a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Saturday, April 25, 2015


A/Z - a drink for me

V - Vino

I enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings when I'm relaxing reading blogs.  Due to calories, I have cut it out nightly and now just have wine on the weekends, but I did recently see a study that said drinking a glass of red wine was like doing an hour of exercise.  I had to laugh because there are always studies out there that refute previous studies.  Coffee is good one year, coffee is bad another yet, same with sugar and so much other stuff.  All things in moderation the Bible says and I tend to agree.

What do you think of those scientific studies? Fact or fiction in what they say?

And in follow up of my U post about the bank, I loved to read the answers you guys came up with; a lot of them were great ones and a lot of funny ones too.

But the reason that they think this bank won't get robbed is because of its location.  It is almost in a bottle neck kind of situation, not many ways out of the area, not a quick escape for a robber. Only two roads actually lead out of town from there. Now I had thought the opposite because it was on a corner of two busy streets close to a Wal-Mart and a car dealership.  So I guess that doesn't make me have the mind of a bank robber (which is probably a good thing).

Friday, April 24, 2015

US Bank

A/Z this is where I store my money (if I had any)

U - US Bank

We do our banking business at US Bank.  Have done so since we lived in Montana so close to 17 years (that just doesn't seem possible that much time has passed).  

Of course, like most of you, I do the majority of the banking online.  Both hubby and me get paid through direct deposit.  I pay the majority if not all our bills through internet banking.  Its convenient.  

I'm sure like my job as a medical transcriptionist has changed over the years, the banking business has changed too and I'm sure downsized employees with the advent of internet banking.

Recently we got a home improvement loan to fix up the house we used to live in when we were in the San Diego area.  We were in the bank weekly for about 6 weeks when we were securing the loan, providing this piece of paper, that piece of paper, etc. We got to know the loan officer pretty well, she enjoyed my husband's sense of humor (he does have a good one).

I mentioned one day that this bank doesn't have security guards like all the banks in the San Diego area where we came from. She said there was a very low probability that this bank would ever get robbed and then she told us why. 

So any guesses why this bank was relatively safe from a bank robbery??

(come back on Saturday for the answer)

Thursday, April 23, 2015


A/Z, sharing some beauty

T - Tree

There are a variety of trees in the city where I live.  Most of the pictures below were taken in winter months, but I like the rugged look of some of them.  I'm clueless what kind of trees they are, but enjoy looking at them, blooming or bare.

This one was taken at Willow Lake (go back to L for lake if you want to see another picture of Willow Lake). It was our third weekend here in Arizona, our first hike. 

This was at Watson Lake (L if you want another picture of Watson Lake) the next weekend afterwards. 

This was at the start of Thumb Butte, another hiking path. Literally straight up for the hike and straight down when you got to the top. The bench on my header picture is taken at the top of the hike. When I saw the bench, I knew I needed a picture of it so we kept walking. Only a 1.75 mile hike but took us from start to finish close to 2 hours.  We plan to do it again when we are in much better shape.

This was in the middle of the Thumb Butte hike.  

This was at Lynx Lake (L again for Lynx Lake if you want to see another picture of it). 

Of course once spring got here some of the trees started to bloom, but some are late bloomers and didn't start blooming until into April.

Are you a tree person?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shadow Shots

A/Z - a silly about me

S - Shadow Shots

For some strange reason, I like taking pictures of us when we are hiking as a shadow shot.

I always seem to be on the left side of hubby.

He's really distorted in this; not sure how I managed that effect.

Are you afraid of your shadow?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rain, Rabbit, Rules

A to Z, another rant from me

R - Rain, rabbit, rules

I much prefer sunny and warm to cool and rainy, but obviously, I know we need the rain.  I kind of like the benefits we get from the rain, water to shower with, wash clothes with, drink, etc.

Around our housing community there are quite a few rabbits. Can you see the one by the bush?  The most rabbits I've seen together were four in our yard area.  I scare them (and they scare me) when I go out walking.  They are usually close to the front door and they scamper away when I open the door.  I have to remember they are just bunnies, but they cause me to look twice.

Remember back in H - Home, when I wrote we would be moving again at the end of our lease?  Here's the rest of the explanation why we'll be relocating later this year.

Currently we live in a home owner's association community.  As in most homeowner associations, there are rules, which I get and will respect, but both hubby and me have trouble with the "no outside lights" unless it is one they approve of (low lighting). They don't want to take away from the beauty of the Prescott night sky. I get that and it really is pretty, however, you can take the girl out of Southern California, but you can't take Southern California out of the girl. There they encourage you to have lots of lights for safety reasons. Here, no front porch or back porch lights.  Both hubby and me feel just a bit unsafe with it (though we do live in a gated community, LOL). So we'll be looking outside of a homeowner's association when our lease expires come December.  (By the way, when we rented the house we knew it was in a homeowner's association, we just didn't know all the rules. When we found out this one, even the property management people were surprised about it. Lesson learned to us; next time we rent in a homeowner's association, we'll look at the rules first before we commit).

Another rabbit that visited this past weekend :)

Are you a rainy day person or a sunny day person?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Quails and Quiz

A/Z these birds are special to me

Q - Quails

I first got "introduced" to quails when we lived in one part of Southern California four years ago (Murrieta, close to Temecula). From the window where my work computer was set up, I could look in the back yard and would see road runners, bunnies, a snake (wasn't happy about that), coyotes at times, and quail. The quail were my favorite and I loved when we had two families of quail babies to watch at times.

Then we moved to a different part of Southern California before we moved here to Arizona and I didn't see quail for four years. Missed them.  Imagine my happiness when one time when walking through our housing development and I saw quail.  They were always at other parts of the housing development, but then started showing up closer to where I live.  One morning I was in the kitchen throwing food in the crock pot for dinner and movement caught my eye outside. I looked out and to my amazement four quail were on our patio eating the leftover food from the bird feeders.  I quickly grabbed the camera and were able to catch a few pictures of them. 

Q - Quiz

Thought I would throw in a few questions to see if you have been learning more about me through A/Z.  

True or False:

1.  I live in Arizona.

2.  I work at home.

3.  I'm married to a musician.

4.  I used to have a corgi named Koda.

If you answered true to all of them, you are correct!

Do you have quail where you live?

How did you do on the quiz?

Saturday, April 18, 2015


A/Z this is my city

P - Prescott

I live in the city of Prescott, Arizona.  It is at about 5000 feet altitude and does have the changing of the seasons.  It will get snow and cold winter weather but the snow doesn't stick around a lot, neither the cold temperatures.  It is a retirement community which is kind of nice because hubby and me at age of 57 and 61 (he's the older one) go places and where we were the older ones in Southern California where we used to live, now we are the younger ones. Prescott is Arizona's Christmas City and does a lot of things for an annual rodeo held around the 4th of July.  I look forward to seeing what events surround it come July of this year.  It is also known as "Everyone's Home Town" and I have to tell you the people here are the friendliest I have been around.

Interestingly, if you look at the word "Prescott" you think it should be pronounced "Press-cot" as in cot you sleep on.

It is actually pronounced "Press-kit" as rhymes with biscuit. 

It is easy to discern between native and not when they pronounce Prescott. I just remember "kit" not "cot" and have not made too many blunders with pronouncing it wrong.

So far I like living here.  We have been here now almost 4 months.  We have seen some of the flaws that almost every single city has, but it still is a pretty nice place; I can see us retiring here.

Do you like living in the city where you live?