the family and it's awful to deal with their passing. So glad Koda made it through all his trials and is getting along well.

Keep sharing his funny stories.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, I can't believe what your poor baby has been through. So thankful for God's protection over him. They definitely are the precious loves of our lives!
I knew you took him, how could you possibly resist his cuteness.

Bobbi said...

Wow! What an ordeal!! This is a fear of mine when I walk Gracie because she brings out the worse in other dogs. I think it may be something she's said to them in the past.. LOL. Poor Koda. Poor Hubby!! Great lesson learned.
Koda is a sweetheart!!

Rita said...

OMG!! I am so glad that Koda is okay after both close calls! And kudos to the hubby for stepping in and saving Koda!! That's just too much excitement for one month. I think Koda deserved a trip to Pet Smart, too. ;)

Martha said...

Thank God Koda made it through this episode of his diabetes ok!