a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Sunday, February 26, 2012

estate sale, take two

We had the second estate sale today; I'm sure we have at least one more, possibly two. We haven't even gone through the garage (much) yet and there are tons of tools out there. It seems two recurring questions get asked at garage sales (or estate sales or yard sales, whatever). "Do you have any jewelry" and "Do you have any tools". We sold the jewelry already, but tools remain.......So we have at least one more sale to go.

I've done "lots" of sales over the years. I've learned "price it right (cheap) and things will move". Every single sell we have had with that philosophy we have sold 90% of our things within the first hour of a sale.

This time around we are liquidating hubby's parents' estate and it is technically not our stuff, but belongs to the estate, to the two brothers to be shared equally. Time was taken on the higher quality items to research what they could potentially be worth and to fairly come up with a price for them.

My ultimate goal "dump it all".

My realistic goal "dump it all with respect and integrity."

Remember, we've been living with this for over a year in his parents' house, surrounded by their possessions, not really able to make the house what we might want it to be.

Added to the equation was the thought running through my mind the past few weeks as we were planning this sale. Our church is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. One of the focuses is perhaps to buy land to build a church or to lease a building for the church. Presently we meet in a local high school. The pastor is inspired to raise so much money this year for a building project.

I was inspired as in the book of Acts when it talks about the early Christians selling what they had to provide for those in need.

I wanted to sell something to give to the building fund. It would be "easy" to write a check but I wanted to actually look at something I didn't need or use and sell it to give to building a church, to perhaps leave a legacy of someone coming to know Jesus because of going to that church  building.

My husband is a gifted guitarist for many a year (over 50 in total, but shhhhh don't tell him, he doesn't think he is getting old). He has many a guitar, I know them all, I've moved them all many a time. Early in our marriage I indicated I might like to learn to play guitar and he was willing to be my teacher. He purchased a guitar for my very own. I lasted four weeks with lessons and then indicated guitar was not for me.

That guitar has moved with us every single move since then (at least 11 if not more moves). I said I wanted to sell it at times, it never happened.

In thinking about money for the building fund and thinking I wanted to sell something, I thought of the guitar, but never mentioned anything to hubby about it.

In planning for this weekend's sale I thought "lets donate our part of the proceeds to the building fund". Son, working the sale for us, organizing items, setting them up, being out there for the totality of the sale, etc. wouild get a cut of the proceeds. What was left would be split evenly between hubby and brother.

I approached hubby "can we donate what we make to the building fund". He considered for just a second and said "yes".

It was a two day sale, Friday and Saturday. Friday we did "okay"; I was a bit discouraged with how much still we had to dispose of. I said yesterday morning before we started "for you Lord".

Yesterday afternoon hubby said "Let's put out your guitar to sell if you want to" along with another guitar his parents had. It seems like musical instruments are "hot" items at garage sales here. Remember, I had not even told him I wanted to sell the guitar for the building fund. Remember that all our proceeds would go to the building fund. I said "yes".

I listed on Craigslist the sale again and listed what high quality items we were selling, including the guitars. The second person who came to the sale, who bought a lot the day before, a lot of other musical instruments (tamborines, drums, etc) bought the two guitars.

Hubby handed me the money made from my guitar. Said that was mine to give, no cut to son for his part in the sell (son agreed totally). I looked at that money and said "thank you Lord."

We sold 90% of our stuff we had out today at fair equitable prices for all. People got great bargains and we stayed within acceptable ranges of what we wanted for items today.

That church is going to be built. Maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe five years from now. God knows when. God knows where. We sold something to contribute to it. We are helping to leave a legacy.

I'm so excited. I know hearts will be changed, lives will be different because people came to know Jesus in a church built with faithful people reaching deep into their pockets to further his work. I know each and everyone of our needs will be met and that is good enough for me.

Because my God is more than enough to do the impossible. Seen it, lived it, living it.

Thank you Lord.

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I am so happy I found you again. I lost track of you when you closed your other blog. What a wonderful story you tell here about the estate sale. I am glad you did so well. Helping to leave a legacy is a blessed thing. Good for you. Take care.