Wednesday, April 1, 2020

what the neighbors know

We have brick walls on all sides of our yard.  We can hear our neighbors at times outside as well as their dogs as well as smell the delicious things they are barbecuing.  I'm sure they do the same for us.  Maybe more so these days since we are all social distancing and perhaps because the nice weather is around us people are outside enjoying their backyards more.  In just a few short weeks the weather will turn HOT here and we'll be more inside than out.

So what do the neighbors know?

They know we have a new puppy.  We had a relatively quiet backyard when the only activity was the barbecuing and if the wee one was over for play and he was in the backyard they would hear us playing.

They know the puppy's name is Winslow because we are always calling him or praising him (like when he goes potty outside).  

Really, is this comfortable for sleeping?  Apparently it is.

The neighbors also know that Winslow has an incredibly small bladder (getting better as he is getting older) because we are always outside with him it seems and we are always praising him when he goes potty.  He is letting us know he needs to go outside so that is good.  

That is pretty much what our neighbors know. What do your neighbors know or what do you know about your neighbors? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

fine dining Covid-19 sytle

As many of you know son works for a fine Italian restaurant in the Scottsdale area here in the valley.  

Because of Covid-19 all restaurants and bars have had to close except to offer take out or delivery service.  

So naturally his restaurant had to follow the guidelines so they put together a take out menu and reduced their hours of operation.  They closed Monday and are only open 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. the other days.

Son and the 2 other cooks currently are still employed.  Thankfully! 

We decided to order pick up from them today for dinner.

We got the pasta A special which was a choice of 2 pastas available plus a choice of 2 salads available or soup.

This is hubby's salad, Insalata Organiche.  Came with dressing on the side.

This is my entree; gnocchi, which is not pronounced the way I would pronounce it.  In Italian it is pronounced so different that I can't duplicate it here.  

This is my caprese salad. Very tasty.  

Hubby's pasta which was Paccatelli; also equally good. 

Came with bread and olive oil along with biscotti.  

And a nice touch, son had Chef pick out a bottle of wine to compliment our meal and son bought it for us!  

Food was ready on time and delicious and kept fresh on the drive home.  We ended up splitting the salads and enjoying our entrees.  

It was good to support local small businesses like this.  Chef and his wife truly appreciated our business.  It was frightfully expensive, but the restaurant is to begin with, but we felt it was good to help them (and hopefully keep son gainfully employed during these times).

As budget allows we plan to support other local small restaurants and businesses weekly.  

This too will pass! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

full circle (I think)

I worked at home for 30 years.  I got terminated.  I got a new job in an office.  Commute wasn't that bad.  Adjusted to it.

Now I'm home again working.

Is that considered full circle?

Because of all the events going on that everyone and anyone is aware of, social isolation is STRONGLY encouraged.  My company employs a fair amount of workers in cubicles relatively side by side.  

They decided to deploy everyone.

At first I PANICKED.

Mind you I'm 4 weeks into the job but only just a little over one week out of training and into something they call "nesting" where a SME (I can't remember what the initials stand for) basically sits with all the new recruits and answers any questions we have while we do the work.  

Take us out of the office and where is that SME??? Not sitting next to me, but thankfully due to technology they are virtually sitting next to me in the form of instant messengers, chats, phone calls, etc.  They assigned 1 SME to each of us that trained together (only 2 of us during that training period).  I got a gem of a SME.  She is very patient and if she hasn't heard from me in a bit with a question or with her checking my work she instant messages me and makes sure I'm doing okay.  

It isn't perfect but it is doable.

So I got sent home today to work along with the rest of the people who hadn't deployed yesterday.  Basically all of us are working from home now.  The great thing is if we prove ourselves to be capable of working from home when this is over and social isolation is lifted we may continue to have the option of working from home.  

I moved my work space where I used to work before when working from home when I was in front of a window and could assess the whole neighborhood.  That was in a little more of an open area. Some of my work involves making calls to providers and such.  It would be hard to be in a quiet environment with a puppy around so I moved my work space to another room where I can close the door.  Has a window but not in the best location. But that's okay.

I can live with it.

I'm home again working in pajamas if I choose to!

Life is great.

Really it is.

We'll get through this.  

Just patience, prayer, trust.  

Saturday, March 14, 2020

puppy 101

Its been close to 16 years since we last had a puppy in the house.  Forgot how much energy they have, plus how sharp their little baby teeth are, plus how careful you have to be with getting them potty trained.  We aren't crate training him but he is in his crate when we aren't home, at night, and during the day if hubby needs a break to do something.  He spends most of his time out of the crate so we constantly are watching him to make sure we are picking up the cues that he needs to go out to have a potty break.

This is a new product we heard about when we were investigating getting a puppy.  Its called Snuggle Puppy. The heart beats to resemble a litter mate or perhaps mama herself.  The heat pack goes inside the puppy and provides warmth so when the dog snuggles up to the Snuggle Puppy he thinks he is snuggling up with a real live pup.  Its supposed to be good to help calm puppies and dogs dealing with separation anxiety, etc.  

It was worth the money.  He settled in pretty good the first night here, just whimpering a little bit. By night two he was hardly whimpering at all.  The heat pack lasts for 24 hours. The heart beat lasts for about 2 weeks until you have to change batteries.  You can set it for 8 hours or 24 hours.  We do it for 8 hours since that is about how long he is in the crate for sleeping.  

He likes to pull the puppy out of his crate (the puppy is bigger than him).

Corgis are notorious for being food driven.  One must always sleep as close as one can to their food.

Looks a bit uncomfortable to me.

All snuggled in with Snuggle Puppy

Winslow was the runt of the litter and his litter mates picked on him a bit.  He's been a bit nippy as some puppies can be so we are trying to "nip" that in the bud (no pun intended) before he meets the wee one.  

We think Winslow will be smaller than Koda was.  

He sometimes looks so much like Koda that both hubby and me have called him Koda on more than one occasion.  

All in all, week one of puppy 101 has gone relatively well (except for the drenching rain showers we have had here and of course that is when he has had to go outside; the term "drowned rat" applied a lot to him).

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Meet Winslow

For my long time readers, they remember Koda.  Koda was our so very sweet corgi that we spoiled rotten who we lost on December 23, 2014 after his lymphoma cancer returned. We were devastated and at the time said we would wait at least a year until we considered getting another dog.

Circumstances have a way of laying the best plans aside.  In that year after we lost Koda, we gained a daughter in law and then a few months later we gained a grandson.  Life got incredibly busy with this and that and hubby's commute before he retired was relentless, resulting in him being gone 12 hours a day, and then we had lots of babysitting engagements which I loved but it just never was a time to get a new dog.

We talked about it but never did anything about it.

We talked about an older dog and a rescue dog.  But we never did anything about it.

But a month ago out of the blue when walking into the dollar store a week before I was to start my new job I said "we should get a puppy."  Now where that came from I have no idea.  But hubby was retired and had more time to be at home with a dog.  He's great with dogs and dogs warm up to him so much more than they warm up to me.

It was a good time to consider getting a puppy.  We looked online and here and there and some looked great to consider getting but then I saw on Arizona Corgi site on Facebook someone posted they had a litter.

Through a series of text messages we connected and she sent pictures of the 4 dogs available, 3 boys, 1 girl.

We looked at the pictures and agreed on one of the boys.  He was available.  She held him for us until we could go and see him.

When we pulled up to their driveway, they live out of the city, the door opened and out popped a corgi that looked exactly like Koda.  She was the mama.  We went in and met the pups and of course we fell in love with the one we had picked from the picture.  

This is the pup at about 4 weeks of age.  His ears hadn't come up yet. I give credit to the photo for the breeder's Facebook page as she took the picture and posted it there.

Image may contain: plant, dog, outdoor and nature

(photo courtesy of Ruff and Rowdy Corgis on Facebook)

This is taken today, March 7, 2020, the day Winslow came home.  Blogger and my phone are not communicating with each other so I don't have a better picture of him until I work that out.  Obviously he has changed over the last 4 weeks.  His ears are up.  He most likely will be a red head tri colored corgi like Koda was as the breeder said he looks just like his mom did as a pup and she is a red head tri colored corgi.

We are smitten.

I can't wait for the wee one to meet him in a few days and to see his reaction.  They have a dog but the dog was a year old when the wee one was born.

In the future when I have time I'll be making a Facebook page for him and a YouTube Channel.  

He is purebred so we can register him with the American Kennel Club.  I'll tell you the name we picked for him (his official name for that) when I post the info about his Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

In the meantime think of an Eagle's song involving a corner.......

So now instead of quail pictures......guess what will probably dominate my blog for just a bit.......

yep you got it.  Corgi pictures.

(Work is still going great but lots to learn and I'm really tired at the end of the day plus now we have Winslow, so if I get behind with blogging forgive me, I'll catch up as I can!)

Saturday, February 22, 2020

loving it, so far

So I started the new job this past Monday.

My initial reaction about it?


Now mind you, I've been in training this week and still have training for 2 more weeks and then will be in what they call a "nesting" period where my work will be looked over by someone before it is sent off as complete/done/correct, etc.

There is a lot to do with it and a lot to remember with it.  They said it is normal to feel confused for a few months and not to get down if you don't "get" it immediately.

So far it looks challenging but something I'll get and something I'll enjoy doing.

I have to drive about 8.5 miles to get there.  Not freeway, though I could take the freeway, but I don't do freeways so I'm taking city streets.

Like most big cities we don't gauge travel time on distance but on time it takes to get there.  You don't say "3 miles away."  You say 10 minutes away (or whatever).

So 8.5 miles takes about 25-30 minutes depending on traffic.  And I'm traveling in heavy traffic so it is about 25-30 minutes.

If I was traveling at 8 p.m. it would be about 20-22 minutes.

The driving is not bad except for Thursday when there was a BAD accident at a major intersection on my commute, about 2 miles from where I work.  By the time I realized the accident had occurred, the streets were closed and I had to divert the way I went.  I leave 45 minutes before I'm supposed to be at work. Yesterday with traffic being bad, I made it to work on time, but just barely.

Moral of the story.  Leave earlier.  Friday I left at 7 a.m. instead of 7:15 a.m. to get to work by 8 a.m.  Got there at 7:30 but felt less stressed knowing that I was on time and not late.  

So that will be my new time to leave for work.  And I have also driven the area with hubby who helped me figure out alternative routes if the one I am on is not a good one to me on that particular day. 

The company supplies coffee, tea, water for the employees. The break room has 4 microwaves, 3 refrigerators, a toaster!, and about 12 tables for sitting.  There are vending machines for drinks and snacks.  In the complex of buildings, there is even a cafe that is open for breakfast and lunch. I hear the food is good there though I haven't tried it yet, currently bringing my lunch from home. 

I get to wear JEANS to work! Working at home I wore jeans and tee shirts or sweat shirts all the time. Some tee shirts and sweat shirts are out at my new place but sandals and knee length shorts or capri length pants are acceptable.  No flip flops.  They call this relaxed business casual.  I call it "loving it."

One of the perks of working 40 hours and having a hubby retired working 0 hours is that hubby is now doing the housework that I did when we were both working full time.  I had the time to clean and he had a hard commute so I took it upon myself to do everything and save the weekends for us to be able to do things.  Now that I'm working and he's not, he's cleaning!!! It all.  The whole house.....bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming, laundry, and whatever else.  In fact he made an Excel spread sheet to list the chores and the days I did them and he is duplicating that himself (I cleaned a little bit every day rather than 1 day devoted to cleaning).

So very thankful I have this new position.  I know I'm still in the honeymoon period, but I'm thinking so far its a good fit.

And for that I'm grateful.

I have something to share with you all in about 2 weeks or so.  Those who are friends with me on Facebook know about changes happening in our household (good changes).  

Stay tune...........

Thursday, February 6, 2020

gainfully employed once again

I got a job!

Honestly, I really didn't think I would get hired at my age.  

But I did! And I turned down an offer and could have had another job but took myself out of the running because I didn't want to travel that far for minimum wage.

So last time we spoke, I had the interview at the optometrist.  I was surprised that I got picked for it out of 444 candidates! They offered me the position but something didn't seem right about it so I didn't take it.  Something else was better down the line; I just had to wait a bit more.

A few days after I interviewed at the eye doctor's, I had an interview at a prison.  It was a minimal security one (mainly DUI's and substance abuse offenses).  It was for clerical work and would have me working with inmates at times. They have a week's worth of training for new employees to get to learn how to work around inmates so they don't end up being conned by them.

That interview was interesting because it stated on the form for it not to wear orange or blue jeans since those were prison colors.  I couldn't bring my cell phone in with me and could only bring less than $40 cash.  Even if I got hired for it (this was the one I didn't want since it was a bit of a drive and low wages) I wouldn't have been able to bring my phone in with me to work.  I would have an office phone people could get a hold of me, but the cell phone had to stay in the car (which the warden I interviewed with said people keep it in an insulated container in the heat of a Phoenix summer).  The job would have been easy to do but not for minimum wage with the amount I would have to drive.

So I start my new job on February 17th! I don't want to give out the name of the company but I will be doing insurance verification for home health equipment needed after a patient gets discharged from the hospital so they can recover at their own home.  It is mainly computer work with maybe 10% phone work (I didn't want to be on the phones all day like a receptionist would be).  It is 9 miles from where I live so not a long commute.  The pay is outstanding, the benefits are great, there is a chance for monthly bonuses and I get all major holidays off with pay in addition to a generous PTO (paid time off) allowance.  Its business casual dress.  My knowledge of medical terminology was an asset for getting hired.  

Fun thing about the hiring process was I didn't have professional references, people who had worked with me and I certainly wasn't going to use my last supervisor.  Thankfully I could use people I had volunteered with at church who could vouch for my reliability, dependability, and flexibility.  

I had to take a drug screen for it and undergo a background check (no problem passing either of them LOL).  They had to verify my high school education and wanted me to give them either copy of my diploma or my transcripts.  Mind you, I graduated back in 1975.  I honestly have no idea where the diploma is yet alone the transcripts.  Thankfully they could obtain the info directly from the school I graduated from.

Do you still have your high school diploma?

I'm super excited.  I am READY to go back to work and be productive again.

It will be different working outside of the home and driving (though not far).  I think it will be a nice change.

All in all since mid November, I applied for over 60 jobs, had 4 in person interviews, 2 phone interviews, and several phone screenings.  I did apply for a job for the 2020 census but haven't heard back yet.  Obviously I won't be taking the job.

So there is life after medical transcription and after working at home.  I did find out the horrid company I worked for laid off some others recently in the last few days due to work reduction.  

It sadly is a dying field.  But I'm free from it and so thankful I got this job!

Thanks Lord :)