a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Judge and Jury

I have been in a few courtrooms in my time. The few I have been in are mostly the direct result of an incident (or two) in which son did break the law and got himself arrested (in his youth as a juvenile, thankfully he hopefully learned his lesson in that he is pretty much a law abiding citizen these days as an adult).

In those cases of son, although he broke the law and although he was 110% guilty in each and every circumstance, the judges were relatively compassionate and caring. They were concerned that he realized his guilt and gave him (more than) fair punishment for his crime. They should have thrown the book at him and locked him away for years, but they did what the law said to do.

They were fair.

I'm not sure I could be a judge.

I'm terrible at judging people. I know we aren't suppose to judge. I have to constantly remember the plank in my eye is bigger than the splinter in someone else's eye.

It constantly amazes me that people who are guilty as sin who are caught red handed doing a crime go in front of a judge and plead "not guilty". Really? You have the murder weapon in your hand and the person is lying dead at your feet and you're "not guilty".

Like I said, I couldn't be a judge.

The two times son broke the law he was guilty 110%. Not guilty never even was a consideration.

Its probably a good thing I am not a judge. I couldn't be impartial and just look at the law and try to uphold it.

Looking at juries, I really truly would like to serve on one some day. I've been called for jury duty, sometimes it just wasn't convenient, young kids at home, self employment, etc. Got called this past August. I really wanted to serve, was hoping I would get on a jury, sequestered even. Spent three hours at the court house along with a room of fellow jurors. No cases were assigned to us and we were excused for the rest of our service until the next time we are called.

I would hope I would be a good juror, looking at the evidence, looking at the law, making a fair and honest decision.

I am glad God is a (more than) fair judge.

I deserve death.

I deserve condemnation.

He gave me life. He gave me forgiveness through Jesus.

God is truly the bestest of judges.

I'm glad when he judges, there is no jury.


Lynn Proctor said...

wonderful post---i might go the opposite as a judge--all kinds of criminals would probably get off--i too have experienced God's and the judges great mercy toward my sons in their younger days---pswww-glad--hopefully those days are behind me!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree it is a wonderful post. I am not a good judge of people either. I would never want to have to be on a jury. Never have been so far. I would hope to be fair and compassionate but really feel judging others is up to God. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

Shelly said...

So true. The only just judge is the Lord and He's the only one I want to stand in front of!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Yeah, judging would be hard. I got out of jury duty because I was robbed in New York. A-Z visitor
- Maurice Mitchell
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Linda Fischer said...

I have always wanted to be on a jury, but probably never will be. the one time I actaully got questioned, I told them that I was a children's pastor and my husband worked at a christian drug and alcolhol rehab center. Neither lawyer wanted me on the jury! :(

Deanna said...

I believe the number one problem with society is we do not own up to our actions and are not held accountable for them. But God knows. like God, we must be forgiving. But we must also humbly admit wrong.

This was a wonderful post, Betty. It really made me think. I try not to judge my fellow men, but it is so difficult.

Brenda Youngerman said...

I guess this is a perfect reason why there are 12 people on a jury... not just one!

Chatty Crone said...

Amen - I could not agree more. I could never ever be a judge and I am so thankful God is fair.

Love, sandie

Shannon W. said...

I think I would make a good juror but not so good as a judge. I always try to find the good in people.

Linda B. said...

Gotta admire those telling the truth and taking personal responsibility vs putting on an act. Glad God is all knowing and the bestest of judges.

Susan Roebuck said...

Hi! Popping in from the A-Z...thoughtful post. It's difficult to judge people because there are so many layers to humans that I'm not sure we can always read them correctly. I think I'd mete out the harshest sentences to those who are corrupt and unjust because they're doing the whole of Society wrong.

Nel said...

Amen! I am glad He does not use a jury. I think being a judge would be hard. I have set on jury several times when I lived in Arkansas. It was very interesting, but harder than people think. Great post!
until next time... nel

Intense Guy said...

I wouldn't want to "judge" some cases... like he said/she said divorce spats... where all you have is one person's word against another.

I would constantly be saying, "not beyond reason doubt... where's the PROOF?" --

Elizabeth said...

I, too, would be a terrible judge. I don't want to even be on a jury if I can avoid it. I feel one of my biggest faults is that I am too judgmental. I need His help pulling that plank out of my eye.

Michelle said...


Toriz said...

I couldn't be a judge either.

Renegades said...

I try so hard not to judge others, but as we all know sometimes we can get caught up in it.

Martha said...

I have been called to jury duty but never been selected and I was thankful for that.
I don't ever want to be in control of someones destiny especially having to do it by all the foolish rules and totally disregarding what I really feel in my heart.
There are so many who go free that shouldn't and some that go to prison who weren't guilty to begin with but the prosecutors were better than the defense attorneys. It really has little to do with right or wrong, guilty or not these days. Sad but true!

Caroline said...

There is no way I could be a judge , so glad God is so fair. Amen great post.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm not sure how I would be as a judge. I get angry and mad easily too but I also have compassion and can be fooled by people. I think it's funny how we can go to jury duty, be in that room with all those people and they let everyone go home. No wonder our courts are way behind!

JosephAlsarraf said...

I actually had my first shot at serving jury duty and I think I would've gotten picked if I had kept my mouth shut. There were alot of questions I wanted to answer all of them, I enjoyed it. I even enjoyed it so much I kind of was recently thinking about becoming a judge or, someone that works at the court, I like to hear the cases and decipher between who is telling the truth and who is not. I wanted to stay after they didn't pick me just to see who would win but, I thought that would be weird so, I left. I think being a judge would be fun but, throwing people in prison wouldn't.

You deserve life! : )

jack69 said...

All I can say is I agree with this post. Honestly I feel the same way, I just said today when I saw a certain case where a man was yelling a religious slogan and killed 13 people, pictures and videos and the term is still 'alleged' killer. ne he pleads NOT Guilty. Yep, I could not be a judge either.

You are right about God, I am glad he is a true judge, with compassion.
Love from this side.
Sherry & Jack


My instincts about people tend to be right more often than not. There was a priest our community loved years ago, that I completely did NOT trust. Everybody said I was wrong. UNFORTUNATELY, I was RIGHT. In the end, we all have to answer for our sins. Take care.

The Brown Recluse said...

I think I'd like to be on a jury one day, too. Not a judge...but it does seem the jury does all the work, the judge just has to preside and pronounce.

It's a really, really good thing that God is more than fair...really good thing.

Sharon said...

Excellent, Betty.

I could never be on a jury. I remember a few times when we did "mock trials" I was all over the place. When one person testified, I was all "Oh, he's so guilty." Then when someone else testified, I was all "Oh, he so didn't do it."

I'm glad for two things. First, that I am not a judge (and yes, I'm working on the lumber that seems to keep getting in my eye). And second, that God did not judge me guilty for the sin and punishment that I so deserved.