a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


More A/Z (where we walk our corgi, Koda)

N - Net

This area is great for parties. Usually every Saturday and Sunday from spring to fall there will be at least one party if not more being celebrated.  People go all out too with their celebrations, bringing grills, nets like this, tables, chairs, chafing dishes, etc.  Since I'm a people watcher, I always like to watch to see what is being celebrated and how they are celebrating it.

See the bouncie  house in this picture?  Those are very popular in party celebrations. 

It amazes me how much money is spent for a child's birthday party between pinatas, bouncie houses, games set up, etc.  Good for the economy though.
N is also for novelties from the ice cream truck.  There are usually several of them during the nice weather months driving around enticing people with their delicious goodies.
 What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
I have so many, but my favorite, favorite is chocolate chip

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


A/Z; halfway through the month; thanks all who have visited and commented from the challenge; thanks all who usually read my blog for sticking with me through this challenge!

Our theme; where we walk Koda, our corgi.

M - moss

See the green moss down by the water edge?
M is also for music
We've seen various performers as we have walked Koda
This guy is playing the drums
We saw several playing the guitar
Do you like listening to music?
Do you play a musical instrument?
I like listening to music.
I don't play a musical instrument, but I'm married to a professional guitarist who has played guitar for over 50 years.
I admire those that do play an instrument.  If I played one, I think I would like to have tried the piano.

Monday, April 14, 2014


A to Z (where we walk Koda)

L - Law

It is a law to have a dog on a leash (and Koda is always on a leash).  Sadly there are some people who don't see the signs or choose to ignore the signs and have their dog off leash, and we all know how not friendly Koda is towards other dogs, perhaps its because he's been attacked 3 times by other dogs, so we are always on the watch looking for loose dogs who might want to come over to see Koda.  You can see the arm of hubby with the walking stick he carries, just in case he has to use it (to put between a dog and Koda) should a dog approach off leash.  (Biggest pet peeve of mine is a dog off leash in an area where it is designated to be on leash). (Followed by an owner who assumes my dog wants to socialize with their dog and allows their dog to get too close to Koda). 

Does your city have a leash law?

Saturday, April 12, 2014


A/Z Challenge (theme, pictures from where we walk Koda)

K - Koda

Of course I would use Koda for the letter K.  Of course I would see Koda when we go walking where we normally walk him :) Hubby actually took this from his cell phone; I thought it was a pretty good picture of Koda (and hubby's shadow :)

Because he is going to be 10 this year, 10 quick facts about him, a lot you probably know if you've read my blog before:

1.  He loves food.
2.  He is spoiled.
3.  He hogs the bed (though lately he's been sleeping on the floor, I think the bed is hot for him since I haven't taken the winter comforter off yet).
4.  He is not fond of cats.
5.  He is fond of food.
6.  He gets car rides on the weekend.
7.  He is a cancer survivor (lymphoma; in remission since August 2011).
8.  He has diabetes as a result of the prednisone he was taking for a bit when he was being treated for cancer and twice a day, morning and evening, we have to give him an insulin shot.
9.  He's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  He differs from the Cardigan Corgi in that he doesn't have a tail, but a bit of a stub of one that sort of wags when he's excited.  He came from a line of champions, he's registered at the AKC. His "official" name is _____(son's name) Koda of the Big Sky (since we lived in Montana when we got him).
10.  He is a gift from God; we got him right when we needed a laugh and something in common the whole family could talk about.

Isn't he the cutest corgi you've ever seen?

Friday, April 11, 2014


Continuing with A/Z and my theme of where we walk Koda

J - Jetty

People walk on the jetty (both ones that you see here) and fish off them.  The far jetty has railings, this one doesn't.  I'll walk on the jetty with railings, but not this one.  Even though it may be 4-5 feet wide, seems a little narrow to me, LOL, and I'm afraid I'm going to fall off. 

Would you take a walk along this jetty?

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Continuing with our A to Z theme of pictures taken where we walk our corgi

I - Information

A sign informing one on what wildlife they might see in the San Diego Bay, part of the area we walk Koda at. 

I've seen a lot of the birds listed here and I've seen a jumping fish out of the water (that is impressive to see), but I haven't seen a seal. 

So is it obvious who will be featured for the letter K?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


With the A - Z challenge (pictures from where we walk our corgi down in the South San Diego area)

H - Herons

Blue Herons to be exact.  These are special birds for hubby and me, more so to hubby, as hawks are special to me.  I wrote about each of them previously, but God sent me a hawk after my mom died and God sent hubby a heron after his dad died, both in unique ways.  Both times reminded us of God's great love and concern for us and showing he was with us walking through our grief of losing our parents.

I love watching the heron balancing on the tree branches.  They look too big to be up in a tree like that, yet they do it with grace and balance and skill.  I love hearing the chicks clucking when they are hungry in the spring (it was that sound that drew us to look up in the trees and see them our first year we lived here). 

They tend to nest in the spring.  Rarely will hubby see one in the summer or fall, but come December, they slowly start to trickle back to these trees where you can look up and see their huge nests.  This particular tree he has seen up to seven, another tree close by eight. 

It is fun to hear his report after he walks Koda of how many birds spotted and where he sees them.

Do you have blue heron where you live?