a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Thing of Ours, a book review

Reviewing This Thing of Ours, How Faith Saved my Mafia Marriage, by Cammy Franzes for BookSneeze. As part of agreeing to do a review of the book on my blog, I was provided a free copy of the book.

Cammy Franzese was an aspiring dancer working on a movie when she met Michael Franzese who was involved with production of the movie. They began seeing each other, dating, and would eventually marry. When she married him, she was young and naive and not really aware of the fact that he was involved in a Mafia family. She wasn't sure even what the term "organized crime" meant. Blindly in love, she married him and soon realized over the years the reality of the type of business her husband had done before he gave it up. It would cost eight years of their lives separated from each other in two different times he was imprisoned for four years each. She would learn to adapt as a "single" mom during those times, raising three children by herself, holding the family together, making trips as often as she could for her and the children to see their dad and her husband in jail.

She had a faith in Jesus, but that faith would grow over the years as she learned to pray, to listen, to trust in him even when it might not make sense at the time. Her mother, a very influential person in her life (as most moms are) was very grounded in her faith and belief in Jesus that she never waivered that Jesus had something wonderful in store for Cammy's husband, even when he was sent to prison the second time for a parole violation.

Her mother's strong faith would help Cammy's own faith grow over the years, enduring the hardships of life, her husband's imprisonments, a miscarriage, a child's problems with drug use, and ultimately the death of her much adored and cherished mom. Through it all, even in the darkest of times, she kept praying, kept believing God was working in her life.

I enjoyed reading her story. I think it is the story of a lot of couples when they get married. She had no idea on the day she got married what laid ahead for her and her husband whatever children they might have. Yet each time she was dealt with something painful or tragic, by the faith passed on to her from her mom and Cammy's willingness to develop that faith and her own relationship with Jesus, she came to realize no matter what, even the hardest most painful thing of life, God was walking right alongside of her.

I think it is good to read other people's autobiographies as it is good to put into perspective that others are going through hard things of life, especially when we are going through similar things in our lives. I think authobiographies such as Cammy Franzese's are beneficial to those that have a relationship with God to see how mighty he can work, even in the midst of the impossible.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with issues in life, but also to anyone else as Cammy Franzese is like the majority of us, trying to do the best she can with what she has to work with in life and trusting and seeking God through it all.

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