a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Thursday, May 21, 2015

if you go on strike.....

Some of you might remember that I went on strike against house cleaning about 4 years ago.  To give a little history with hopefully not a lot of words, prior to that time hubby worked 50 hours a week on average and I worked 40 hours a week.  I had a split schedule on Friday and Saturday so I cleaned house on Friday afternoon so that we had the weekend after my shift on Saturday to play or whatever.  I also did 99.9% of the laundry.

Then he quit his job to move closer to his parents and I kept working 40 hours a week but then we got that pesky mandatory overtime for about 6 months, so I was working 46 hours a week (extra hour a day for every day I worked) and he was working zilch as he was trying to get his teaching guitar student business going.

I had diligently cleaned house before then because he had the more stressful job at the time and was working more hours so I was trying to make it easier for him so I thought it should now be the same. I was working more hours, he should do house cleaning and laundry to free up my time.

He didn't.

I went on strike.

I in my head went on strike.

I stopped cleaning.

For four years.

I think during that time I MIGHT have cleaned the bathrooms once and maybe vacuumed once or twice but I never touched the kitchen or much else.  Laundry was about 60/40, you can guess who had the 60 and if you chose me, you'd be right.

I never told him I was on strike on house cleaning.  I just didn't clean.

I didn't like the situation I was in (okay I hated it, you guys all know that if you followed my blog for any of a time during that time). I distanced myself from that house. I could care less about the dirt. I just rationed it wasn't my house (and truly it wasn't, in name alone it is not my house, he inherited it strictly in his name from his parents).  We rarely had people over. 

Truly the house was not maintained.  It was pathetic.  But I was on strike and I wasn't budging.

Fast forward four years and now the situation is reversed once again, order has been restored to the universe.

He is now working 50 plus hours a week again and I'm back to 40 hours a week except for that pesky overtime that seems to creep in here and there and ruins the best laid plans especially through the A/Z challenge.

So I quietly settled my strike and started cleaning again. We moved here and within a week I had established a cleaning and laundry schedule and exclusively I do it 100%.

However, I forgot one little thing.  What we left behind.


Extremely dirty house.

That house is in the process of being remodeled (more about that later and our future plans).

The wonderful sweet handyman who is fixing it up is a young married man with two young children, a big heart, a limited budget. Their fridge went out and he asked if he could buy the fridge from our house which we didn't move.  Both hubby and me knew we couldn't sell him the fridge because we had no idea how old it was and we didn't want to sell it to him one week and then have it break the next week so we gave him the fridge.

And then I remembered.

How it looked.

Before we moved.

And sheepishly I thought.

Oh my gosh.

I left a tremendous mess.

For someone else to clean up.

I had a moment of guilt (but just a moment).

I considered messaging his lovely wife on Facebook.

and said "so sorry, this isn't really how I take care of things"

but I didn't.

I just hope they appreciated the gift.

Even if they had to clean it up a bit (lot).

Do I regret the strike?

Nope (maybe 0.00000000001%)

Will I do it again?

If the situation is right, yes.

Am I happy to be cleaning again?

Yeah.....I kind of like it.

So......just be careful......in case you decide to do such a strike.

It could come back to haunt you (but just a bit).

Friday, May 15, 2015

Middle of May Friday Letters

Hooking up with Paula this week for Friday Letters:

Dear Mandatory Overtime:  Enough already!!

Dear American Idol:  You're cheesy, but I'm going to miss you after next season.

Dear Son and Delightful Girlfriend:  So enjoyed the visit last Saturday.  Lunch was fun and loved meeting your new puppy.  Just saying, if he happens to disappear after the next time we come and visit, don't worry, I'm sure he is safe.

Dear Blackjack:  You aren't a corgi, but you are a cute Jack Russell Terrier mix.  I forgot how active puppies can be.  I might offer you an adventure the next time we see you.  Don't worry, you'll be in a loving home without a cat.  You'll do fine.

Dear Weather: Really, another weekend that is cold and rainy?  Three in a row, but who's counting?

Dear Upcoming Trip:  Looking forward to you in more ways than one.  Will have some interesting things to share with my faithful blog readers.

Dear Weekend:  Don't go too fast, okay?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What a difference 12 hours make

Bird feeder 7 a.m. Wednesday, May 6th

Bird feeder 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 6th

It amazes me that the birds eat that much seed a day.  This has been going on for the past week that they almost eat the whole thing.  

We surely have a lot of birds that come through or the same birds come back again and again.  

Yesterday was cute, the birds were feeding on both feeders plus some birds were eating the seed that were on the patio under the feeders.  Doves were down there along with quail.  We even had a bunny eating the seed.  The quail walked right by the bunny and the bunny didn't even move.  

I wish I could watch all day the interactions at the feeders. I can see from my work place but have to also look at the computer screen (LOL).  They are fascinating.

And hungry...........

Thursday, April 30, 2015


A/Z - have you learned more about me?

Z- Zoo

There is a small zoo here in Prescott.  They actually call it an animal sanctuary though it is listed here on the sign as Heritage Park Zoo.  The majority of the animals there have been rescued from different unsafe conditions, like a fox from a pool, a bear that its mother had been accidentally shot, etc.  

Its a small zoo, but tastefully done with the enclosures.  

When we went, we were around the time of bear feeding so we stopped by and watched it.  There were two bears that were fed (separate enclosures). One was an older bear, had been at the zoo for 21 years (its mother was the one shot).  As he is aging and harder for him to move around, they keep his food in couple different areas so he knows where it is when they put it out for him and he goes right for it.  The keeper said bears have a sweet tooth and that was true because that bear went straight for the grapes and ate them first.  He also ate salmon, cod, carrots, dry dog food, cantaloupe, and avocado.

The second bear was another black bear but about 3 years old.  Because he could easily get around his enclosure, they would stage his food at different places so he had to go and search for them.  It was fun to watch him when he was allowed back into his enclosure (obviously he is put in a holding cell while the keepers are in the actual enclosure), he would lift his face and you could see him sniffing, figuring out where his food was.  You could also tell that both bears were well aware of when it was feeding time by when the golf cart arrived at their enclosures and they did recognize the voices of the keepers bringing the food.  The younger bear was a bit spirited and wouldn't go into his holding cell willingly when the keeper was trying to get him into it.  The keeper "threatened" to leave if he didn't go and shortly after that, he did go into the cell.  

The zoo also does special events through the year, Easter egg hunt, lights at the holiday, breakfast with animals.

Enjoyable time.

Is there a zoo where you live?

(I can't believe the A/Z challenge is over! This month went by so fast! I'm not doing a reflections post next week, but here's my thoughts about the challenge:
1. Totally enjoyed being a helper this year. Thanks Stephen.
2. Totally enjoyed visiting new blogs and reading a variety of topics.
3.  Felt a little overwhelmed with it all but that's only because of mandatory overtime at work (still on it).
4. Still had trouble commenting on some blogs, especially Google Plus ones. If it took me too long to figure out how to leave a comment, I would just move on.
5. Looking forward to it next year and I even think I have a theme already.
6.  Now I'm going back to my regular blogging pattern of posting every 7-10 days, but reading blogs every day.

Thanks everyone; I had so much fun and I learned so much about you all as you answered my questions).

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


A/Z - a place dear to me

Y - Yavapai

I live in Yavapai County in Arizona.  Yavapai is a Native American Tribe.  It is pronounced "Ya-va-pie."

This is one of two hospitals in the area; both are run by the same hospital group.  One is in Prescott where I live and the other one in Prescott Valley which is the town right next to ours.  Both are trauma centers and serve a big area of Arizona.

Hubby works for them.  He is based at this one but also has responsibilities at the other one too.

We are winding down with the A/Z challenge. Just want to thank everyone for their visits and their comments :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A/Z - an easy X for me

X - Xeriscape

Xeriscape is VERY popular here.  This is the front yard of our house.  As you can see, trees and plants, shrubs, and rocks.

No grass.  It makes perfect sense with water conservation, especially since this is considered a high desert.

They even put inserts into the water bill on water smart trees and shrubs.

Not that I would know any of the names of the trees and shrubs in our neighborhood.  They are low maintenance though. 

There are "normal" neighborhoods here that have green grass yards, mostly I think the older homes. Most of the newer ones are going with xeriscape.  

I like the low maintenance of it, but also like green grass.  Since we are renting, "all" we are responsible for is removing weeds and leaves when they fall off the tree come fall. The owner is responsible for maintaining the shrubs, trees, etc. There is a drip system for watering, can't quite figure out how it works. Not sprinklers like we have had at other places we've lived, but tubing here and there that water drips from, not sure how long it drips when it is on, but I'm thinking the plants must not need a lot of water.

What about you? Xeriscape or luscious green grass?

Monday, April 27, 2015


A/Z - if it is cold, I am not a happy me

W - Weather

So far in the almost four months we have lived here, the weather has been relatively pleasant, except this past weekend when it was cold, windy, and rainy.  The "natives" say this past winter was a "mild" one (for which I'm glad).  We had low 20's for the nights but would warm up to mid 50's to 60's, even a few 70's in winter.  We got some rain, a few snow showers (save for that 6 inches of snow that snowed the first day we moved here).  

Worse thing I can say about the weather here so far is the humidity.  It is low.  Very low.  Sometimes in the mid teen's.  So its very dry here.  Dry skin.  You can get shocked if you touch something here, its that dry.

So we run a humidifier 24/7.  That keeps the humidity inside the house between 35-40% which is comfortable, not super dry, we don't get shocked and its good for hubby's guitars.  

I like our humidifier.  Has a night light on it for night.  

And it does help combat the dryness.

How's the weather like today where you live?