a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Saturday, November 22, 2014


A lot of you, my faithful followers of my blog, have been with me at least for the last four years and weathered our somewhat disastrous move close to four years ago.  You knew how I did not want to move and all the problems associated with it.  It was an honorable thing to do for hubby to quit his job and move closer to his parents to help out in what would turn out to be their final year of their lives.  I went along with it, but my heart was never with the move and I have to say the first year at least was hard with things slowly but surely improving over time.

One thing that hubby could never establish was a steady base of guitar students to teach.  He needed a certain amount to make the money he needed to help cover expenses that my salary would not.  Although we didn't have a mortgage or rent, we of course had the other expenses of living, utilities, food, internet (necessity for my work), etc.  It wasn't that he wasn't a good teacher because he was, it was just the economy.  First thing when money gets tight are disposable things to go like music lessons, etc. 

Very soon after hubby realized the teaching was not going to accomplish what he needed money wise, he started looking for a job back in the field he had left.  He diligently searched for a job high and low literally. He signed up for lots of different job search sites, shifted through hundreds (literally) of emails daily from such sites and applied for pretty much everything and anything that would remotely be part of his former career.  In the almost four years he had done so, he sent in a multitude of applications and got a handful of responses and barely went on five interviews if I'm counting correctly. 

We weren't even picky where the job might be.  Our preference would be this area because of family and the gorgeous weather,  but we were realistic.  There were parts of the country that for various reasons we didn't want, but lets just say we were open to at least 40 of the 50 states.

We thought perhaps it was his age that was hindering his getting hired because he had tons of experience and glowing references.

I kept praying but I really wasn't sure he would ever work in his field again.  I knew God would meet our needs as he had so faithfully done over the years, but I wasn't sure how it would happen and we were even thinking of hubby taking early retirement next year when he would be eligible to do so.

Then, out of the blue, but that's how God seems to work; when things seem like they are hopeless or impossible, etc., something opened up.  A job he had applied for back in August.  Hadn't heard anything since then.  Pretty much had written it off.

Got a call for an interview.  They wanted him to come out by a certain date.  I had so happened arranged for that day off of work even before the call had come and the interview got arranged for that day so I could accompany hubby.  And that's where we went for our whirlwind car trip last weekend. 

While he interviewed, I drove around the town. (Thank God for GPS is all I can say).  I really enjoyed what I saw.

Hubby came away from the interview saying they really liked him.  But he had other interviews where they really liked him and then he never heard from them again. 

He was one of three interviewed. There was one before him, he in the middle, and the final one this past Monday.  Tuesday morning around 8:15 our time, his cell phone rang.  He didn't recognize the number and we were getting ready to shoot Koda (insulin shot) so he let it go to voice mail. 

When he picked up the call a bit later, it was from the facility he had interviewed with.

He called back.......

and you know what I'm about to say.....


he got offered the job......

not only did he get offered the job, but it was more of a salary than his previous job he had quit four years ago.....

substantially more.......

He told them he would talk it over with me, but he was pretty sure he would accept the job and would call them the next day.

Long story short, of course he called them the next day and accepted the job.

We are moving.  Yes, 13 moves in 26 years, but I guess that's how we roll.

Where you may ask?

Prescott, Arizona.  Its a city of over 40,000 at 5300 feet altitude.  It gets the changes of the season more than we do here in the San Diego area and gets some snow.  Cooler weather (I have to admit I will miss the 80 degrees in December days.....)

But hubby will soon be gainfully employed again (thank you Lord).

His first day is the first week of January 2015.

We get a generous moving allowance so more than likely we won't even have to pack ourselves but can have the moving company pack for us and move us (for that I'm grateful).

We are still in the planning stages of things but this I know:

1.  We will rent there.
2.  We will fix up the house here and rent it out through a property management company.
3.  Koda will go with us.
4.  We are in the same state where son lives, much closer to him than we are now.
5.  I will continue working where I'm working now. I can work anywhere as long as I have Internet.

I'm really excited about this move.  I think it will be a good one in so many ways.

I'm grateful to God for answered prayer in his timing.  I've learned a lot over these four years. 

I look forward to sharing our new adventures with you all.

My new blog header picture is from right in front of the courthouse there in Prescott.  Those are Arizona flags lined up.  I thought the bench would enjoy that view as we prepare for our move in the month ahead.

Monday, November 17, 2014

way too......

My weekend in words and pictures.

Way too long car trip on a whirlwind hubby and me took Thursday evening to Friday evening; 850 miles in 27 hours (including some downtime for meetings hubby needed to attend). 

Way too old to check into the hotel at 1:30 a.m. and be up at 7 a.m. the next morning.

Way too early, tree decorated where we went on whirlwind car trip. While hubby had his meetings, I had some time to look around the town and spotted this tree already up.  Too early in the season for me.

Way too much we are attached to technology. Having lunch in McDonald's, sign on wall "No loitering, limit your time to 60 minutes while you are consuming food." Got to admit, I did use their free WIFI (but only for 30 minutes).

Way too easy to forget where I would park the rental car when I stopped to do things.  Lots of silver small cars like what we had rented.  I had to really concentrate where I parked it to remember where to retrieve it. 

Way too exhausted.  We boarded Koda, though I know I said I don't like to board him. But he did fine at the vet. In fact every time he was taken out for a walk and walked through the reception area, he got a treat from the receptionists on duty.  But he was tired when we picked him up Saturday. I don't think he slept the whole time we were gone. He made up for it Saturday and Sunday.

Way too delicious. Dinner Sunday evening.

Creamy garlic chicken

Sauteed carrots and broccoli.

Leftover potatoes from last night.

Way too many calories I would imagine.

Way too short of a weekend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Paula over at Smidgens, Snippets, and Bits nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Here's what I need to do:

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions asked by Paula.
3. Nominate bloggers with less than 200 followers to do the same.
4. Let those bloggers know that you chose them.

Here's the 11 random facts about me:

1.  I hate to move, but have moved 12 times in 26 years and might be moving again soon.
2.  I don't like to fly and if I never fly again, that would be okay with me.
3.  I love chocolate, milk chocolate Hershey the best.
4.  I don't like cold weather yet lived in Montana for 8 years and loved the time there.
5.  I work in a dying field (medical transcription), I just hope it stays alive for the next 9 years I want to work.
6.  I think sometimes people post a lot of personal things on their blogs, which is okay for them, but more than likely you'll never see a picture of me on my blog.
7.  You will see lots of pictures of Koda on my blog, he looks like every other tri colored red head corgi.
8.  I never had a cat but I threaten Koda upon his demise I'm going to get a cat.
9.  I don't like driving on the freeway yet I live somewhere where it is almost 95% necessary to get on the freeway to get any place; it is at times like this I'm glad I work at home.
10.  I love Jesus.
11.  I never thought I would enjoy having a tablet as much as I'm enjoying the tablet I inherited from son.

Here's the questions to answer as asked by Paula:

1. Why do you blog? I blog for the friendship and fellowship I have found online.  Working at home, I miss that social interaction.  I get it through blogging.

2. How did you chose the name of your blog? All my blogs previously to this one had things to do with corgi in it or something related to Koda in the name of the blog. One day taking a Sunday afternoon drive, I saw a bench overlooking the ocean with a wonderful view. I snapped a picture of it and then later the thought of a new blog with "A Bench With a View" took place.

3. What makes you laugh out loud?  Koda.  He never ceases to make us laugh in some way.

4. Are you a morning person or a night owl?  Morning person.

5. Favorite TV show and why?  I don't watch a lot of TV, but I have been known to get involved in some shows like American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, and Master Chef. I like the competition parts of them I would imagine.

6. What do you want to be when you grow up? A mother.

7. How do you cope when things are not going well in your life?  Cry. I firmly believe a good cry can be very soothing (and God stores all our tears). Also pray.

8. A Favorite quote?  A bible verse Jeremiah 32:27 "I am the Lord, the God of all mankind, is anything too hard for me?" and truly nothing is too hard or impossible for God.

9. Your favorite food to snack on when no one is around. Chocolate.

10. What is your favorite social media?  Blogger.

11. What is one destination that you dream of traveling to? Israel.

I'm going to cheat a bit and not nominate anyone else, but will leave 11 questions at the end and request if you have made it this far, that you answer one of the questions in the comment section below; thanks :)

1.  What is your favorite Christmas song?
2.  Pumpkin or pecan pie?
3.  Did you go to any of your high school reunions?
4.  What was the last book you read?
5.  Favorite day of the week and why?
6.  Have you ever been hunting?
7.  Facebook, friend or foe?
8.  Did you play board games as a child? What was your favorite one?
9.  Do you play the lottery?
10.  Cat or dog?
11.  Do you think Koda is the cutest corgi you've ever seen?

Thanks Paula for nominating me.

Monday, November 3, 2014

empty nest once again

The first time son moved out, he was 19 years old and clueless what it took to live on your own.  He lasted 3 months and moved back in with us.

The second time he moved out, it lasted just about a year.  He was a few years older and they could have, should have made it work, but they didn't, and in retrospect I'm glad they didn't.

So when he told us about 6 weeks ago his plan to move out by the end of October I wasn't sure it would all come together.

But it did. They packed up the truck Friday, Halloween, hit the road Saturday morning, got settled in a bit to their new place over this past weekend.

He got a job where they are moving.

She can transfer her job where they are moving.

For privacy sake, I won't say where they are moving, but it is within a day's drive of where we live.

Though likely we won't go and visit them unless we board Koda.

And we have mixed feelings about that.

Although he loves his car rides, he does fidget and I think this would be longer than he would like.

The first time son left, I cried for days.

The second time, just a few tears shed.

This time, a little more than a few tears shed, but they were mainly happy tears if one care shed happy tears, and I think one can.

Its a good move.  It doesn't seem like it should be a good move, but I think it is. A few months ago I told him "I think you are on a brink of something really good, I don't know what it is, but it is good." And then it happened.

I will miss him.

Yet it is good.

It is what our jobs are that we do.

Prepare them to leave.

He came back twice.

I don't think he'll come back this time.

And that's okay.

I just have to learn how to cook again for two.

And that is okay too.

Lord, please watch over him.

You always have, you always will.

That's good enough for me.

And so he moved.

Changing of location.

Cliff hanger revealed.

Yet who knows, maybe there's another move in store.

Stay tune......

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

he never....

....ceases to amaze me where he will wedge himself.

He got a clean bill of health from the vet today.

He only had to wear the cone of shame for one night.  He seemed to catch on and stopped scratching the next day.  Hubby tied a little bandana around his neck the next day after the cone of shame and that helped him not to scratch. He's healing up pretty well.

Remember when I said the cliff hanger about a month ago?  I promise, an update soon.  If not this weekend, then next Monday.  Things are coming together, they just aren't quite there yet.  Hang in there.

In the meantime, is anyone else other than me dreading the time change this weekend? I love the extra hour of sleep, but not the early hours of darkness.

Friday, October 24, 2014

he wears it somewhat well

We had a bit of a scare earlier this week with Koda. 

Sunday he stopped wanting to eat.  When a corgi doesn't want to eat, you know there's a problem.

He kind of was okay Monday until Monday night when we were giving him his shot and we both noticed his right side of his snout was swollen.  The swelling went down overnight, but we noticed he felt warm and his appetite was nothing like it normally was.

We took him to the vet Tuesday.  The vet was so busy that they couldn't give us an appointment, but said we could drop him off, the vet would evaluate him when he could and give us a call.

On pins and needles we waited until the phone rang.

The vet doesn't usually speak to you on the phone unless it is something major.  His techs tell what is wrong, the recommended treatment, you agree to it, and then it is carried out.

So when the tech called, I knew it wasn't bad news because the vet will deliver bad news over the phone. Been there, done that when Koda was diagnosed with lymphoma back in 2011.

But it was inconclusive news.  They did an aspirate of where he was swollen and it came back mostly white blood cells (infection) but also some other cells the vet couldn't quite figure out. He wanted a pathologist to look at the slide which we agreed to do. He said there may be some lymph glands in there. We panicked. Lymph cells would mean Koda's lymphoma was back.

We cried. We planned.  We didn't want him to suffer. That is always our intent.  We don't want him to suffer to keep him alive because we can't bear to part from him.

I picked him up from the vet because of hubby's work schedule and had to talk to the vet. I panicked, thinking "okay, he's going to give me bad news, I will not cry."  He actually had good news, Koda looked healthy, he just wasn't sure, he didn't suspect anything, but just wanted another opinion.

I paid for the services and waited for Koda to be brought out. One of the receptionists who had been with us all through Koda's chemotherapy and cancer asked me "are you okay?" I said "yes, better than I was a few hours ago." She said she fell apart when she heard there was a possibility Koda could have lymphoma.  I said it was going to be a sad day when that day came. We hugged. She said they were here for us.

We took Koda home. Over the next few days he eventually got his appetite back and his energy and started to feel like the corgi he used to be.

He was on antibiotics, pain pills, eye drops because his right eye was really goopy.

And we waited for the final news. Would the slide sent to the pathologist indicate a return of lymphoma?

The vet had to shave him where they did the aspiration of fluid. Someone (Koda) thought it would be good to scratch it.

Someone caused the area to bleed.

Someone is wearing the "cone of shame" until the area heals over a little bit.


by the grace of God......

someone had a clean slide, no cancer cells, no lymph cells, just white blood cells
indicative of infection.

And for that I am grateful.

Thank you Lord.

(and he really does look relatively stunning in that cone)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hit, a book review

For BookLook Bloggers, I chose to read and review Hit by Lorie Ann Grover.  By agreeing to read the book in its entirety and writing a review of it on my blog and a consumer site, I was provided a free copy of the book.

It is an interesting story of a high school senior student, Sarah, who has been offered a full scholarship at a women's college.  Her intent was to fully go to that college as it has the course study she wished to pursue, until she has a poetry class that a graduate student, Haddings, is assigned to teach.  He is at the local university and her interests change to attend that one instead of the one she has a full scholarship to.  Although he knows it is wrong for them to pursue a relationship, she definitely has feelings for him and expresses it through her poetry.  The day after he shares a poem in the class that definitely tells her there can be nothing between the two of them, she writes a poem to give to him.  As she is walking across street to go to school on a rainy morning, she drops the poem and goes back to retrieve it, only to get hit by a car that is driven by him, althought it is an accident.  The book continues from each of their perspectives over the days she is hospitalized until her release when she makes her final decision on where she will attend college.  Through their perspectives, the book is designed.  Her perspective is written from the pain of the accident, the treatment given to her, etc., his is written through the perspective of hitting her and how guilty he feels and how he wants to apologize to her and her family.

This book is listed as teen fiction.  I had trouble with the the theme of the book with a potential relationship between a student and a teacher.  I then had to look at the book for its targeted audience.  I would not have liked this theme at my age in my mid 50s, but for a teen who has imagined a crush on a teacher and the possibility of what could happen if a relationship did happen, it may appeal to them, as well as maybe open up their eyes to the dangers of wanting to pursue such a relationship. 

The story was written in short paragraphs back and forth between the two main characters . A lot of emphasis was put on how hideous Sarah looked after an accident, especially her face, having to have emergency surgery to avoid complications.  I would imagine for a young teen, their looks would be something that they would be worried about in such an event.

I think the author did an okay job with relating the medical things Sarah went through as a result of the accident, but she was in the hospital only for a short period of time with a major brain injury, but not a lot of bone injuries which I found surprising after being thrown over 20 feet after being hit by the car.  Perhaps because of my profession in medical transcription, I thought it was a little far fetched for such an accident to occur without more serious injuries with a very short hospital stay with no physical therapy mentioned as occurring for recovery.  However, a teen probably would not catch some of that or be interested in some of that.

I would recommend the book for a young teen interested in poetry, since there were several poems highlighted in the book, and enjoying a quick read, for this was easy to read.