Wednesday, July 8, 2020

decorating - corgi style

We crate Winslow at night and when we are gone during the day.  We only go for about 2 hours at a time during the day.  It is safer to have him crated than let him roam free since he is still a puppy.

But apparently he is not fond of the mat we have at the bottom of his crate. 

He moves it around A LOT.  I worried that he might smother himself.

He pushes it to the back of the crate a lot.

Have no idea how he managed this.

Apparently folded in thirds and lying on top of it is what he sometimes likes.

Folded in thirds all on his own.  

Yep, he is a stinker and a handful and stubborn.  He is also starting puppy school at Pet Smart next Saturday.  I'm so excited! I predict he gets kicked out of class in the first 5 minutes.  I'll let you know how he does.

Guarding the wine stash.  A corgi after my own heart!

He definitely has us wrapped around his paws.  To say he is spoiled is an understatement.

(I'm sure the mat might make him feel hot though the air conditioning is always running these days and there is a fan close by his crate.  I'm sure we will remove the mat very soon since apparently he prefers not to use it.  Or he is training for a career in interior design).  

Friday, June 26, 2020

My thoughts about mail

You guys know that I'm working a temporary job for the State of Arizona in the unemployment office.

When I saw the original posting for the job it mentioned data entry and some other duties like answering emails or phone calls from claimants.  

Nothing was mentioned about opening and sorting mail.

But that is basically what I've been doing since I started back on May 4th.

And my temporary assignment that was supposed to end June 30th has been extended to August 31st which I agreed to do so I'm working at least through the end of August there.

I'm not sure if you are familiar with it, but there are flat bins that mail gets delivered to businesses in.  The bins are probably about 20 inches long and 5 inches wide.  They hold comfortably the #10 size envelopes.  

At the beginning of the shut down when there was massive unemployment the office was getting 200 such bins of mail daily.  200 BINS! I'm not sure what they averaged before but I'm sure it was not 200 bins.

Obviously there was no way a small department could process that all so they got temps to help them.  

There are about 20 forms that come into the unemployment office but when we are opening mail we only sort about 6-8 of them and leave the others for the regular employees to sort through.  

Its repetitive monotonous work but its not stressful and it gets me out of the home LOL.  

But of course I have thoughts about mail as follows:

People fold mail incredibly wrong.  They have a regular size envelope that they could easily take the piece of paper and fold it into 3's to fit in the envelope but they fold it to the tiniest way possible so there are tons of flattening that needs to be done to get the mail to lay straight.

People want to make sure the mail is kept together with the various papers in the envelopes. They staple the papers together and then to ensure things don't separate they also put a paper clip on it.  I have to remove all paper clips and staples from mail being sorted.

Some people tape their envelopes shut so it is virtually impossible to open them without scissors.

Mail is dirty.  I've washed my hands a lot.  A LOT!!

Mail that is not the regular #10 size envelopes and odd sizes are called "uglies" because they can't be opened through the letter opener machine.  I never saw so many different sizes of envelopes in my life. The funniest one I saw was made from a brown paper bag from a local grocery store.  

Foil lined envelopes are very hard to open.

Nowadays we get the most bins on Mondays (about 20) and they get less in number as the week goes by.  There are 5 of us temps doing mail.  

The regular employees in the department work REALLY hard.  They are working 12 hour days Monday through Friday and 8 hours on Saturday to process the claims so people can get their unemployment.

They truly are heroes.

So next time you need to mail a letter, don't tape the envelope, don't staple the stuff inside, and don't use a foil lined envelope.

And if you pray, say a prayer for those hard working employees not only in the Phoenix unemployment office but any other unemployment office in any other state.  I'm sure it is the same any place where things were closed due to the lock downs. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Wonderful Winslow

Isn't this an interesting picture? It's in our back yard. Sun was going down. I was just taking a video of him being chased by hubby and then shot this picture. Looking back on it, it looks kinda neat lol.

I am amiss for a post about him. I have one ready and may use it but did want to say his official American Kennel Club name since he is a purebred corgi. You can pretty much pick any name you want for their official name though the AKC has to approve it and if it is more than 36 letters long you have to pay additionally to get it registered.  

And without too much fanfare Winslow's official AKC name is - 

Winslow's Corner of Arizona.

Some of you will get it if you think Eagles song from the late 1970's called "Take it Easy."  There's a line in it that says "I'm standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona" and so on.  Winslow Arizona is a small town in Northern Arizona.  There is a statue on a corner there in honor of this song where people go and get their picture taken.

Winslow's mom's AKC name was Fistful of Dollars but her nickname was Elle.  His dad's AKC name was Diamond T Mr. Agustus; not sure what his nickname was.  

I'm playing around on social media with sites for him and gimmicks but haven't had much time to do so.  Will let you guys know down the line if there is anything there in case you want to follow along on Facebook and the like.  My original thought was taking him to different parts of Arizona and getting pictures of him there (like the Grand Canyon, Winslow Arizona, Sedona and the like) and interposing it with hubby's guitar playing.  The drawback here (so far) is Winslow hates car rides (barks the whole time) and is not fond of hubby playing the guitar (barks the whole time).  But we are working on it (sort of).

Stay tuned.......

Monday, June 1, 2020

when it hits home not once but twice

A terrible senseless tragedy happened last Monday in Minneapolis with the murder of George Floyd.  I hope justice is served when the police officer comes to trial.

We are presently under a curfew here in the state of Arizona from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. until 5 a.m. on June 8th (but it can be extended longer).  There are exceptions to the curfew.  You can go to work.  You can be out to obtain food.  You can be out to take care of a loved one, friend, pet.  If you are a first responder, obviously you can be out . 

I totally respect PEACEFUL protests.  I detest protests that turn violent and cause damage and looting.

That is what happened here Friday night in Phoenix.  A lot of broken windows downtown where the protests were and grafitti'd buildings.  We took a drive down there on Saturday afternoon and saw the boarded up windows.  

Now here is where things start getting really interesting.  A city over from us, Scottsdale, is a pretty affluent city.  Myra will attest to that.  She'll also attest (I'm sure) that it has a nickname of Snotsdale due to the attitude of some people who live there.  

I thought for sure Scottsdale would not have protests and if they did that they would be peaceful ones.  I was WRONG!!  Saturday night was filled with looting and violence in Old Town Scottsdale and by the Fashion Square mall.  The Apple store was broken into (but thankfully Apple had put all their stuff away so nothing got stolen).  Neiman Marcus looted.  Urban Outfitters and some others.  The protesters (lets stop at this point calling them protesters and go to rioters) left the mall area and headed up the road, destroying some more buildings including a PF Chang restaurant.  If they had headed down the road they would have walked right by the restaurant son works at (he and the restaurant were fine, no damage).  

I thought the world had gone crazy that the Scottsdale people would do such a thing.  But as the story started coming out, it appeared perhaps it was people brought in to do the rioting and looting.  Jake Paul, a popular YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers to his channel, happened to be there at the protest (riot??) in Scottsdale and was filming it.  Jake Paul is not a native Arizonan and lives in Los Angeles.  How did he know to come over????? 

Now here is another thing really interesting.  Its okay if you stopped reading by now.  

Saturday afternoon while scrolling through Facebook I saw a protest that was turning ugly in La Mesa, California.  The protesters had taken over the freeway and shut it down for a long time, both east and west.  I woke up Sunday morning seeing pictures on my Facebook feed of businesses destroyed, burned down, looted.  A major shopping center, Grossmont Center, with significant damage.

I grew up in La Mesa, California from the age of seven and lived there until I got married at age 22.  Grossmont Center was a favorite hangout of mine.  One of the major streets vandalized was Spring Street, just blocks from where I lived.  La Mesa was a very family friendly, low crime town.  

Now here's another interesting thing.  From various sources, most of which I considered reliable, there were reports that groups were possibly going to be targeting some other shopping centers here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area on Sunday night and perhaps even going into neighborhoods to pillage and cause damage.  

At this point and especially seeing the looting in Santa Monica, California and other cities, we tended to consider anything we read as being something to seriously think about so we made sure we were prepared just in case though we don't live in a fancy neighborhood.  We also warned son and DIL about what we had heard.

But thankfully the governor announced the 8 p.m. curfew starting last night.  It was a relief really.  I'm not sure what would have happened if the reports were true.  There was a protest last night in downtown Phoenix that didn't stop at curfew time so 200 people were arrested over the course of the next hour and a half for still being downtown and not off the streets.

We are dealing with more than "just" protests over an innocent man's life.  

Its calculated, its planned.  Hubby says he feels a game is being played.  He just wishes he knew how to play it and what the next move should be.

Watch yourself out there.  Be educated.  Read all you can.  

I follow tons of social media sites just to get a feel of what is going on.  

Again, its calculated.  its planned.  

Watch yourself out there.  

(and pray)

Thursday, May 21, 2020

observations from work and the world in general

Things I observed close to 3 weeks working temporary.

1.  I don't like elevators (do you??).  I work on the sixth floor of a building with 33 floors. There are 2 sets of elevators.  One from 1-10; the other from 11-33.  I am glad I'm only on the 6th floor.  I always am hesitant to get into an elevator.  Perhaps it was because I got stuck in a few over the years and always alone.

2.  Which brings up my second observation.  People in elevators these days.  
The elevator probably can hold about 10 people pre Covid days.  Now if you are waiting for an elevator with someone, once it arrives, the "new etiquette" seems to be "is it okay if I ride up with you?"  All of the time I've said yes.  A few times I've asked, I've been met with looks of horror by people wearing masks saying "NO" or "I'll wait for the next one."  I'm fine with that and don't take offense though I always prefer riding an elevator with someone else.  (Have you been stuck in an elevator?)

3.  I work for the State of Arizona as a temp.  From what I can figure, there are about 15 temps trying to help them catch up with the massive amount of paperwork that has happened with unemployment.  My first observation. Before the powers above decided to close the state and so many industries and businesses did they bother to check with how the unemployment office would be able to handle it???? Apparently not because the website to apply crashed the first weekend of everything closing.  

4.  My second observation for working for the State of Arizona is the amount of Hispanics that work there (I have no problem with any race) but at times Spanish is the language of choice to communicate.  Shouldn't you, if you work in the United States, speak the English language at work???? (For the record, I'm not bilingual in any language).

5.  People are very eager to get out to get their haircut (waits of over 2 hours at some salons) but slowly returning to restaurants.  Mentioned this in some comments on other people's blogs.  Perhaps those who are getting haircuts want to make sure they look okay in case the country closes down again.  For the record, I need a haircut but I'm not waiting 2 hours to get one (it will slow down I imagine in the next few weeks).

6.  Saw an article someone shared on Facebook that a strip club was opening in California but churches were not yet allowed to open...........

7.  You might have seen it on the news but in Glendale (next city over from Phoenix) at one of the entertainment centers they had an active shooter situation. Westgate is about 30 minutes from where we live and we have been there often to eat or walk around.  Thankfully "only" 3 were shot and "only" 1 has life threatening injuries.  Such a sad situation and I feel for the shooter's family.   

8.  Just be safe and sane out there, okay??? 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Enough is enough is enough.......

...for me. It is okay if it isn't for you.

But I am done social isolating. Our state has reopened with dining in at restaurants, nonessential retail, and hair and nail salons.  Movie theaters open back up Saturday. Gyms and pools opened on Wednesday.  

Our stay at home order expired May 15th and won't be renewed.

I disobeyed it and went to see the wee one last Sunday for a few hours. I plan to do the same this Sunday.  Both he and his sister were "starved" for attention from Grandma.  They both were talking over each other to tell me all that is going on.  I had to remind the wee one to wait his turn while his sister was talking.  She's doing great with doing the assignments from school.  Her final project for art was decorating a mask (go figure).  She didn't have the fabric paints needed so thankfully Amazon Prime could help her out.  She sent me a text of the mask. It came out great!.  

One thing I have learned from this (well more than one thing, but this important one thing) is I will not socially isolate from family again, assuming all are healthy. DIL agrees, even if we have to see each other every day.

I am not afraid.  I am healthy. I have no medical diagnoses and take no meds except for vitamin C which I have taken 2000 mg of it daily for years.  I increase it a lot when I think I am getting sick.  It's been awhile since I have had a cold.  My only risk factor is age at 62 years old. Hubby is almost 67 but again healthy.

He is on the same page as I am about getting out and about. He has been to the store a lot since these thing started, socially distancing as recommended.  

We don't wear a mask when we are out and about (I know; there will be disagreements with this and I respect your disagreement).  We wear one at Wal-Mart since the employees have to wear one . We don't shop at Costco where it is mandatory to wear one, employee or consumer.  (We gave up our Costco membership several years ago).

Son's restaurant reopened for sit down on Monday (first day it was allowed).  We went for dinner on Wednesday.  It was such a FUN night.  Really, I forgot how nice it was to go out and get served.  They practiced every single rule that was required.  Tables 6 feet apart.  Servers and cooks in gloves and masks.  Paper menus.  No condiments on the table.  You needed something, they brought it out in a disposable little container. 

I felt perfectly safe.

The food was delicious (its Italian in case you forgot).  Because son is a chef there we got a few extra perks and complimentary champagne, appetizer, and dessert.  Everything is pricey there but it was well worth the money.  

The chef and his wife circulated among the people that were there.  Welcoming them back.  Thanking them for coming in. They are only taking reservations these days, no walk ins.  They had 50 plus reservations opening day, 40 that Tuesday, about 20 the night we were there, and many more for this weekend. Talking to the chef he said if there is another wave of closures he will not be able to keep the restaurant functioning and will have to close it down permanently.  I heard a report that 20-30% of small businesses will not open up again after this (in Arizona).  

This virus is serious.  DON'T GET ME WRONG.  70% of the deaths in Arizona was in nursing homes.  The Navajo Reservation was hit hard with a lot of deaths but they didn't socially isolate at all and only about 40% of them have running water in their home, thus sanitation and hygiene are an issue.  (By the way, they could have running water but they choose not to adopt too much of the "white man's way").  

Loss of work, business, income, etc is also serious.  The original stay at home order was only supposed to be for a couple weeks to give health care facilities time to prepare and be ready for the onslaught of people they projected would come in needing care.  That onslaught didn't happen.  MY PERSONAL OPINION we didn't have to be locked down for the 2 months we were.  

To end this incredibly long post, my temp job is going well.  No stress.  I'm basically processing mail and have done so for the 2 weeks I'm working there since they got so far behind.  I read some of the letters that come in for people waiting to get their benefits.  The majority always begin their letters "please help." In a perfect world, people should have a few months of money saved for events like this.  We all know we don't live in a perfect world.  So many so desperate.  

So I respect you if you disagree.  I respect you if you feel you aren't ready to go back out.  Just respect me that enough is enough is enough for me and I'm ready to go out and just trust God..........

Whatever you decide to do, just be safe and sane! 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

temporarily essential or is that essentially temporary?

I'm going to be an essential worker starting Monday, temporary at least.  I saw an ad for data entry for the State of Arizona to process the unemployment claims.  There was an immediate need for 5 additional workers.  I applied and got accepted almost immediately.  It will be through a temp agency.  I've never worked for a temp agency before so it will be a new experience.

It is not the highest paying job, but it is a job and nothing else was coming along these days.  I'll be working for at least 8 weeks, maybe it will be extended.

I look at it for a way to get experience and to not have too much of a gap on my resume between jobs.  And frankly I'm a bit bored here at home so it will help fill in the hours.

Its not that bad of a commute either and I think the dress code is fairly lax since the office is closed for walk ins, etc.

In other news, I saw a story about a wine bar called Genuwine that was open during this time.  It wasn't doing its usual self serve wine bar but was still selling bottles of wine.  They also started a service where people could buy bottles of wine for health care workers and leave the bottles on a table in the bar and health care workers could pick them up at the end of their day to enjoy.  I had wanted to do something for health care workers but wasn't sure what so when I saw this advertised, I'm like "let's do it" and of course hubby went along. 

When we got to Genuwine, I did ask if they did do what I thought I had read which they confirmed they did.  We picked a bottle of wine to leave on the table and one for us to bring home to drink.  I asked the girl who helped us if they had a good response to this.  She said "yes."  The table the wine was put on had held as many as 100 bottles that had been purchased for health care workers.  Currently there were about 25 bottles on it.  I asked if health care workers were utilizing the service and the girl again said "yes."  I guess it must be advertised at the different hospitals but she said that the health care workers will email them asking for a red or a white wine and what time they will be by to pick it up and then the workers will run the bottle out to the car when they get there.

It was a little something to help them. Not much.  But something.

I promise my next post will contain "tons" of pictures of Winslow.  You might be able to notice in this picture his license hanging from his collar.  He wasn't fond of it when we put it on his collar.  He fussed about it for a bit.  

He will be 16 weeks old on Saturday.  He went to the vet on Tuesday for his final puppy shots.  He weighed 13.5 pounds, which was a good weight I guess.  He is full of spunk and energy.  One of his siblings was returned to the breeder (no fault of the pup but the pup went to a family with a couple of cats and the cats didn't get along with the pup, nor the pup with the cats). For a brief minute when we saw that one was available again we wondered if we should get him. I'm glad we decided not to.  I truly do not have the energy for one pup, let alone two.

Our governor extended our stay at home orders to May 15th with a few modifications. Nonessential retail that had closed back at the end of March can reopen on the 4th with appointment only and curbside pickup.  They get more "freedom" on the 8th with people being able to be in the store to shop, limited numbers, no dressing rooms opened.  Restaurants may be opened on May 12th, again with limitations.  Son got called back to work this past Monday to clean the restaurant and get it ready to open.  They will be back to curbside pickup this weekend.  No mention of when churches will be opened.  

Until next time when Winslow will be the "man of the hour" and I'll announce his official American Kennel Club name.  I think you'll like it :) 

In the meantime, be safe and be sane!!!