a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Monday, July 2, 2012

okay, I got nothing

I was lying on the couch trying to take my usual Sunday afternoon nap. I wasn't as tired as I normally am on a Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure if it was because I was sleeping better or if it was because son has been out of town for a few days and I didn't lose any sleep wondering why he wasn't home at 3 o'clock in the morning. But as I laid on the couch, I was trying to think of a blog post. Nothing came to mind. I tried to put this together or that together, but it was going NOWHERE.

I think I might have drifted off for a bit, at least Koda didn't woof at me and wake me up like last week.

Everyone I know is going on vacation in the next couple weeks. Makes me want to go on vacation, kind of. I do like seeing new things, but there are a few things limiting us going. Money mainly, but then there is Koda. We sort of don't want to board him considering his need for two shots of insulin a day. So I'll enjoy hearing about others adventures this summer. If you are going on vacation, do tell about it on your blog; I will look forward to virtually visiting that area with you.

So after I realized it wasn't going to be a long Sunday afternoon nap, I got up and read a bit from the book I'm reviewing right now What You Need to Know About Bible Prophecy by Max Anders. Totally enjoying the book; will write the review about it soon when I finish the next four chapters, but I read something today that I had to stop and think about and read to hubby. I want to tattoo it on my heart and mind (figuratively, not literally). From page 126 of the book "physical death is a wonderful gift". You'll have to come back when I review it (within the next week) to hear why it is a wonderful gift. Believe you me, you won't be disappointed. I wasn't.

We had a cesear salad with shrimp and leftover chicken for dinner tonight. So very delicious and low calorie.

I don't know how this happened but I have six bottles of unopened salad dressing in the pantry. Not sure how it happened but I also had at one time recently nine bottles of Ragu spaghetti sauce. I think it had to do with good prices and great bargains and I bought ahead. Eventually will use them all; I think we are down to only six Ragus as of this day.

I totally feel for those people involved in the fire in Colorado; I hope it is out soon. Us in Southern California understand the devastations of wildfires. I personally have never had to evacuate nor lost my house but I have known of people that have.

I totally also feel for those people on the East Coast that were affected by the storms this past weekend. My sister/family in the DC area (though visiting family elsewhere) came to realize they tomorrow are returning home not knowing what to expect. House is supposedly okay but they could be without power and water and definitely food is spoiled and will have to be disposed of.

I'm so blessed where we live though I struggle with it sometimes. We had pleasant weather this past weekend in the mid 70s.

Take care of yourselves. If you are fighting heat, stay cool. If you are fighting fires, I hope rain is sent and fires extinguished.

Whatever you are facing, I hope you remember God loves you and is for you and not against you and you can cling to him. I know I do..........


Kelly said...

Caesar salad! One of my favorites...I've been eating it like crazy all week, telling myself it's because it's good for me, but really it's just because I've been to lazy to actually cook anything for lunch.


BTW, come by and see what you've won!

Shelly said...

I love your ceasar salad- hmmm- I think that's what I will be fixing for dinner today!

Yes, I am also keeping those affected by natural disasters in my prayers. We have hurricanes here and have been through more than several of those.


My hubby got a temp job, which is suppose to last until autumn. (He's happy this happened, in lieu of his pacemaker being installed???) It is a Godsend though. So if he goes out of town, I go too, on company dime. Of course I'd have to fit it in between all the tests, the doc ordered. New meds are making me deathly sick, so traveling in this heat, not at top of my list. ENJOY some day trips. they're more fun than you think.

Blondee said...

We have never done 'vacations' because of our daughter's inability to travel. She gets very ansty being restrained in a vehicle and would cry and eventually work herself into being sick. Last summer was the first summer we were able to do simple day trips with her, so we have been planning to do that again with her this summer. :)

The CO fires are just heartbreaking. We have a friend out that way and thankfully their family of 6 has remained safe, but the photos they have sent and the stories of neighbors losing everything are just so sad.

Have a great week!

Linda B. said...

Forecasting the air will be on all week here! They are back, Asian beetles eating flowers and leaves, wish they'd take a vacation or expire. Excited to have relatives from Norway visiting soon so need to get busy cleaning and meal planning. Funny how some sales are bulk oriented- same here but Prego brand. Sorry about your sister's dilemma. Your "nothing" turned out wonderful and caring!

Something I read this week in magazine- "Some of God's greatest blessings are the people He puts in our lives to encourage and support us in our walk of faith."

Lynn Proctor said...

oh yes--remembering that last part--everyday---wouldn't want to get up in the morning without this knowledge--great post!

banning brewd said...

take koda with you! there are lots of places that welcome dogs...even if you only get away for the weekend...

Jeanie said...

The fires here are beginning to be under control but there are so many tragic stories left behind. I just hope no new fires start.
I had to laugh at your well stocked cabinets....I should probably have a look and do some cleaning in mine.

Hollie said...

We aren't going to be able to take a vacation either. Money is an issue and like you I don't like having to leave Mattie behind!! She's not happy and I'm not either as I miss her terribly!!

I buy up things like you when they are on sale.

Stay cool and have a wonderful day my friend!!

Deanna said...

We are heading for Hilton Head, SC in a few. Will definitely share the trip with you. I like to live through other's experiences also.

We are battling excessive heat (108 to 110 for over a week now) and no rain, but that is nothing compared to the weather in the East and the wildfires in Colorado. Everytime I see someone burning or head fireworks I cringe. It would take so little to set this crisp vegetation on fire. I pray that everyone stays safe.

Oh, and I sometimes end up with a bunch of one thing and scratch my head wondering how the heck that happened!

Have a wonderful day!

Betty WSch. said...

I live through other peoples travels too. It's very seldom we take a mayor vacation. ONly short road trips. But at least we can do that.
Hope you have a good week Betty

Toriz said...

At least the sauces and dressings usually keep well if sealed.

Glad you're enjoying the book you'rereading.

There's been a lot of flooding in Wales recently; nobody I know is more than damp and fed up though, and I haven't heard about any serious issues from it, so that's good.

Toriz said...

I do eel ffor the people who are suffering because of fires and storms though....

Marianne said...

Right back atchya. (:

Rita said...

I'm glad you're sleeping better. :)

Yes! We all need to keep all the people dealing with these natural disasters in our prayers.

Give yourself a virtual vacation. ;)

Missie said...

Kevin and I don't get to go on vacation until August. Seems like it's never gonna get here. Have you thought about adding a subscribe by email link on your sidebar? It's really easy and then I keep up with your blog daily.

jack69 said...

I'm glad you could not think of a blog entry. Those are the best kinds. So much to relate to as you went down the list.

Loved this one and had to smile at the "I think I am sleeping better with son out of town, not wondering where,,, etc."

Yep. You are a mother!!!

Love you and thanks for a good read.

Mevely317 said...

Aren't Sunday afternoon naps the BEST!?!
Had to laugh at your mention of multiple pantry items ... my hubby does the SAME thing, only with spices.

JosephAlsarraf said...

LOL! Thinking about Koda woofing at you during your nap. Ya we usually end of with ten salad dressing and bottles of Ragu at our house too.

Ya my family was also affected and without power, in that heat too! I feel bad for them. Speaking from experience having no power can be rough especially when it's hot out. I hope they fix it soon!

I do too! It's not that God is listening to you but, are you listening to him. Something I pondered when I saw a billboard saying God listens on it.
: )

Chatty Crone said...

Sound like you are doing some thinking. Sometimes quiet makes us do that. I feel for the people in the fires and in the storms. We have heat - but considering what others are going thru I guess we have it better.

Where is your son?

How is Koda's cancer these days?

Love, sandie

Renegades said...

It has been in the 100's here and I'm so thankful we have central air.

It's super dry here so we keep crossing our fingers for rain.

SweetMarie said...

I'm so glad Koda isn't going to a kennel.:) The shrimp and chicken sound yummy!
We're also very lucky with our weather here, My heart goes out to families that are dealing with the fires and heat.
Hope you have a great week!

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

At any given time I can have half a dozen bottles of barbeque sauce in the fridge. I'm beginning to think they're breeding in there or something!

Karen Greenberg said...

I understand your pantry being stocked with salad dressing and spagetti sauce. I was preparing for grocery shopping last week and noticed we had 5 bottles of shrimp sauce. It's funny what we "collect."

Cindi said...

I'm right with ya on the pantry items, I have enough coffee to open my own shop...lol ((Hugs)) my friend I've been away, but not a vaca, but I'm back will visit more regular!
Scratch Koda's ears for me.

Danielle L Zecher said...

Glad Koda didn't woof at you during your nap time. :-)

I constantly have multiple jars/bottles of things on the shelves too. I'm big into the bargain/coupon shopping. It took some time to get into the swing of how muck to stock up on it, but it has saved us so much money. My husband no longer gives me a strange look when I come home with something like a dozen cans of tuna.

I don't think we're taking a vacation this summer either, though we are hoping to at least get a short trip in for our anniversary in the early fall.

Tami said...

I love rambling posts like this. So fun to see how someone else's mind rambles. Money and dogs keep us from doing lots of things, too. We don't mind boarding ours for short periods, but hate having them cooped up in pens for too long. And at $20/day (for two dogs), it adds up fast!

I know what you mean about the unexpected stockpile of pantry items. Sometimes I get something stuck in my head, like "We need syrup." So I buy it the next three times I'm at the store. :)

Thanks for sharing your "nothing".

Debby@Just Breathe said...

One blessing we have right now is that the kids are here to watch Skye for us. In September when we all go to a wedding we have to board them. Not looking forward to it but they will board together in the same kennel. I have been praying for everyone who has been affected by all the tragic events.
I know about wondering where the kids are at 3am. That just happened to us recently. They are always our babies!

Intense Guy said...

You should run for President on the promise and slogan, "And a bottle of Ragu in every kitchen!"

I'd vote you with or without the sauce. :)