a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I thought......

......that I would have an update for you guys by now, but I don't.  It is coming together slower than I thought it would, but I'm trusting God's timing.  Hang in there....hopefully it will be soon, but I know for sure not for at least 2 weeks.

So what else is new?? Not much really.  Cooler weather, fall leaves changing.

Thanksgiving this week and the neighbor across the street put his Christmas lights up 2 weeks ago.  Then the neighbor next to him put some lights up this weekend.  Made me think (for half a second and a quick look in the store) if we wanted to put up lights.  I subsequently changed my mind and said "nope, not happening."  

Hard to believe but our lease expires December 14th.  Can it be a year since it all transpired to move here?? (We actually moved December 31st but had to rent it as of December 15th as they wouldn't hold it any longer than 5 days; not that I think there was a demand for it to be rented, but we played along with their "rules").    

Our plan was to definitely move by the end of the lease and not renew it, but then the plans we made like I said above are taking slower to come together.  So with trepidation, when asked if we wanted to renew our lease for a year, we said "can we go month to month??" Prescott property management companies have terrible reputations.  They'll find anything and everything to withhold people's deposits, so we really didn't think they would be willing to work with us.

Imagine our surprise when the property manager said they would check with the owner and imagine our double surprise when the owner was willing to go month to month with just the slightest (really very small) monthly increase.

We hope to be moved by February, but I'm glad we can stay put here until we are ready. 

The plan is good.  It will work.  We'll just have to be patient.

It will come together. 

Meanwhile we wait.

And we are thankful.  Thankful for so much.  A year ago at the beginning of November if you told me a year later I would be living in Arizona, would be a mother in law, would soon be a grandmother, I would have laughed and said "quit joking."  But that's how God works.  Catches us sometimes when we least expect it.

And that will be how it will be when the plan all comes together.

When we least expect it.

And it will be good.

Because God never disappoints and never will.

In the meantime


May be it be a good one for you and yours :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

did I win?????

Guess what we got today?

Yep, snow!!

At first I thought it was hail, but no, it was snow.

Several snow showers throughout the day.  Didn't really stick though.

So, did I win?? Am I the first person in my part of blog world that has gotten snow this season?? 

Could be a wild winter here in more ways than one!

Stay turned for an update in a few weeks :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

small, simple, but still accomplished the purpose

So last time we spoke, I mentioned I would write about the best thing that happened the week when I was gone.  And what was the best thing that happened?

Son and his then fiance, now wife, got married.  On October 11th.  It will be a date that hopefully he won't forget because on that day, October 11, 2015, when he and his now wife said their vows, it was the 68th anniversary of when his grandparents (hubby's parents) got married, back in 1947.  And then on that date in 1980, his parents (me and hubby) got married.  Kind of a tradition perhaps?  We told them his parents made it to 64 years married before they passed and so far we have made it to 35 years, so perhaps it is a good firm date to get married. 

It was a small wedding. Their original plan was to get married on the one year anniversary of when they met back in August, but they didn't quite get it together, so they decided to get married in October.

It was planned rather quickly once they sat down and began to work on the details.  Only 17 people, counting the bride and groom, were present.  It was at a little wedding studio meant to hold only 10 people.  

It was filled with surprises.  Her best friend said she wouldn't be able to make it for the wedding (from California) but unbeknownst to my now daughter in law, behind the scenes son and her friend were planning to surprise her.  Son drove out to San Diego the day before the wedding to pick her and her boyfriend up (another friend would drive them back the evening after the wedding). She was upset with him for taking a trip to San Diego the day before the wedding (he said he was attending a meeting but actually picking up her friend). The look on her face (captured on Facebook) was worth it as she saw her friend, who did her makeup and hair for the wedding.

It was filled with a bit of drama. I'm not sure what happened and it was between her and her mom, but for some reason her mom didn't make it to the ceremony on time. It was slated to start at 2 p.m. (same time ours did 35 years prior).  Son was 10 minutes late, the bride to be 25 minutes late. The minister doing the wedding slated 45 minutes to an hour before they had to be off to their next wedding. Mother of the bride was not there close to 2:30 and they had to move forward with the wedding.  She showed up at the end; again I'm not sure why she wasn't there earlier, but it might have been because of the cake.

They were on a budget for the wedding.  Her mom decided to make the wedding cake.  It was her first attempt to do so (doesn't it look great? The picture doesn't justify how good it looked in person).  It tasted delicious too.

We hosted a dinner afterwards at a local restaurant.  Delicious food and great company.  Funny story about it.  We were placing our orders and our newly married daughter in law wasn't sure what to get so the waitress said she would come back to her.  Meanwhile, the waitress took all the orders, but forgot to take the bride's order.  Our daughter in law said "she forgot my order." I called the bus person over who was helping with drinks, etc., asking her to bring the waitress back to get the order.  Right then the waitress realized she forgot the order.  She shrieked "I forgot the bride's order" and immediately came over and said "that's it, I'm fired on the spot." (Of course she wasn't).  She otherwise did a great job and got a nice tip for her efforts.

Did I cry? You betcha you.  

Now son is a married man.  We are no longer his next of kin.  I'm a mother in law, soon to be a grandmother.  

I wish them love and happiness and a wonderful long life together.

And like I said before, it was definitely the highlight of our week........

Congrats son and daughter in law.  We love you both.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm back, did you miss me?

I'm back; been on vacation for about a week.  Did you miss me?  Most of you might not have even known I was gone; some of you did know for sure.  I tried to comment on as many blogs as I could, but they were shorter comments than I would have left and I noticed lots of typos on them.  I was using the tablet and while it is convenient, it is inconvenient for typing, especially if one is used to using a regular size keyboard.  
I'm back so regular comments will be forthcoming onward and forward.

Had a fun week off:

Ate too much

Spent too much

Met up with a blog friend (we had a great time, hope you and hubby did too).

Looked at lots of houses.

Put an offer on a house, but withdrew it.  Multiple offers on it; looked like it was more of a flip type of house for investors than for us, so we'll keep looking.

Worked on my A/Z for next April; never too early to get a start on it.  Hint with the theme if you look at my header.

And......are you holding your breath?????.......can you believe it????


Yes, to the correct city.  Yes to the "heart" of the city.  Yes we had a great time.

One of the best things that happened during the week off I'll write about in my next post.  

Its good to be back. Hope you missed me just a bit.

Now back to the grind of work.........

All in all its a good thing though to work.......

(remind me of that tomorrow when the alarm goes off at 6 a.m.).

Thursday, October 8, 2015

oh boy

Oh boy.  

He will bring great joy.

I'm sure he'll like to play with toys.

Oh boy.

Coming soon to a family near you 02/16/2016 (isn't that kind of a cool day to be due?)

Oh boy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

randomly corgi

We went to a dog show last weekend.  It was a AKC one.  I had never been to one before, but saw the Westminster Dog Show on TV.  We got there right when they were starting to do the herding dog class.  There were 10 dogs in the class and there was a Pembroke corgi (like Koda; no tail) and a Cardigan corgi (has a tail).  Of course our eyes were glued to the Pembroke corgi.  He was last in line to be judged.  The Cardigan just sat or stood, waiting for his turn.  The Pembroke had to be fed treats constantly (such a corgi trait).  He/she??? definitely had personality.

Finally it was their turn to be judged.  We applauded when they did their walk/run on "the red carpet."  (It wasn't red, but there was an area they had to jaunt on).  We waited on pins and needles while the judge carefully looked at all the participants in that class and then she called out 4 dogs. The corgi was the first one she called.  I wasn't sure if that meant first place or if she was going to put them on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th markers.  Sure enough, that adorable corgi won 1st place! It made our day!

When we left, we stopped by one of the vendors and saw this cute hat.  Of course we had to buy it.  Thankfully hubby likes to wear hats.  I kind of lost it. The sales lady asked if we did obey the corgi.  I teared up.  Nine months as of today and I still miss that little guy.  We did obey him and I'm sure we'll obey the next one :)

The house in the San Diego area is in escrow; due to close any day now.  They are tenting it for termites on Friday, which is always a good sign the "end is near."  Now we can start planning for Plan B.  I'm on a lot of corgi rescue sites on Facebook.  Heartbreaking the stories of corgis (purebred not always mixes) that are out there looking for a forever home after being given up by their owners.  The saddest I read this week was Thumper.  An 11 year old.  His "mom" recently retired and wants to be able to travel with "dad" and they can't take him with them.  They have a 2nd dog that doesn't get along with Thumper (Thumper was there first).  They want to get rid of Thumper and keep the 2nd dog.  It breaks my heart every story I read.  I could adopt them all.  Its not time yet but I would have gone to get Thumper.  (Someone has already adopted him; there is a great system of corgi rescuers that really make sure "no corgi is left behind.")

I take heart.  I know there will be one for us when we are ready.  And I do think he/she will rule the roost and we will have to obey the corgi.  I think I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

a bit closer, but still not there

We attempted to visit Sedona once again this past Sunday.  This time we used hubby's cell phone, though attempted to see if Lola would redeem herself and get us there (she didn't and wanted to send us somewhere totally different yet again; so she's probably going to be retired). 

I knew we were heading in the right vicinity when I saw this along the way.  I did wonder though when hubby's phone said we were 15 miles from Sedona but would arrive in 52 minutes.  It didn't seem possible that it would take so long to go those few miles, but soon I saw that it was possible.

We drove, enjoying the scenery.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Yes, the end is in sight.  We actually were in the city limits.

But for the most part, we had spent an hour in this type of traffic and had only gone about 5 miles.  We figured it had to be busy because of the holiday weekend, but no, it is just that busy on most weekends. 

So we decided to turn around when we could, away from this, but thinking it might be better to attempt a visit when it was less crowded.

and had lunch here at the Village of Oak Creek, delicious food; didn't take pictures this time of our meals.

and then because we were so close (only about 30 miles away) we decided a quick trip to Cottonwood was in order to visit this (which we joked reminded us of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but in reality named for Sam Pillsbury, an owner of the winery, a film maker, made Free Willy 3, Quiet Earth, not sure what other movies).

and enjoyed again a bit of wine tasting.

So we actually were so close to downtown Sedona, but not quite close enough.  The lady who helped us at the winery laughed when I mentioned we had attempted to visit Sedona and said basically everyone used to go on Saturdays, but Saturday got so crowded, now they go on Sundays but that too is crowded. She said you never know how it will be.  Later, hubby mentioned at work our misadventure to try to get to Sedona. An employee of his told him of another way in to Sedona, less crowded.  We'll try that way in about a month and a half.  My brother and his wife are visiting there for a week; we're planning to go up for a few days.  Maybe we'll actually get to downtown Sedona.

or maybe not.....

time will tell........

stay tuned..........