a bench with a view

a bench with a view

Thursday, August 13, 2015

humor me

Honestly, I was not going to write any more about birds........

and then the quail came back (adolescent, they've grown a bit since the last time I saw them).

and then today, look closely, see the one that is a whiter color? There were about 12 quail here, 10 adolescent and 2 parents.  

different angle with the lighter color one

popping its head up

Its definitely a different color than the other quail.  First time I saw one this color.

So I had to post the pictures. The quail seem to come late afternoon, between 5:30 and 6 o'clock, sometimes a bit later. I do so much enjoy watching them.

So sorry, indulge me, humor me. I somewhat promise these could be the last of the bird pictures.  Equate them to all the pictures I might have posted about a certain corgi when a certain corgi lived with us.  

Other news - 

we bought a new car this past Saturday.  A Nissan Verse Note.  We had rented one for a weekend a bit ago. Was surprised with the room in it.  Got a good deal, couldn't really turn it down (well we could, but we didn't). Reasonable payments and now we have a more reliable car to travel around the state.  

Other news -

got a couple offers on the house.  Hubby leaning strongly towards the latest one.  It seems like a fair reasonable one.  We'll see how it turns out. 

Other news -

now lots on our plates with thinking about the next step.  Can't say much about it now, but stay tune.........

you just never know where we may land.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I have become a crazy bird lady

Recently we visited Jay's Bird Barn here, a local business whose owner has been learning about birds since he was 5 years old.  He is now a grandfather, so he's been learning about birds for a long period of time.  We were looking for a new feeder and just wanted to go into the store to check it out.  We got a very nice education about different types of bird seeds and feeders. We walked away with a new bird feeder, (on the right in the picture below) that doesn't have individual perches and birds can feed on all aspects of it.  We also purchased seed for it (thistle) and seed for our other bird feeder.  We put the new feeder up and didn't get any takers until the next day.  But then they started coming.....and coming.....and coming.....

The most I have counted on it is 18 birds.  They pretty much eat 3/4 of the feeder on a daily basis.  It is a constant activity of birds coming and going. 

This is one of my favorite birds to see. I think it is a grosbeak if I did my research correctly.  Very colorful.  For a while I only saw one of them, now I see two, could there be babies down the road? He (she?) eats the seed on the ground, I have never seen it on the feeders.

This one may be a bit hard to find. It is either a hawk or a falcon (I'm voting hawk, hubby votes falcon). Look on the branches with no leaves and you should be able to spot it. It was a sunny day when I was trying to take its picture, so hard to get a clear shot.  It is around at times and when it is around, all the other birds scatter.  One time when it was around, two quail were out and about. When they sensed it, they stayed under a bush for a very long time before they ventured out.

I haven't seen the quail in about a week, which is kind of unusual. Before I would see some of them almost on a daily basis.  I had a few days off from work last week and diligently watched for them, but didn't see any.  So did they have their babies, raise them, and then take off some place else?  I guess time will tell. 

I admit, I really do enjoy bird watching and studying them. And filling up the bird feeders on a daily basis.  

Maybe because I miss nurturing. Children, then a dog, and now birds?

So I might be that crazy bird lady, but its nice for this season, however long the season might last.

We are in a holding pattern here.  Waiting for the house to sell in San Diego, which in turn will send the dominoes falling for future plans, a home here, a new vehicle, possibly a dog, etc., etc., etc.  Trying to be patient while we wait.  We know it will happen, just not sure when.

So we wait. And I feed the birds.

And basically life is pretty darn good.

Don't you agree?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just because

Just because I don't really have much to say (I know, that's surprising), you guys get to see a few more pictures of the baby quail (you lucky duckies).

These are the family of quail from last week.  I saw them again the following day in the afternoon.  They were in the back yard for a bit, I think one was missing and the mom and dad had the quail children (however they controlled them) in two different areas while they found the missing quail.  Once they did, and the mom and dad came back, all the quail children followed them and they began to cross the street.  

It was quite impressive to see them cross the street.  I wondered how the parents know how many they have and keep track of them.  I would count kids I was in charge of at field trips or in the classroom.  I'm thinking the quail don't count, yet they know when one is missing.

Delightfully, I looked outside this morning and saw two quail.  I got up and looked closer and saw these two little quail babies. You can tell they are younger than the other ones from the pictures above.  They were eating seed on our patio.  (Every morning I sweep up the seed from the day before, every morning there is always a mess to clean up, but I love watching the birds).

Aren't they cute?  Their feathers look a bit fuzzier when they are younger (at least to me they do).

I thought this was cute with them on the rocks with the dad keeping an eye on them.  I've noticed the mom quail seems to eat more of the seed.  The dad ones will come by and eat a bit, but then they will keep an eye out when the moms keep eating. 

The happy family together.  See the rocks right by the quail? The small rocks? The quail kick with their feet the rocks out of the way to get to the seed that is there.  One morning when I looked out, there were a lot of rocks on the patio and I couldn't figure out how they got there.  Later I saw the quail kicking up the rocks. They have strong legs.  Today the baby quail were kicking up the rocks too as they were looking for food. (Like father, like son?)

And that about sums up all the excitement happening here, LOL. Otherwise, just status quo, enjoying summer days and cooler temps with a bit of rain here and there (and a good thunder and lightening storm too at times). 

And you, how is your summer going?

Monday, July 13, 2015

gave me goosebumps

I kid you not
this is a true story
happened this morning

see the quail? These are mostly young adolescent ones with their parents

I had finished my Bible reading and prayer time this morning and looked outside.  I saw two quail, a male and female, eating seed on our patio.  You know how I like quail.  I said out loud to God "it would have been nice to have seen some baby quail this year, but I think I'm too late, that's okay."

I got up and started to clean the kitchen.  

(Another better picture of them). 

Halfway through my cleaning I looked outside and saw the quail were still there, but on the rocks this time and I saw a lot of little quail with them.  They were going away from my area at a pretty fast pace, though I noticed the dad quail kept coming back, as in looking for one of his children.  I just watched because I knew I wouldn't have time to get the camera.

I kid you not what happened next. 

The quail turned around and all started coming back up towards our yard.  By then I thought I might have a chance to get a few pictures so I grabbed the camera and went by the window.  

All these little ones were walking towards our patio.  

Honestly, I'm surprised I got the pictures looking as "good" as they did because I was shaking with excitement.  They stuck around for just a bit and then mom and dad led them away. 

I watched them leave and then I almost had to get down on my hands and knees.  I got goosebumps and I said "thank you Jesus." 

He sent the young quail for me to see.  I truly believe it.  

What a wonderful gift you gave me this morning Lord. Thank you.

Monday, July 6, 2015

and that is a wrap

I hope you all had a nice time this past weekend celebrating the 4th of July, however you chose to celebrate it.

We headed south to spend the weekend in Phoenix.  Funny, the majority of people were heading north to celebrate the weekend in Prescott.  Prescott is known for its 4th of July celebration and its rodeo, that occurs the week of the 4th of July.  Traffic was light heading south, heavy traveling north.

Our ultimate goal was a barbecue with son and his girlfriend, along with her mom, who we would be meeting for the first time, as well as her sister and cousin who is temporarily staying with her. We had met her sister and cousin before. 

But first we did a little sightseeing. We did a tour of the stadium where the Arizona Cardinals play their football games and where last year's Super Bowl was at.  It was a fascinating tour and I'll share more about it next April during A/Z because I semi have a theme in mind of places visited in Arizona for the theme.  Its a tour well taken if one is in the area.

Afterwards, we picked up some things for the barbecue and headed over to son's place.  His girlfriend had to work, but he was barbecuing and smoking ribs and other meat; she would be off work around 4:30 with plans to eat about 7 p.m.  Son and hubby had a good opportunity to do some father to son talking that needed to be done.  I talked with his girlfriend's cousin, which I enjoyed.  

The food was delicious and I'm sure there was no calories in any of it.  Isn't that the rule for holiday food (and church pot lucks?). No calories, right?? And as in the case of church pot lucks and family barbecues, there was way too much food. They'll be living off leftovers for a few days, which can be a good thing if the food is good, and the food was good.

The highlight of the evening.  Totally unexpected to her, a bit of a surprise for me (hubby was trying to tell me what was going to happen but couldn't go into too much detail as others were around), towards the end of our time together, son was next to his girlfriend who was standing up.  He got down on his knee and asked if she would marry him.  

She said yes.  

Small wedding probably next month on their one year anniversary of meeting.

Tears all around.  Again those happy tears.  

Of course they have our blessing. We truly do love her.  

We drove home today.  Again against the grain of traffic.  All heading south home, we were heading north home.  Got some thunderstorms with lightening, a bit of rain.  Cooler temps.  Very appreciated.

Got to give a shout out to Panera Bread. We were lazy, didn't want to cook anything. Thought about getting a salad from some place and eat it at home, sharing a bottle of wine.  Looked at Panera Bread's menu. You can order online.  You can tell them when you want to pick it up.  You pay for it online go to the restaurant and it is ready in a little cubicle designed for take out foods.  From start to finish of when we placed our order and drove to pick it up was about 10 minutes.  They got it right and it was delicious.  Too easy.  I see ourselves doing this more over the weeks ahead.

Any memorable memories from your 4th of July celebrations?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Father's Day Surprise

Thanks to all who played along to guess which number was the lie on my True or False post.  #7 was the lie (making an offer on a house in Phoenix).  We did not make an offer on a house in Phoenix (and really I got to give credit to those people who live there because that heat was oppressive; I don't think I have it in me to live in such extreme heat for the amount of months they do, even though I'm sure they somewhat get used to it; heck we lived in extreme cold in Montana for four months a year and did get used to it).

So all others were the truth, including the delightful news that hubby and me are going to be grandparents.  Totally caught us by surprise.

Saturday after we had lunch with a friend and had done some wine tasting, of which I picked up a bottle of wine for son's girlfriend, since she likes wine, we went over to son's/girlfriend's apartment and visited.  Whenever we visit, I always bring something they might need, a gift card for the local grocery store, paper goods, etc.  This time we brought toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags.  I laughed and gave the girlfriend the wine and said she got the better deal and gave son the paper products.  We had a nice visit and then made arrangements to get together for breakfast the next day since both son and girlfriend had to work later in the morning on Sunday.

The next morning, Father's Day, we were together at the restaurant, having ordered breakfast and had gotten our food.  Halfway through the meal, I picked up my water glass and offered a toast to hubby saying "Happy Father's Day."  Everyone did the same.  Then son said "next year you won't be the only father at the table."  Hubby and me just kind of looked at him, took a few minutes to register what he was saying.  I looked at girlfriend who was across the table from me and she kind of shook her head "yes" and then I got it.  Got tears in my eyes (happy tears) and then got up and went around and hugged her and then hugged son.  I guess the look on my face was priceless, they were saying they wished they had video taped it, LOL.

After it kind of quieted down with all the excitement after such an announcement, I said "oh no, I brought you wine yesterday."  Of course she wasn't planning to drink it until afterwards.  I'm glad the bottle we picked for her the guy at the wine tasting said it would mature in time and actually taste better.  

So a new member of the family.  Totally unexpected but definitely will be loved.  

It is interesting how God works.  A year ago son hadn't even met girlfriend yet (they met last August) but I remember one day last year thinking "I'm going to be the mother of a groom."  He wasn't even dating at the time.  Eventually after they met, they decided to move to this state and then 2 months later we follow.  We'll be about two hours away, but closer than five hours away if we were still in the San Diego area.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to be called........Granny, Grandma, Nana, etc.  Got some time I guess to figure it out.

Monday, June 22, 2015

True or False

Had a fun weekend this past weekend.  Went 2 hours south to the Phoenix area.  Here's some tidbits about the weekend.  One of them is a false statement.  See if you can guess which one (answer on Thursday)

1.  It was 111 degrees in Phoenix.

2.  We got to see Black Jack (son/girlfriend's dog).

3.  We rented a car for the trip and took the insurance this time.

4.  We visited with a friend I met blogging over 10 years ago who we met finally face to face 6 years ago and have been through thick and thin over the years.

5.  We had lunch with said friend and even enjoyed wine tasting in Old Town Scottsdale.

6.  We found out we are going to be grandparents.

7.  We found a home we like in Phoenix and am going to make an offer on it.

8.  We stayed at a nice hotel, Best Western Inn Suites, that had a nice social hour with complimentary beer and wine and nachos.

9.  Had dinner at a delicious restaurant called Feeneys; I had chicken kabobs, hubby had London broil.

10.  We had breakfast with son and girlfriend this morning at a place called Matt's Big Breakfast, delicious food.

11.  I'm sure I gained 5 pounds with what I ate all weekend.

12.  We went to Musical Instrument Museum today.

13. I was glad to get home to Prescott where it was 96 degrees and not 110 degrees.

So which number is the lie?  12 truths, 1 lie.

Like I said, answer on Thursday.

Hope all dads out there had a good Father's Day!