Thursday, September 17, 2020

Masks and the like

We got masks today at work with the name of the organization.  Of course we are wearing masks all along since June.  We also have started having our temperatures taken at the start of our shift and are asked questions about our health.  That started after Labor Day.

I thought this through before and perhaps in your part of the country they are doing it already.  But it is a great way to advertise on a mask.  Remember the old days when everyone would give you a calendar for the new year? Insurance agents, stores, etc., etc.  Now this could be the new one to advertise! 

Winslow got neutered the Friday before Labor Day.  This was I think the day after.  Hard to keep a good corgi down but we had to for 14 days to make sure things healed.  All times on a leash when outside.  No jumping, etc.  Of course he was back to normal after the second day and it was a challenge to keep him occupied.  He got pretty good with the cone on.  He actually used it as a tool sometimes to push his toys around.  

The cone comes off Friday morning.  This picture was taken Thursday night.  We have been taking him for short walks around our neighborhood.  Not more than 5-10 minutes.  It has been very helpful for his mood.

 Had a very nice ride in an Uber this morning.  First time I have taken an Uber this year and definitely the first time since this whole mess began.  As things seem to happen when you least expect them, hubby's car had a dead battery or he thought starter but we weren't going to get it fixed until after Winslow's cone came off because we didn't want to leave him home alone, even in his crate, we just didn't want him to get to his stitches, even with the cone on.  He's determined if he wants to do something.  Anyway, so the car was slated to be taken in tomorrow, Friday, for servicing.  In the meantime I go out to start the Rogue to go to work this morning and its dead.  Dead battery.  So how to get to work? Uber it!

The driver who picked me up was great.  They were wearing a mask as was I.  There was plexiglass between the front seat and the back seat.  We had the best conversation that I wish we could have continued for a long time.  Got to work 10 minutes late but my temperature was good (97.4) so all was good.  Turned out both cars needed new batteries (auto club came to our rescue) so we are good to go.  I don't believe in coincidence so I truly believe it was orchestrated by God that I had to take that Uber to work today :) 

Felt perfectly safe :)

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Is it mask worthy?

I am wearing a mask because it is mandated.  I know all the scientific things about wearing the mask; read it all.  I differ in my opinions about wearing a mask and other things in general but I understand it is considered more safe to be wearing a mask around others than not wearing a mask and because it is mandated I wear a mask but I rip it off the second I can.  So now before I go anywhere I ask this question "is where I'm going mask worthy?" Meaning is it worth donning a mask that I would prefer not to wear just to go to where I want to go.  And as a side note I still have not gotten "into the groove" of wearing a mask.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to walk back to the car to get a mask before entering a building/restaurant/store.  

So last week after seeing a YouTube segment about a decadent chocolate dessert someone made both hubby and me said later in the day "we got to go to Cerreta's".  It is a local candy company.  That was mask worthy.

Driving by an estate sale the sign said "masks required."  That was not mask worthy for me though it would be interesting to see what was offered and also if the estate sale is inside the house as it sometimes is, I like to look at the layout of other houses.  But in this case not mask worthy.

Going to get homemade Polish sausage from a local delicatessen for a recipe Ma featured in her blog was mask worthy. 

Going to get my hair cut last week, yep mask worthy.  My hair was longer than it had been in a bit and was driving me crazy as I don't like the hair on my neck during hot summer months.

Going to church?  YES definitely mask worthy.  Our church has not reopened yet with no plans on when they will reopen.  They originally were going to reopen August 2nd but then our numbers went crazy in July so they postponed it.  FOR ME the online experience was not cutting it so we decided to look for a church that was meeting in person.  Found one, liked the message we listened to online and went in person 2 weeks ago.  LOVED IT.  Just the feel of being together with fellow believers praising and worshiping and hearing a sermon in person instead of through a video screen was fantastic.  Again FOR ME it was definitely more fulfilling than viewing online.  So yes mask worthy.  We are still considering whether we will go back to our old church when/if it ever reopens and are praying about it.  

Going out to eat and restaurants asking you to wear a mask until seated and then put the mask on when moving around the restaurant is mask worthy.  

Local gyms can reopen again after being closed for about 2 months.  Wearing a mask while exercising on the treadmill (it is required in the majority of the gyms) is definitely not mask worthy.

Next month is our anniversary.  Its a milestone one so we want to celebrate it grandly.  Been thinking of going away for a few days and trying to come up with ideas of what to do and where to go.  In talking we had to see what was opened (for instance we like to do wine tasting in Temecula California and some wineries aren't doing tastings just sales while others are doing tastings outside) and then we had to determine if what we wanted to do was mask worthy.  So far we are coming up empty but I'm sure we will figure out some place to celebrate that is definitely mask worthy.  

This is just me, but just asking what do you consider mask worthy?

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Things I think about and just other things in general

 I sometimes have a warped sense of thinking and humor for that matter, but I've thought of these things over the past few months with this whole virus mess.

Here's what I wondered:

1. Have lipstick sales gone down now that everyone is wearing masks?

2. How is Halloween going to get celebrated this year? Will people have to be wearing masks and gloves to hand out candy and recipients have to be wearing a mask if it is not part of their costume?

3. How will Black Friday sales go? I know merchants say they are targeting more online sales, but how will be social distance at 6 feet apart while waiting in line for Black Friday deals? I can see the line wrapped around for miles if that be the case.

And just other things in general:

1. Winslow has one more puppy class to go.  He didn't get kicked out but he was the one that made the most noise in class (barked A LOT). In fact we were at Pet Smart one evening with him buying dog food (go figure) and an employee said to hubby "are you in the Saturday puppy class?" Hubby said "yes." The employee said "I recognized that bark" as Winslow was barking in the store at that time.  He barks at everything and anything.

2.  Our voting in person was successful. Cleanest place I've been since this whole virus mess started.  They wiped down everything after you used it, touchscreen, voting booth, Sharpies used for voting, etc. There was a separate door for going in and a separate door for going out. Both were wiped down after someone entered and someone left. Every employee wore a face shield, mask, and gloves and masks were required for voters.

3.  We took Winslow to the dog park for the first time tonight. Our previous corgi, Koda, HATED other dogs so we could never take him to such a place. He got kicked out of doggy day camp at 5 months of age.  So we were a bit nervous but we had driven by one day with Winslow in the car and a girl with 2 corgis were there. We got out and talked to her and arranged a play date for tonight.  Winslow did great and had a great time! He is my quarantine dog, poor thing. We got him right before everything locked down so he didn't have a chance to socialize like he could have if things were as they were before the whole virus mess.  So we'll be getting together for play dates often in the future.  Wore energy off of him!

4.  It is so HOT here.  We broke a record of 34 days this summer with temps over 110 degrees and that was Sunday and now we are under an excessive heat watch until at least next Monday with temps in the 110 to 115.  And no monsoons.  NONE.  Weird year.  Of course we haven't been in the pool much because Winslow doesn't like us in the pool (along with not liking car rides - although getting better with them -- or hubby playing guitar).  He doesn't like when the grand kids are over to swim.  He is so protective of them he hates when they are in the water or if they go under the water to swim.  At the dog park there is a plastic pool dogs climb into to cool off.  A dog went in it and Winslow went crazy barking.  He certainly is so different than Koda though one shouldn't compare one "child" to another.  

But basically life is pretty good, isn't it?

Friday, July 31, 2020


Don't worry; this is not a political post (I promise).  These are my thoughts about my voting.

Tomorrow hubby and me are going to go in person to vote in our Arizona primary that official voting day is August 4th.  There has been a month of early voting at different locations in addition to mail in ballots.

FOR ME I don't want to do mail in ballots.  I like going to vote. I like seeing the process done of checking in, showing my ID, signing my name on the roster, getting my ballot, going to the voting booth, marking my selections, putting the ballot in the ballot box and collecting my "I voted today" sticker.  I collect my stickers on my card case putting one on top of the other.  

I've voted pretty much every election since I started voting back in 1976 when I was newly 18 years old and Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were running for president. I voted for Ford.  He lost.  

I think I missed a few "minor" elections along the way but have voted in every primary and every general election since then.  Some of my candidates have won, some have not.  Its okay.  I still exercise a very important right we have.  The right to vote.  We need to all exercise that regardless of who we vote for.

I have to step back and be honest here.  For some of the local races (most of the local races) I never really followed who were running for them.  When I went to vote I would vote random.  Pick and miss you might call it.  I was not informed on who they were, what they stood for, etc.  That was totally wrong on my part . 

Hubby keeps up better on political things than I did.  I'm learning a lot these days to be more aware.  On propositions on the ballot he would research and I would ask him how he would vote and I would vote with what he had decided to do.  Again, I was not informed.

November 3rd's election is going to be an important one.  I guess I should say every election is an important one.

I've been praying A LOT about it.  And one of my prayers for myself and for others is to be an informed voter.  Not voting on feelings but on what the candidates propose in their platforms (that hopefully they will try to accomplish).  

So knowing what my prayer was that I've been praying, I had to of course "walk the walk" and with this primary (which we are only voting on perhaps 10 positions) we did the research of who is running.  Some only had one person running, but the ones that had more than one running we looked into the candidates, saw what they stood for, what they wanted to try to do and talked about who we thought were the candidates that best represented what we hoped to have accomplished.

Honestly (again) I had to ask my husband what a county recorder does (something we are voting for) and why we needed a county recorder.  I found out here in Maricopa County where we live the county recorder is in charge of elections, making sure they are fair, etc . Learned something new.  Looked at the candidates, made our decisions.

This is "just" the primary election and we'll have to see who will be running against each other come November. But my plan is the same.  Vote informed FOR ME.  

I ask that you do the same.  Study and pray (if you do) for who you want to vote for.  Try not to vote on feeling.  Vote for who YOU think will be the best candidate for what you want to see happen.

The most important thing is get out and vote.  Whether you vote in person or by mail JUST VOTE :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

decorating - corgi style

We crate Winslow at night and when we are gone during the day.  We only go for about 2 hours at a time during the day.  It is safer to have him crated than let him roam free since he is still a puppy.

But apparently he is not fond of the mat we have at the bottom of his crate. 

He moves it around A LOT.  I worried that he might smother himself.

He pushes it to the back of the crate a lot.

Have no idea how he managed this.

Apparently folded in thirds and lying on top of it is what he sometimes likes.

Folded in thirds all on his own.  

Yep, he is a stinker and a handful and stubborn.  He is also starting puppy school at Pet Smart next Saturday.  I'm so excited! I predict he gets kicked out of class in the first 5 minutes.  I'll let you know how he does.

Guarding the wine stash.  A corgi after my own heart!

He definitely has us wrapped around his paws.  To say he is spoiled is an understatement.

(I'm sure the mat might make him feel hot though the air conditioning is always running these days and there is a fan close by his crate.  I'm sure we will remove the mat very soon since apparently he prefers not to use it.  Or he is training for a career in interior design).  

Friday, June 26, 2020

My thoughts about mail

You guys know that I'm working a temporary job for the State of Arizona in the unemployment office.

When I saw the original posting for the job it mentioned data entry and some other duties like answering emails or phone calls from claimants.  

Nothing was mentioned about opening and sorting mail.

But that is basically what I've been doing since I started back on May 4th.

And my temporary assignment that was supposed to end June 30th has been extended to August 31st which I agreed to do so I'm working at least through the end of August there.

I'm not sure if you are familiar with it, but there are flat bins that mail gets delivered to businesses in.  The bins are probably about 20 inches long and 5 inches wide.  They hold comfortably the #10 size envelopes.  

At the beginning of the shut down when there was massive unemployment the office was getting 200 such bins of mail daily.  200 BINS! I'm not sure what they averaged before but I'm sure it was not 200 bins.

Obviously there was no way a small department could process that all so they got temps to help them.  

There are about 20 forms that come into the unemployment office but when we are opening mail we only sort about 6-8 of them and leave the others for the regular employees to sort through.  

Its repetitive monotonous work but its not stressful and it gets me out of the home LOL.  

But of course I have thoughts about mail as follows:

People fold mail incredibly wrong.  They have a regular size envelope that they could easily take the piece of paper and fold it into 3's to fit in the envelope but they fold it to the tiniest way possible so there are tons of flattening that needs to be done to get the mail to lay straight.

People want to make sure the mail is kept together with the various papers in the envelopes. They staple the papers together and then to ensure things don't separate they also put a paper clip on it.  I have to remove all paper clips and staples from mail being sorted.

Some people tape their envelopes shut so it is virtually impossible to open them without scissors.

Mail is dirty.  I've washed my hands a lot.  A LOT!!

Mail that is not the regular #10 size envelopes and odd sizes are called "uglies" because they can't be opened through the letter opener machine.  I never saw so many different sizes of envelopes in my life. The funniest one I saw was made from a brown paper bag from a local grocery store.  

Foil lined envelopes are very hard to open.

Nowadays we get the most bins on Mondays (about 20) and they get less in number as the week goes by.  There are 5 of us temps doing mail.  

The regular employees in the department work REALLY hard.  They are working 12 hour days Monday through Friday and 8 hours on Saturday to process the claims so people can get their unemployment.

They truly are heroes.

So next time you need to mail a letter, don't tape the envelope, don't staple the stuff inside, and don't use a foil lined envelope.

And if you pray, say a prayer for those hard working employees not only in the Phoenix unemployment office but any other unemployment office in any other state.  I'm sure it is the same any place where things were closed due to the lock downs. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Wonderful Winslow

Isn't this an interesting picture? It's in our back yard. Sun was going down. I was just taking a video of him being chased by hubby and then shot this picture. Looking back on it, it looks kinda neat lol.

I am amiss for a post about him. I have one ready and may use it but did want to say his official American Kennel Club name since he is a purebred corgi. You can pretty much pick any name you want for their official name though the AKC has to approve it and if it is more than 36 letters long you have to pay additionally to get it registered.  

And without too much fanfare Winslow's official AKC name is - 

Winslow's Corner of Arizona.

Some of you will get it if you think Eagles song from the late 1970's called "Take it Easy."  There's a line in it that says "I'm standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona" and so on.  Winslow Arizona is a small town in Northern Arizona.  There is a statue on a corner there in honor of this song where people go and get their picture taken.

Winslow's mom's AKC name was Fistful of Dollars but her nickname was Elle.  His dad's AKC name was Diamond T Mr. Agustus; not sure what his nickname was.  

I'm playing around on social media with sites for him and gimmicks but haven't had much time to do so.  Will let you guys know down the line if there is anything there in case you want to follow along on Facebook and the like.  My original thought was taking him to different parts of Arizona and getting pictures of him there (like the Grand Canyon, Winslow Arizona, Sedona and the like) and interposing it with hubby's guitar playing.  The drawback here (so far) is Winslow hates car rides (barks the whole time) and is not fond of hubby playing the guitar (barks the whole time).  But we are working on it (sort of).

Stay tuned.......